An Open Appeal Letter to Qeerroo and Qarree and the Oromo People

An Open Appeal Letter to Qeerroo and Qarree and the Oromo People

Forced by a piercing need to avert a looming threat, motivated by the hope that our appeal may abate the sufferings of our people, and mindful that our plea may sway the Ethiopian government that is, otherwise, unimpressed by our recent appeal to Prime Minister Abiy to stop brutal treatment of our people;

We, the undersigned Oromo scholars and professionals, issue this call to appeal to the Oromo people and peoples of Ethiopia, to alert them about the approaching tragedy, and urge them to unite to prevent the danger.  The telltale signs of what is to come have emerged all over Oromia and Ethiopia for years now, the last year offering a glaring sample of a painful beginning, despite some glimmers of hope in early part of the year.

Within the last few months, twelve Oromo students have been killed, and hundreds have been wounded as a result of severe beatings they faced at Woldiya University, Dese University, Debre Tabor University, Gonder University, Baherdar University, and Debreberhan University, all located in the Amhara regional state. Those who protested about the killings and beatings were dismissed from the universities. Reliable reports indicate that Oromo students who felt unsafe to stay and requested to return to their homes were forbidden to leave the campuses, or the hospitals, by School officials and by the Amhara Regional Government. The pleas of families who requested the return of their children home have fallen on deaf ears.  Oromo students’ rights to travel were denied, and they were held against their will under very risky conditions.  Students in universities across Oromia are under threat just as much, if not worse, as those located in other regions.  At the last count, 77 students of Haramaayaa University, 11 from Amboo, 115 from Mattuu (including 89 students who were dismissed last year), 21 from Jimma, 12 from Bulee Horaa, 17 from Madda Walaabuu, 40 from Dirre Dhawaa universities have been dismissed since PM Abiy took power.  This list does not include students whose whereabouts are unknown but that we suspect may have been victims of foul play by the government security forces. In a nutshell, the Oromo youth are facing coordinated attacks in universities across the country, even in their towns and villages.  It is disturbing to learn that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes have not been brought to justice.  Paradoxically, thousands of Oromo students who are protesting the killing of their colleagues have been expelled from their schools.  In today’s Ethiopia, to be a young Oromo has become a crime.

The situation off-campuses is not any different either.  An estimated 10,000 Oromo political prisoners are reportedly languishing in Ethiopia’s jails.  In a widely televised recent case, an opposition leader explained movingly how he was treated in prison where he was kept incommunicado in a dark room for one month.  He was later transferred to other jails where he was kept for months without charges, and incarcerated under a bogus charge, for a total of almost a year.  Sporadic reports coming out of the jailhouses indicate that some Oromo prisoners continue to face torture by prison guards and government security officers.

Oromo students, Oromo political prisoners, and the Oromo people in general, are being systematically denied the benefits of organized advocacy for their basic human rights.  Opposition parties are getting legal recognition, but they are not allowed free mobility.  The government routinely closes their offices and constantly harasses or jails representatives and agents managing the offices. The ransacking of the OFC office in Dire Dawa, and the closure of branch offices of the OLF in various towns of Oromia are recent examples.  Our people are being intimidated, imprisoned, and killed for peacefully supporting a political group of their choice that is guranteed by the constitution.

With the establishment of the Ethiopian Prosperity Party, the government has launched egregious propaganda against Oromo nationalism. While presenting Ethiopian nationalism that camouflages Amhara domination as forward-looking, the Prime Minister has adhered to defining Oromumma as backward thinking.  The propaganda assault is supported by unparalleled military attack on parts of Oromia.  For more than a year now, nearly a third of Oromia has remained under a state of emergency administered by a military command post, imposed by the Prime Minister without the authority of the Parliament. A significant part of Western Oromia has been cut-off telephone, the mass media, and internet services intermittently to hide abuses of the military.

In parts of Oromia that linger under the state of emergency, the country’s military and security forces, commanded by the Prime Minister, are operating as though they have license to harass and indiscriminately kill innocent Oromo people, young and old. Women and children face rape by the Ethiopian military.  For the first time since the Bale rebellion, the Oromo people are being bombarded by fighter jets and helicopter gunships.  Even Oromia’s wildlife and their habitats are not spared from the indiscriminate assaults.  Gruesome pictures of ordinary citizens mutilated by ammunitions fired by members of the army have become common depictions on social media. These atrocities are taking place during a harvest season, not allowing farmers to work their fields.  Farmlands and coffee plantations have been destroyed by the military, suggesting that the campaign is designed to deny farmers their mainstay and starve them to submission.  Using famine as a weapon of war is immoral and a crime against humanity.

In our recent letter to PM Abiy, we asked him to: lift the illegal state of emergency and return the military to their barracks, establish an independent inquiry commission to investigate the abuse of power by the military, reinstate communication to the parts of  Oromia that are adversely impacted by telephone and internet blackouts, start genuine dialogue with Oromo political groups, end the killings of Oromo students, take appropriate legal actions against those responsible for the killings, release Oromo students and members of Oromo opposition groups who are unlawfully detained by the government, reinstate students of higher education institutions who have been unduly expelled from the schools, and reopen universities that have been closed for political reasons. The PM chose to ignore our plea for a peaceful resolution of conflicts in Oromia and decided to expand the illegal crackdown of opposition party members to every corner of Oromia.

We can cite several evidences which would lead a reasonable observer that the Prime Minister’s record on protecting Oromo interests and Oromummaa has been dismal. In one of his more recent speeches – perhaps, trying to impress and send a signal to his audience – he admitted that nothing has changed for the Oromo since he came to power.  In fact, a solid case can be made that conditions have changed for the worse for the Oromo under Dr. Abiy’s administration. The Prime Minister has created a forum in which the Oromo people, specially our Qeerroo, have been ridiculed on national television while he is cheering on. In a move that should worry any Oromo with some sense of justice, he has systematically eliminated  Oromos who are widely considered to have nationalist tendencies from within his own party and replaced them with people who are clearly working against Oromo interests, or those who are at best indifferent to the Oromo cause. Under these circumstances, we have no other option than urging our people and Qeerroo to come to the realization outlined below and take the necessary remedial actions that follow.

  1. The struggle for freedom and equality that you sustained for over a century, and the revolution that you led over the last few years to topple the dictatorial TPLF government, is now off track and hijacked by a group who works against your national interest;
  2. Be mindful that the regime’s desire to suffocate our people and reinstitute the centuries-old yoke of subjugation and marginalization in the name of prosperity is now glaring and evident.  The agenda to return to the days of ‘a mono–culture Ethiopia’ is tacitly but fully driven by the Prime Minister who is unabashedly fond of  Ethiopia’s brutal emperors and displaying wax effigies of Menelik and Haile Selassie at the so-called National Palace, emperors regarded as the epitome of cruelty against Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia by any objective standard;
  3. Understand that change and democratization will not be offered to you by PM Abiy as you might have once hoped for; hence, you should not remain silent when Oromos and Oromia suffer gross human rights violations of historic proportions with more abuse in the horizon. Our collective failure to address these emerging crises now will have long lasting catastrophic consequences for Oromia and the region.  Oromo mothers should not cry anymore to get the lives of their children spared from bullets fired by government security forces;
  4. Rise up to peacefully challenge the Ethiopian government to talk to opposition forces (armed or otherwise), and demand that it end its military operations in Western and Southern Oromia immediately.  The attack on our people is unacceptable and must stop;
  5. Oromos and Oromia have been disarmed by successive Ethiopian regimes, leaving disproportionately small number of guns in Oromia – relative to other regions. Consequently, Oromos remain exposed and vulnerable.  We worry that the next round of conflict could be bitterly inhuman, and a defense strategy is required;
  • Use every legal avenue to encourage the military, particularly the officer corps, to engage in conscientious objection. Given how things are quickly deteriorating in Ethiopia, such appeals might find a receptive audience within the ranks of the military. Reports coming from within the Ethiopian Defense Forces indicate that some officers have openly challenged the Prime Minister that their missions are impossible to achieve, advising him to rethink his strategies. We know, for instance, that an Oromo general has been relieved of his duties recently for opposing the military operation in Wollega and Guji;
  • The protests of the last few years were run by Qeerroo/Qarree, without much support of the Oromo civic population.  The lack of support for Qeerroo/Qarree was the weakest link, which enabled the EPRDF at the time to reinstate its supremacy and launch reversal of the protest movement.  This must change now, and the civic population must stand with Qeerroo/Qarree. Doctors, teachers, bankers, engineers, artists, businessmen, etc. must contribute their share by voicing their objections, supporting Oromo political parties, and standing with Qeerroo/Qarree;
  • Oromo students in all universities must stand for, and support, each other. Even though they are operating under very difficult circumstances, we encourage them to get organized, have contact with the outside world, and network with other university students.  We emphasize, however, that they need to avoid unnecessary risks that may cost their lives;
  • We implore upon all Oromos and non-Oromos who joined the government at all national and regional levels for various reasons including the urge to overcome the difficulties of life and may be tempted to do wrong, to rethink their actions, stand with their people, and be on the right side of history;
  • Finally, we call upon Oromo political parties to come together and design an enduring strategy in case conflicts continue to rise and the country becomes ungovernable. This is the least that is expected from responsible Oromo political groups that care for the wellbeing of the Oromo people. We call upon the OLF, OFC, and ONP to take this urgent call seriously. We are ready and committed to lend our expertise, effort and time in this endeavor.


Signatories (in alphabetical order)

  1. Adugna Birhanu (Ph.D)
  2. Alemayehu Biru (Ph.D)
  3. Amanuel Gobena (Ph.D)
  4. Asefa Jalata (Ph.D)
  5. Asfaw Beyene (Ph.D)
  6. Ayana Gobena (Ph.D)
  7. Bahiru Duguma (Ph.D)
  8. Baro Deressa (MD)
  9. Bedassa Tadesse (Ph.D)
  10. Begna Dugassa (Ph.D)
  11. Bekele Temesgen (Ph.D)
  12. Benti Getahun (Ph.D)
  13. Berhanu Kedida (MD)
  14. Bichaka Fayissa (Ph.D)
  15. Daniel Ayana (Ph.D)
  16. Dessalegn Negeri (Ph.D)
  17. Desta Yebassa (Ph.D)
  18. Gizachew Tesso (Ph.D)
  19. Guluma Gemeda (Ph.D)
  20. Haile Hirpa (Ph.D)
  21. Ibrahim Elemo (Ph.D)
  22. Iddoosaa Ejeta (Ph.D)
  23. Ismael Abdullahi (Ph.D)
  24. Jamal Ibrahim (MD)
  25. Jemal Hebano (PharmD)
  26. Jenberu Feyisa (Ph.D)
  27. Junaidi Ahmed (MD)
  28. Koste Abdissa (Ph.D)
  29. Mekbib Gebeyehu (Ph.D)
  30. Mekuria Bulcha (Ph.D)
  31. Moa Apagodu (Ph.D)
  32. Mohammed Hassan (Ph.D)
  33. Mosisa Aga (Ph.D)
  34. Namara Garbaba (Ph.D)
  35. Oli Bachie (Ph.D)
  36. Rundassa Eshete (Ph.D)
  37. Samuel Geleta (Ph.D)
  38. Solomon Geleta (Ph.D)
  39. Teferi Margo (Ph.D)
  40. Tekleab Shibru (Ph.D)
  41. Tesfaye Negeri (Ph.D)
  42. Tesfaye Tesso (Ph.D)
  43. Thomas Baisa (MD)
  44. Tolawak Beyene (Ph.D)
  45. Workineh Torben (Ph.D)
  46. Worku Burayu (Ph.D)

Iyyata Hayyoota Oromoo irraa gara Qeerroo, Qarree fi uummata Oromootti barreeffame

Rakkoo hamaa saba keenya amma mudataa jiruf furmataa hatattamaa barbaduuf dirqamnee, abdii iyyaanni keenya kuni tarii gidiraa saba keenyaf hanqisa laata jedhun, tarii xalayaa iyyata Gaafa Gurrandhala 1, 2020 Muummicha Ministeera (MM) Abiy Ahmedti barreesine dhagahee mootumman isaa gidiraa saba keenya irraan gahaa jiru dhaaba laata jechuun,

Nuti, Hayyooni fi Oggeessonni Oromo biyyaa hambaa jiraannu haalli amma biyya keessa deemaa jiru sodaachisaa ta’aa waan dhufeef uummanni Oromoo fi uummattoonni Itoophiyaa waliigalaa of-eegannoon akka hordoftan waamicha akkeekachiisaa isiniif goona. Haala hamaa as deemaa jiru kana of irraa qolachuuf tokkummaan uummattoota murteessaa waan taheef tokkummaa keessan akka jabeeffattani isin yaadachiifna. Rakkooleen guutummaa Oromiyaa fi Itoophiyaa bakkoota adda addatti mumula’achuu erga eegalanii bubbulaniiru. Keessattuu wagga darbe kana keessaa waan abdii namatti horani mumula’atani illee faallaa isaa garuu waan uummataa keenya mudachaa jirani hedduu yaaddessoo fi rakkoo as deemaa jiru kan agarsiisani dha.

Baatilee yartuu darban kana keessa barattoonni Oromo 12 yerooajjeefamani barattoonnii dhibbootaan lakka’amani ammoo reebichaa hamaa isaan irraa gaheen mada’aniiru. Kunis kan raawwate Yuniversitii Waldiyaa, Dassee, Dabre Taabor, Gondor, Baahir Daar fi Dabre Birihaan keessatti yeroo tahu Yuuniversitonni kunis hundi isaanii bulchiinsaa naannoo Amaraa keessatti argamu. Ajjeechaa fi reebichi   kuni akka dhabbatuuf barattoonni Oromoo hiriira nagaa bahani hundi isaanii barumsa irraa arihamaniru. Gabasoleen qabatamoon tahani akka mul’isanitti barattonni Oromoo sodaa nageenya isaniif jecha barumsa isaanii dhiisanii Yuniversiiti ykn Hospitaala irraa gara maatii isaanitti deebi’uuf carraaqani bulchiinsota Yuniversiitotaa fi mootummaa nannoo Amaaraan dhorkamaniiru. Iyyanni maatiin barattoota ijoolleen isaanii akka deebi’aniif mootummaa gaafatani illee deebbii hin arganne. Walumaa gala barattonni Oromoo kunis mirgi gara maatitti deebi’uu fi maatiinis ijjollee isaanii mirga deefachuu dhorkamuun barattooni Oromoo kuni haala lubbuu isaaniif yaaddessaa tahee keessa fedhii isaanii ala jirachuuf dirqamanii jiru.

Barattoonni Oromoo yuniversitoota kanneen naanno Oromiyaa keessa jiru keessatti baratanii illee rakkoo walfakkatan isaan mudataa jira. Erga Muummichi Ministeera Abiy Ahmed aangomee barattooni Oromoo 77 Yuniversiiti Haramaya irraa, 11 Yuniversiiti Amboo irraa, 115 Yuniversiiti Mattuu irraa (kuni barattoota 89 waggaa darbee ari’amani hin dabalatu), 21 Yuniversiiti Jimmaa irraa, 12 Yuniversiiti Bulee Horaa irraa, 17 Yuniversiiti Madda Walaabuu irraa, fi 40 Yuniversiiti Dirre Dawaa irraa arihamaniiru. Lakkoobsi kuni barattoota Oromo bakka buuteen isaanii dhabame hin dabalatu. Barattoonni bakka buuteen dhabame kunis harka warra tika nageenya mootumman shakkiin jedhu jira. Ajjeechaa fi reebichi dargaggoota Oromoo qunnamu humna qinda’een tahuu ragaaleen adda adaa ni mul’isu. Kunis kan raawwatu Yuniversiitii keessatti qofa miti, magaalaa fi baadiyaa isaan jiraatani keessattis isaan irra gahaa jira. Hedduu yaaddoo kan ta’ee ammoo warri yakka akkanaa raawwatani mootumman seeratti dhiheessuu dhabuu isaaniti. Kunis haalicha daraan sodaachisaa taasiseera. Fallaa kana garuu barattooni Oromoo ajjeechaa fi reebicha kana iyyachuuf hiriira bahani barumsa isaani irraa ni arihamu, ni hidhamu, ni ajjeefamus. Biyya Itoophiyaa keessatti har’a dargaggeesa ykn dargaggeetti Oromoo ta’uun yakka tahaa jira.

Haali nageenya naannoo Oromiyaa keesaa jiru kan mooraa Yuniversitii irraa adda miti. Hidhaan, reebichii fi ajjeechaan ilman Oromoo irratti bakka hundaattiuni raawwata. Tilmamaan har’a hidhamtooni siyaasaa Oromoo gara 10, 000 ta’anii mana hidhaa mootummaa Itoophiyaa keessatti hirarfamaa jiru. Dhugaa kanas hidhamaan siyaasaa miseensa hoogana paartii mormituu kan tahe yeroo dhihoo mana hidhaa irraa lakkifamee ragaa baheera. Hidhamaan kunis baatii tokkoof mana dukanaa keessatti hidhamee hirarfamaa akka ture midiyaa (TV) biyaalessaa irratti gabasameera. Erga mana dukanaa keessaa bahees mana murtiiti oso hin dhihaatiin baatii jahaaf, walumaa gala waggaa tokkoo oliif akka hidhame dararamaa turuu isaa ibse. Kuni kan agarsiisu mootumman Abiy akkuma mootummoota darbanii yakka malee nama hidhee dararuu itti fufee jirachuu isaati.

Kabajamuu mirga barattoonni Oromoo, hidhamtoonni siyaasaa Oromoo fi walumaa gala uummanni Oromoo haala qinda’aa taheen akka hin falmamneef tooftaan dhorkamee jira.   Dhaabileen siyaasa Oromoos seeraan eeyyama argatani illee, sochiin isaani garuu ni uggurama, waajjiraaleen isaanis ni cufamu. Miseensonni, deegartoonni fi hoggantoonni dhaabbilee siyaasaa sadarkaa adda adaatti ni roorrifamu, hidhaattis ni darbatamu. Saamichi waajjira KFO magaala Dirre Dawaatti ta’e, waajjiraaleen ABO bakkoota adda addaatti mootumman cufamani kuni taatee yeroo dhihoo akka fakkenyaati dhihaatani dha. Uummatni Oromos sababuma dhaabillee siyaasaa fedhani deegaraniif bakkota adda addaatti ni gidirfamu, ni hidhamu, ni ajjeefamu.

Keessattu erga Paartiin Badhadhinaa labsamee as mootummaan duula olola jabaa sabonummaa Oromoo (Oromummaa) irratti banee jira. Mummichi Ministeraas olaantummaa Habashootaa dhoksaa ilaalshi Itoophiyumman garuu egeeree ykn fuuldura biyyittiif akka gaarii ta’e tokkotti fakkeessee dhiheessaa jira. Gama kaaniin ammoo Oromummaan ykn sabboonumman Oromoo ilaalsha boodatti hafaa akka ta’etti fakkeessee dhiheessa. Ololli Oromumma irratti deemaa jiru kunis waraana Raayyaa Ittisa Biyyaan waan deegarmee deemaa jiru fakkaata. Wagga tokko oliif nannoon Oromiyaa harki caalan isaa bulchiinsa waraana yeroo hatattamaa jedhuun labsame jalatti hiraarfamaa jira. Labsiin yeroo hatattamaa kunis seera eegatee kan labsame oso hin taane ajajaa Mummicha Ministeraa qofaan jirutti kan hiikame dha. Manni Maree Bakka Bu’oota Uummatoota labsii yeroo hatattamaa kana hin raggaasisne. Oromiyaa harka caalu irraa tajaajillii bilbilaa, Interneetaa fi midiyaaleen hawaasumma erga citee bubbuleera. Kunis ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi gidiraa loltooni mootummaa uummata Oromoo irraan gahanii dhoksuuf jechaa tarkaanfii mootumman fudhate dha. Haallii kuni uummata Oromoo qofaan oso hin taanee uummatoota Itophiyaa maraan balalefatamuu qabu.

Godinaaleen Oromiyaa bulchiinsa yeroo hatattamaa jala jiran hunduu rakkoo hamtuuf saaxilamanii jiru. Akka waan eeyyama itti argataniitti Raayyaan ittisa biyyaa fi tikni nageenyaa mootummaa uummata Oromoo guyyaa guyyaan hidhaa, dararaa, fi ajjeesaa jiru. Dubartoota fi Shamarroota  Oromoo bakka hundatti dirquun gudeedaa jiru. Erga fincila lola Baalee as, uummani Oromoo yeroo jalqabaaf xiyyaara waranaa fi Helekopteeraan tumamaa jira. Qaabeenyi uumamaa Oromiyaas ni barbada’ee. Suuraleen daa’immanii, dubartootaa fi dargaggoota Oromoo loltuu mootumman qaamni hir’atee midiyaalee hawaasaa irratti guyya guyyaan arguun barsiifata taheera. Gidiraan kuni hunduu uummata Oromoo irratti kan raawwatuu loltoota mootumman yeroo tahu, qajeelfdamni kunis kan kennamu kallatiin Muummicha Minseeraan Itoophiyaani. Rakkoon tarreefamani kun hunduu ta’e jedhamee yeroo uummanni baadiyaa oomishaa isaa sassabbatu kan raawwataa jiru dha. Kunis uummata oomisha isaa yeroon akka hin sassabbannef ta’ee jedhamee mootumman kan uumame dha. Oomishni sassabamees loltoota fi tika mootummaan gubaa jira.  Kuni kan agarsiisu mootumman rakkoo kana karooraan akka raawwataa jiru dha. Karoorri mootummas uummata Godinaalee kanaa beelaaf saaxiluun harka kennachisuuf yaalii gochaa jiru dha. Beelaa akka meeshaa waraanatti fayyadamuun yakka ilma namummaa irratti raawwatu hojii seexanumma dha.

Xalayaa gaafa Gurrandhala 1 bara 2020 barreessineen, MM Abiy labsii yeroo hatattamaa seeraa ala uummata irratti labse akka kaasu, waraana isaa Godinaalee Oromiyaa hedduutti bobbaase akka gara mooraa isaanitti deebisu, koree walaba ta’e tokko dararaa fi ajjeechaa loltoota isaan uummata irraan gahe kan qoratu akka ijaaru, tajaajjila bilbilaa fi Interneeta Godinaalee hedduu irraa kutee ture akka deebisu, maree dhugaa fi haqa irratti hunda’ee qaamota dhimmi ilaalu hundaa waaliin akka eegalu, ajjeechaa baratoota Oromoo irraan gahaa jiru hatattamaan akka dhaabuu, warra ajjeechaa fi dararaa kana rawwatani ammoo seeratti akka dhiheessu, barattoota Oromoo seeraa ala hidhamani akka hiiku, warra yuniversiitii irraa ar’amani akka deebisu, fi yuniversitoota seeraa ala faayida siyaasaaf jecha cufaman hatattamaan akka banamaan kan jedhu gaafannee ture. Hata’u malee MM gaafiilee keenya fudhatee furmaata itti kennuu irra rakkoo ture babal’isuun haala isaa hammeessuu itti fufee jira.

MM Abiy erga aangotti dhufee faayidaa Oromoo fi Oromummaa tiksuuf tarkaniif fudhatee tokko illee akka hin jirree ragaalee hedduu dhiheessuun ni danda’ama. Bu’aa Oromoof buusees hin qabu. Hinumayyu erga inni aangootti dhufee rakkoon Oromoo ni hammaate. Haasaa warra Habashoota gammachiisuuf yeroo tokko godhe irratti erga aangotti dhufee Oromoof waan jijjree akka hin qabne raga bahe. Waltajjii ofii qopheesse irratti uummani Oromoo yeroo inni arrabsamu fi xiqqeefamu midiyaa biyyitti irratti mul’ate. MM illee yeroo uummanni Oromoo xiqqeefamuu harka dhahaaf ture.  Jibbeen MM Oromof qabu kana qofaa irratti hin dhaabbanne. Dhaaba isaa keessaa ilmaan Oromoo sabbonummaa qaban tooftaan haxayee baasuun, warraa jibbee Oromoon guutamanii fi faayidaa Oromoo ala hojjetaniin bakka buufamaniiru.

Haalli kuni yeroo tahaa jirutti callisnee ilaaluu hin dandeenyu. Filannon nuti qabnus haala kana uummataa fi Qeerroo/Qarree keenya hubachiisuu fi uummanni keenyas tarkaanfii furmaata akka fudhattani ykn akka of qopheessitan waamicha isniif dhiyessuu dha. Nuti beektonnii fi Ogeessonni Oromoo biyyaa Hambaa jiruu Qeerroo/Qarreen fi uummanni keenya tarkaanfii nageenya waaraa argamsiisani armaan gadii kana ni fudhata jennee abdanna;

  1. Qabsoon ati bilisumaa fi walqixxumaa uummataaf jecha jarraa tokko oliif qabsoofte akasumas warraaqsa waggoottan yartuu darban kana durumman gaggeessiteen mootummaa abbaa hirree ABUT aangoo irraa ariteetta. Jijjirraan gaggeesummaa keen dhufe kuni har’a daandii isaa irraa maqee, garee warra fedhii uummata Oromo fi Oromiyaa ala deemaniin samamee jira.
  2. Hubadhaa, tarkaanfiin uummata ukkamsuuf motumman yeroo ammaa kana fudhataa jiru fi sirna dullomaa waanjoo hacuucaa ta’e maqaa badhaadhina jedhuun deebisuuf yaalamaa jiru amma ifaa tahaa dhufeera. Mummicha Ministeeraa ifatti sirna Itoophiyaa aadaa tokkicha jedhu sana leellisaa jira. Mootota sirna nama nyaataa gaggeessaa turani akka Minilik fi Hayile Sillaasee fakkeenya isaa godhatee faarsa. Mootonni Muumicha Ministeeraf fakkeenya tahani kuni warra yaakka suukanneessaa fi sanyii duguggaa uummata Oromoo fi uummatoota Itoophiyaa biroo irratti raawwatani dha;
  3. Hubadhaa, MM Abiy akka yeroo duraa eegame sana jijjiraa fi sirna dimokraatwaa ni fida jedhamee kan abdatamu miti. Kanaafuu dhimma kana Oromoon martii callisee ilaaluu hin qabu. Mirgi uummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa duuchaatti yeroo sarbamuu callisuun dararaa gara fulduraa dhufu ni hammeesa. Akka sabaatti furmaata rakkoo kanaa yeroon soquu baannan daafaan isaa Oromiyaa irra darbee naannoo sanaaf yaaddeessa dha. Boohichi haati Oromoo ilmoo ishee rasaasa tika naageenyan dhabdee boossu dhaabbachuu fi xummura argachuus qaba.
  4. Mootumman amma biyyaa bulshaa jiru kuni Paartiilee siyaasaa duuka (warra hidhannaa qabani dabalatee) taa’ee seeraan akka marihatuuf ka’i karaa nagaa taheen dhiibbaa barbaachisu godhi. Lola amma gama Lixa fi Kibbaa Oromiyaatti mootumman gaggeessaa jiru hatattamaan akka dhaabuu gaafadhu. Ajjeechaa mootumman uummata irraan gahaa jiru fudhatama hin qabu, hatattamanis dhaabbachuu qaba.
  5. Oromoo fi Oromiyaan mootota Itoophiyaan darbaniin hidhannoo isaa hiikameera. Meeshaan waraanaa naannoo Oromiyaa keessa jiru kan naannoo biroo waliin yeroo madaalamu hedduu xiqqoo dha. Kanaafuu Oromoon yeroo hedduu diinotaa isaaf saaxilama. Nuti hayyooni fi ogeessoni Oromoo walitti bu’insi dhufu isa darberra hamaa tahuu mala sodaa jedhu qabna. Kanaaf tarsiimoon balaa dhufuu malu kana irraa ittiin of oolshinu barbaachisa dha.
  6. Carraa argame hundaan loltoota mootummaa, keessattuu ajajjoota waraana, ajajja mootumma irraa isaanitti darbu hubannan akka raawwatani gorsaa, jajjabeessas. Haalli biyyaa saffisaan jijijjiramaa waan jiruuf ajajjoota waranaa keessaa gorsa keessan kan dhagahu hin dhibu. Odeefannon mooraa waraana keessa bahu akka argisiisutti ajajjooni waranaa hedduun isaanii tarsiimoo MM hordofu ifatti mormaa akka jirani ibsama. Yeroo dhihoo kana ajajjan waranaa ol’aana dholootan Oromoo tahe tokko lola Wallagaa fi Gujii irratti deemaa jiru waan mormeef jiruu isaa irraa geggeefameera.
  7. Mormiin waggootan darbaani mootummaa irratti gaggeefame Qeerroo fi Qarreen qinda’ee. Kunis uummataa bal’aa irraa gargaarsaa hagana hin arganne ture. Kuni akka dadhabinatti fudhatamuu qaba. Mootummaan ADWUI dadhabinaa kana itti fayyadamuun sirni hacuucaa isaa deebi’ee hundee akka godhatuuf carraa kenneef. Mootummanis mormii Qeerroo/Qarreen qinda’ee deemaa ture duubatti deebisuu danda’aniiru. Amma garuu kuni jijjiramuu qaba. Uummani bal’aan Qeerroo fi Qarree duukaa hiriiruu qaba. Ogeessonni fayyaa, barsiisonni, Injineeronni, artistooni, daldatooni, kkf qooda isaani haalaan bahu qabu. Sagalee diddaa isaanii dhageesisuu, Partiilee siyaasaa Oromoo haqaaf dhaabbatani gargaaruu fi Qeerroo fi qarree bira dhabbachuun qooda isaani bahachuu qabu.
  8. Barattoonni Oromoo Yuniversitii adda addaa keessa jirtani wal deegaraa. Waliin dhaabbachuun diina keessani irraa wal tiksaa, waliif birmadhaa. Wal qindeessaa, qunnamtii keessani mooraa keessatti jabeefadhaa, Neetiworkii kessaan mooraa keessa fi alaati cimsadha. Ajjeefamuun barataa tokkoo kasaara uummataa fi maatii waan taheef aarsaa barbachiisaa hin taane irraas of qusadhaa.
  9. Namootaa sababa adda addaaf jecha sadarkaa Federaal fi naannotti mootumma kana tajaajiltani dhalootan Oromoo taatanis ykn hin ta’iinis sadarkuma jirtan hundatti uummataa keessan duuka akka dhabbataniif waamicha seenaa isniif goonaf.
  10. Dhaabilen siyaasa Oromoo dirqama walitti dhufatani tarsiimoo uummata keessan bala dhufuu malu irraa dandamachiisu wixinaa. Itti gaafatamummaa hoogannumaa keessan bahuuf tarsiimoo uummata rakkoo dhufu irraa tiksu qabaadha. Keessattuu ABO, KFO fi PBOn itti gaafatama kana akka fudhattan waamicha isniif goona. Haala kana aanjessuuf beekumsa fi ogummaa qabnuun gargaarsa barbaachisaa kennuuf qophii ta’uu keenya asumaan isin beeksisna.

Kabajaa Waliin,


  1. Adugna Birhanu (Ph.D)
  2. Alemayehu Biru (Ph.D)
  3. Amanuel Gobena (Ph.D)
  4. Asefa Jalata (Ph.D)
  5. Asfaw Beyene (Ph.D)
  6. Ayana Gobena (Ph.D)
  7. Bahiru Duguma (Ph.D)
  8. Baro Deressa (MD)
  9. Bedassa Tadesse (Ph.D)
  10. Begna Dugassa (Ph.D)
  11. Bekele Temesgen (Ph.D)
  12. Benti Getahun (Ph.D)
  13. Berhanu Kedida (MD)
  14. Bersisa Berri (Ph.D)
  15. Bichaka Fayissa (Ph.D)
  16. Daniel Ayana (Ph.D)
  17. Dessalegn Negeri (Ph.D)
  18. Desta Yebassa (Ph.D)
  19. Gizachew Tesso (Ph.D)
  20. Guluma Gemeda (Ph.D)
  21. Haile Hirpa (Ph.D)
  22. Ibrahim Elemo (Ph.D)
  23. Iddoosaa Ejeta (Ph.D)
  24. Ismael Abdullahi (Ph.D)
  25. Jamal Ibrahim (MD)
  26. Jemal Hebano (PharmD)
  27. Jenberu Feyisa (Ph.D)
  28. Junaidi Ahmed (MD)
  29. Koste Abdissa (Ph.D)
  30. Mekbib Gebeyehu (Ph.D)
  31. Mekuria Bulcha (Ph.D)
  32. Moa Apagodu (Ph.D)
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  44. Thomas Baisa (MD)
  45. Tolawak Beyene (MD)
  46. Workineh Torben (Ph.D)
  47. Worku Burayu (Ph.D)

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  1. Hayyoota teenya woo, Oromoon har’as burjaajii hin dhiifne. Dubbiin akka Israa’eel fii Arabaa ti. Karaa nagaan milkiin galla jedhanii yaaduun gowwummaa ykn gowwoomsaa dha. Kana waan taheef jaarmaalee tapha wayyaanee miidhagsuuf barandaa Miniilik kajeellaa oolan yeroo ji’a 1 hin geenye keessatti gara dhufanitti akka deebi’an akka dhiibbaa itti gootan isin gaafadha. Tapha roorroo miidhagsuun farra qabsoo Oromoo ti. Jaalatamus jibbamus seenaa saba keennaa, maalummaa sirna Gadaa, Waaqa-Aanfannaa fii hiikkaa dhugaa muka Odaa hawaasa keenyatti himuun daandii dhugaa ganamaa akka qabsiiftan isin gaaffadha.
    Qeerroon Oromoo umriin isaa waggaa 24 hamma 32 jiru hundi akka aadaa abboota isaa dirqama qeerrummaa isaa bahuu qaba. Dirqama isaatis akka kashlabbee magaalaa keessatti dhagaa darbachuun qabsoo biyyoota alaa akkeessuu fii fakkeessuu osoo hin taane murannoon qeerransomuun qondaala filatanii gootummaan diina isaa qofa irratti qabsoon gurmaa’e akka godhamu akka naaf gorsitan isin gaafadha.

    Horaa,bulaa,hoffolaa !!

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