Amid Ethiopia unrest, Amhara political party spokesman arrested

Christian Tadele and Belete Mola of ABN (NAMA)

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Authorities in Ethiopia on Friday arrested the spokesman of a political party which promotes the interests of the Amhara ethnic group, the party president said.

The government confirmed more than 260 arrests in total, which it said were related to a failed regional coup attempt on Saturday in the region of Amhara.

Christian Tadele of the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) was arrested in his home region of Amhara, party president Desalegn Chane told Reuters. NAMA was founded last year and has become an increasingly popular rival to the Amhara party that is part of the national ruling coalition.

“Our spokesman is arrested along with the other three members of the party,” he said. “We are trying to communicate with the regional officials asking for their release.”

On Friday afternoon, the Ethiopian prime minister’s office tweeted, “212 suspects apprehended in connection with the coup attempt in the Amhara region while 43 individuals detained in Addis Ababa – investigations still ongoing with potential for more arrests.”

Dozens of people were killed when a rogue state militia tried to seize power in Amhara’s capital Bahir Dar, the spokesman for the Amhara region has said.

The region’s president, his aide and the attorney general were all shot dead. The same night, the army’s chief of staff and a retired general with him were killed in the capital Addis Ababa in a related attack, the government said.


  1. Zenachuh yasdesital abo

    The socalled ethnic federalism is not te source of the current violence rather ABiy and Amhara elites want to suceed in power regardless of the peopleés life . Amhara elites want to hold power by deceiving the innocent people telling them that they will topple their enemies , TPLF. One of the mechanisim is to attach themselves to religious beliefs and clamoring that enemiy of Amhara , TPLF ,is the follower of 666. That is what amhara was continouly narrating and sounding like a broken record.Abiy and other amhara elites were sining the same songsheet to weaken Tigray and topple TPLF.

    Ethnic fedralism is not the reason for these horrendous events , coup or internal displacement and other bloodsheds . However, It is because of vagabonds who want to become parvenu, get rich quickly , by robbing people. Besides, as many people come to terms to the fact that amhara elites want to take grip of power as they showed ahuge thirst of power by creating chaos persistenly. Appeasing westerners to help them accede to the throne like thier forefathers known in genocide like aste menilik etc

    I have still a grip of fear that this violence will continue as amhara is not getting what they are longing for up to death !

    Amhar esp Gojam has afake story like the first human being was created in Gojam, Gojam is where Adam was created . Perhaps they will tell us Jesus was born in Bahir dar and 12c Apostles and three kings who offer Gold to Jeus during his nativity are believed to be from Gojam according to perverted Historians from Amhara region , Gojam.
    If you think TPLF caused violnce and killed 10 million amhara please cover up what Amhara elites and emperors did for centuries throwing dust on generations . Amhara are even hostile and ferocious to their own ethnic members. It is amhara people from gojam who are the major robbers and killers in Merkato .
    Amhara has told us numerous untold stories by depising others and overstating and fabricating stories which are netxt to nothing.


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