An Urgent Call to All Oromos in the collapsing Regime in Ethiopian to Join Oromia National Defense Force

An Urgent Call to All Oromos in the collapsing Regime in Ethiopian to Join Oromia National Defense Force and Support Oromia National Transitional Government to Save your People and Secure Oromia

By Aba Orma, June 25, 2021

collapsing Ethiopian Government

Dear Oromos in:

The Ethiopian Security structures;
The Ethiopian Defense Force;
The Ethiopian Federal Police and Special Force;
The Republican Guard;
Civilians in the Federal Government, and
Oromia special Forces and Regular Police:

Abiy’s regime is collapsing. The army is disintegrating. Save your people.

Ethiopia is in a civil war. Abiy has been a disaster from the day he came to power. The regime is unable to pull the country out of these complex crises instead aggravating it by exercising a sham election and wasting millions of dollars. While a civil war is going on, Abiy continues to spend millions on Menelik’s palace while Oromos are displaced from their homes and have nothing to eat. Furthermore, the regime aligned itself with Amhara elites who wishes to complete the Menelik project of annihilating the Oromo people and other oppressed Nations and Nationalities. Abiy Ahmed has been doing what he said he will do: “put the Oromo people back by 1000 years” if he does not get his way.

Before the war in Tigray, Abiy declared war on the Oromo people and committed war crimes and genocide. Today, this war continued with the support of Shabiya, Somalia, and Amhara Militias in Oromia. Since November, the regime has committed war crimes and genocide against the people of Tigray. The regime is using chemical weapons and aerial bombardment on the people of Tigray as it did in West Oromia.

Unlike any other crisis the country has faced before, the current crisis is complex and threatens the very existence of your people as a Nation and your country as Oromia.

This is not the first regime to wage war and to marginalize the Oromo people. Ever since the Oromo people were annexed into Abyssinia by Menelik at the end of the 19th centuries, millions of Oromos lost their lives and the rest were turned into slaves. However, the Oromo people never accepted their assigned status and have been fighting to regain control of their country, destiny, and dignity starting from the Raya revolt to today.

The current regime came to power on the shoulders of past and present Oromo generations’ blood and bones. Most recently of Qeerroo and Qarree. Unfortunately, Abiy and OPDO aligned themselves with Amhara extremes and pursued a policy of forced assimilation planned and implemented by Amhara elites with the ambition of imposing returning Amhara hegemony on the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia. Eliminating your language, erasing your culture, and dismantling your country.

Today, tens of thousands of Oromos of all ages are suffering in the regime’s prisons under bogus charges for the fear of losing election to independent vanguard Oromo political organizations, the Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congress.  Your voices are silenced either by jailing your leaders or assassination. Arguably, the current regime led by Abiy is more hostile to Oromummaa and Oromia than any regime before it since Menelik.

Oromia is being invaded by Shabia and Amhara Militias at the request of Abiy Ahmed. Abiy financed, trained, and armed Amhara militias to dismantle Oromia. He is paying Eritrean mercenaries to kill your people. These forces are carrying out extrajudicial killings of young and old Oromos, Oromo women and men, Oromo girls and boys at public squares and in their homes. Not only killing innocent Oromos but also dragging their body on the streets of Oromia, burning down their parent’s homes, farms, and doing everything it can to keep its 1000 years promise.

The international community has come to grips with the fact that this regime is the root cause of the instability of the region and the civil war in Ethiopia. The United States sanctioned the country with no travel for government officials, no economic aid, no military aid, and no political cover as they have done for so long from the United States and European Union. They said the election is a sham election and  “Not free and fair”.  The Ethiopian Defense Force is fighting low morale and was not willing to fight and started to collapse in Tigray.  Your brothers and sisters are surrendering to the Tigray Defense Force. Tens of thousands EDF have surrendered and more are surrendering to Tigray Defense Force in the North and to some degree to the Oromo Liberation Army in Western and Southern Oromia. Some of your brothers and sisters have already joined OLA to save their people. Abiy’s regime is collapsing. The army is disintegrating.

Because of the fast-changing situation on the ground in Ethiopia, we call upon you:

  1. To immediately start planning to join hands with each other and The Oromo Liberation Army, Oromia National Defense Force, to protect your people from the civil war and free them from the yoke of more than a century old slavery.
  2. By doing so, to save Oromia and Oromos from Amhara Militias, Eritrean mercenaries, and any other foreign forces.
  3. Support Oromia National Transitional Government that will bring all Oromos together and work with oppressed Nations and Nationalities to secure the region.

The Oromo people will achieve what their forefathers set to achieve, FREE THEMSELVES FROM ABYSSINIANS.  Do not die to bring back Amhara hegemony on your people and the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. Do not die for a collapsing empire.



  1. I will continue the struggle towards freedom of Oromo and Oromia. I support this timely call!

  2. Until the Oromo people and our country Oromia free our struggle continues. For this to reach goal OLA must supported. Oromo this is your obligation

  3. Tokmmaa Oromotiin bilisummaan Oromo in dhugoomtii ! WABO JABEESAA GARGARAA ! TANARATII HAA HOJANUU ! MALI BIRAA HINJIRUU !

  4. I have also similar suggestion/call and wrote the following on

    Kibret Sigstam
    9 December 2020 ·
    Col. Abiy’s invasion of Tigray is a reminiscence of Menelik’s brutal colonization of my beloved country, Oromia about hundred fifty years ago. A Dilla university professor foretold us last year that the reincarnation of Menelik has returned in 4-kilo Finfine. Col. Abiy is in fact the reincarnation of Menelik the tyrannical butcher. VERY SAD!
    On the other hand, it feels like TPLF is harvesting in kind the violence it committed on OLF (Oromia) particularly in 1991-2. Despite this, I condemned Abiy’s invasion of Tigray and support Tigray’s anti-invasion resistance.
    We oromos should help Tigray by intensifying our own anti-Abyssinian colonial struggle in Oromia. We should try to reach to Oromo citizens serving in the Abyssinian colonial army to convince them desert and join WBO instead. Oromos should come and unite under the leadership of WBO and desist from forming different organizations that could split our strength in unity. Let us join force to abolish Abyssinian colonial rule and rebuild independent Oromia from the ashes of brutal Abyssinian colonialism.
    Ooromia shall be free!

  5. Loltuu WBO ilaalaamee. Qaamni isaanii hedduu gaarii jira. Kun waan gaariidha.
    Honestly, I know superficial, i.e most Oromos react to this, natti waraana hinfakkaatani. Keesumaa waraana riphee lolaa hinfakkaatani. Caalatti taatota Holywood fakkaatu. Sobnee uf jajuun eesanuu nu hingeenye hanga amma. Anoo namni isaan gorsu waan jiru natti hinfakkatu. I know most people with experiences are in Jail and some are dead. OROMOO, miraaf, of sobuun deemuun karaa fagoo nu hindeemsisu. Ijoolleen kun, yeroo bosona seenan kaayyoo guddaa qabataniiti. Innis ummata Oromoo fi uf bilsoomsuudha. Abdii sabni bal’aan, nuti, qabnu dhugaaf dhugaataanaan isaani. Community keessati odeesinee hamilee walii kenninee galuun gaariidha, garuu akka natti fakkaatuti WBO kan inni barbaadu qarshii caala yaadaaf gorsa. Waanta baay’eetu mul’atutu sirreefamuu qaba. Jecha walitti darbannee deemuun hintaatu. Waan Oromoo itti yaadamu qaba, namni kana irratti hojetu komunitii komunitii keessati muuxannoodhaan, yaada bilchinaatiin, fedhiidhaan, iccittii qabachuun, uf laachummaadhaan(uf agarsiisummaadhan osoo hintaanee), leadershipiin, beekumsa siyaasatiin osoo filatamee Komunitiin ji’a ji’aan hanga danda’utti osoo mindeesse. Qeerroon biyyatti qalamaa jirtu waranatti baqatti. Achii eega gahan muuxannoo fudhatu hanga danda’ametti. Lolli xapha miti. Qawwee salgii irra kawatiin uf argisiisuun sabaaf yeroof abdiidha. WBO halkanii guyyaa sakandii tokkoo osoo hinballeesiin hojii lola irratti xiyyefachuu qaba. FKN – Yeroon isaan 50 ta’ani polisii Oromiyaa sadii qabanii itti walfuranii agarsiisan, kanumaa wbon nama jechisiisa. Warri youtuubii ani isiniif hedduun gadda. Please madda galii biraa barbaada, homaa waraanaafis, ummataafis ufiis isin hinfayyadu

  6. I know very well that African people have every reason to distrust the word of a white European as me. But still I wanted to express my best wishes to all the different nations inside Ethiopia that they can gain independence from domination by their neighbours. A multi-national state works only, if all constituent peoples are in it out of their free will, and if there are strong guarantees that neither of them can dominate others. A centralized state, on the other hand, never works in the interest of its citizens.

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