Berhanu Nega and Kebour Ghenna of EZEMA on PM Abiy

Fwd: Berhanu Nega and Kebour Ghenna of EZEMA on PM Abiy – Leaked email communication

From Truth Matters on 2021-05-22 15:48

I wonder if Kebour Ghenna is right about this? When he said “the bidders know we are in dire economic situations, i.e. the offers would be too low”

Our  Telecom, one of the most profitable and biggest institutions, is sold for a mere $850 million (0.85bln).

The PM is presenting a misleading propaganda piece by saying it is an $8 billion investment and he is trying to confuse and convince Ethiopians.

The $8 billion projection is a 10 year economic projection, not a direct sale. Upto $8 bil, in 10 yrs… and we know what UPTO means. Insider information from people who opposed the sale, puts the direct investment such as infrastructure will not be over half a billion in the next 10 year.  Companies usually inflate the economic projection when they pitch their proposal by taking direct and indirect benefits such as employment and future digitization into consideration.

The irony is, the $850 million sell price is less than annual aid by the USA which is nearly $854 million.

How come, a leader of a country which undermines an economic sanction of $1 Billion/year brags about the sale of it’s most profitable institution to $850 million.

Share your thoughts on this, to the public.

Note: 5th episode of the email leak is coming up in days. Stay tuned.


Truth Matters

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Truth Matters <>
Date: Tue, May 18, 2021 at 12:48 AM
Subject: Berhanu Nega and Kebour Ghenna of EZEMA on PM Abiy – Leaked email communication
To: Truth Matters <>

Recently, the PM office has made an announcement regarding email communication hacks to hide some shameful communication between Ezema and PM, and also Ezema themselves.

So far

  1. BN passport case has been leaked on FB
  2. Ezema “national security threat” document has been leaked to medias
  3. A 30mil birr payment made from gov. to ESAT has been leaked to  Et360.
  4. This email communication is a 4th episode of it’s kind with many more to follow…

There are particularly two important files attached:  Berhanu Nega and Kebour Ghenna’s email communication with subject” Telecom Big update”, along with the .jpg file that shows the actual snippet of the email from Berhanu’s inbox, and the second one is: an email file (.eml) that shows Berhanu has helped Abiy in writing his Medemer Book.  Compare the attachment with the Medemer Book

Our records show that Abiy has personal emails such as “Belay Yene <> and Belay Yene <>.

Please note: Our team, TRUTH MATTERS, is not engaged in any criminal activity. We do not disclose personal matters to the public audience.  However, we’re committed to leaking any kind of information that is cooked by EZEMA, NEBE and the PM behind the scenes and bringing it to the public audience.  We’re committed to bring equality, justice and peace for all Ethiopians.

Thank you,
Truth Matters!

From Belay Yene
Date 2019-04-24 22:21
Pls check this one…

Read the so-called Lead Email Here in PDF – Gmail – Telecom Bid update 

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