An invitation to establish a temporary EPRDF government and start a discussion between stakeholders.

An invitation to establish a temporary EPRDF government and start a discussion between stakeholders.

(OLF press release-June 25, 2021)

According to the press release that OLF is facing the politics, security and constitutional crisis, it is beneficial that OLF can’t be acceptable in this kind of way. Therefore, we call on government and other political discussions to answer all political discussions that can be built together rather than to focus on the election.

The government’s team that is on the government by ignoring our ideas and decisions has continued to push for ′′ national ′′ election.

Now we all believe that many people’s lives and wealth losses have learned nothing but the loss of their choice.

It is very sad that the election will not solve the problem and it is not clearing the people’s lives and property. We have called on all stakeholders that Ethiopian political problems need political discussion. But unfortunately the government has not brought any solution to the current problems.

We have been able to understand that the government is going to continue with all the expenses it takes to stay in power for the national election. We have faith that the government has been destroying conflicts and wars all over the country.

Even though our people are not falling for such cruel government, they have shown calmness and patience. Ethiopian people especially Oromia people have been misunderstanding the government cadres of the government for a long time. It is because of the maturity of our people today that we can get rid of the worst violence in our people.

As a political organization, we would like to express our appreciation to the Oromia regional transition committee, our supporters, supporters, the Oromo youth movement, and its structures, and the Oromia state diaspora regional government committee for the same reasons we don’t fail.

Oromia Regional Transitional Government Committee has advised Oromia and beyond to stop the violence planned by government cadres and agents.

Again on June 21, 2021 the election process and result of OLF has no acceptance. Few political parties have participated in the election knowing the goals and demands that are raised because of government structures. Therefore, we call on those political parties to avoid any violence regarding the election issues and the results. It is not acceptable to motivate any people’s violence on this kind of issue. Instead of our people and the country, it is time to find a solution for the problems that our country faced.

Therefore, we invite all political parties to focus on the following decision and get into the app without any delay.

  1. to start a successful discussion between stakeholders, like the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia to establish a temporary body.
  2. Ethiopian National Defense Force and FDRE President we call on the establishment of the Federal Rescue Government.
  3. to stop wars and conflicts going on across the country and the Eritrean soldiers and their security workers immediately. Removing Eritrean forces from Ethiopia is important for Eritrea and FDRE’s benefit.
  4. We call on Ethiopian people and all political parties to fulfill their responsibilities and responsibilities.
  5. International community and Ethiopian people we urge them to press the transitional system that opens a way for political discussion.
  6. Finally, the Oromia regional government wants to express all its necessary efforts to have peace and stability in the country and the country.

Victory for the wide people!
The forefront of Oromo freedom.
Finfinee Finfine nē n
OLF’s press release – FDRE’s rescue government 25-06-2021

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