Anti govt protests in Bishoftu – Oct 3, 2021

Anti govt protests in Bishoftu | Amhara Qemant | Somali regional forces | PM Abiy

TDF | Dessie | Berhale | Afar Zone 2

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  1. There can be demonstration against government for various reasons. However  I have some doubt regarding the proper organizing of it. The organizers should have taken care of it and should have seriously weighted on the motive and its short and long term impacts. Our Oromo society have so many problems that should have been taken into account. In this situation there can not be over confidence or undermining of anyone or anything targeted as enemy. It is also necessary to differentiate betwee an old existing system and the new generation. It is not only the system/society but EPRDF/Biltsigina and their leafership are acting/working as per that old system/bureaucracy. Therefore I advice those demonstration organizers to take care of this seriously including the slogan and placard to be shown on the intended demonstration. For now, as someone did in the Twitter, It is better to express the true situation . He said it was some individuals and not all Oromos who tried to prpogate such hatred among the society. It is to be noted that Irrecha will always remain a peace of love and reconciliation.

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