Ajjeechaa Haacaaluu: Mormii hawaasa Oromoo lafoo haga qilleensarraan

Ajjeechaa Haacaaluu Hundeessaa: Mormii hawaasa Oromoo lafoo haga qilleensarraan

Hawaasni Oromoo Awustiraaliyaa magaalaa Melborn keessa jiran haala amma dura hin baramneen xiyyaaraan gargaaramuun ergaa dabarsaa mormiisaanii dhageessisan.Viidiyoo: Yaadataa Birhaanuufi Eliyaas Hordofaa


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  1. Hi All,
    Haccalu’s death is very horrible and could not seem real or hard to believe still, due to the attachment he had made with all of us. Haccalu is a hero, who spoke the truth for his people. Haccalu is a hero who built a monument of Oromo truth and culture in the mind of all people his music reached. His music will continue building a monument in the people’s mind. He was a great soul!!!
    Those who killed him are very coward, and who does not have the capacity, wisdom, and talent to face the truth, discuss the truth either to be convinced or convince. Now what to be done: Haccalu deserve Justice and a Monument in the center of Finfinee.
    To government of Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s unity is kept by the people of Ethiopia not by slogan. I hear when it is said “be Ethiopia andenet anderaderm” is this to be told to Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian people unity is not kept by the governments of Ethiopia, it is by the people of Ethiopia. Oromo is one of the people who sacrificed highly, for Ethiopia but today by your government it is marginalized, inequality and favoritism (“medelow”), happened day after day, that resulted this type of situation. Listening one and ignoring another one that is what was happening.
    In my opinion force is not a solution rather dialog is a solution if not the Oromo/Qeerroo has the right to defend them selves. So don’t to try to break peaceful means by Force. People force is big. You know civil disobedience wins.
    “Galaatoomaa warrii hundinu mirga oromotif, mirega namatiif carraqaa jiretaan!!!”
    God be with you,

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