Bilxiginnaa: Internet May not be a pill for Coronavirus: But Information is our best defense

Bilxiginnaa: Internet May not be a pill for Coronavirus: But Information is our best defense

By: Najat Hamza,

March 22, 2020

Some people from Ethiopian government Bilxiginnaa party argue that internet is not the cure or medicine for COVID-19. This level of ignorance is hard to fathom. Internet, telephone services and all communication means is being used to educate the masses around the world about the virus. We look to the highest authorities to get the recommendations, guidelines and safety measures as individuals and nations in general.

Communication creates awareness, awareness help people to make the right choices for their individual selves, family, community, city then together as a nation. That is why government around the world are updating, communicating and providing guidances to their populations. In some cases there is even complaints that some government is not doing enough, not providing adequate protective equipment, or have a well thought out plans. However, Ethiopian government is refusing to do the bare minimum of restoring communication so that people can at least have a fighting chance.

There are no justification political or otherwise to be used for communication lockdown in the mist of a pandemic. This is not only irresponsible, it is criminal and it should be looked at no less than ethnic cleansing via natural crisis. When you refuse to store communication these citizens right to information and protection from a government that calls itself inclusive, you are sentencing them to die. There are no other explanations. I assure you, we will continue to let the world now and you will all be held accountable for any fallout that comes next!

Your prime minister is busy involved in his usual grandiosity as he put himself as a donation distributor for the continent via Ali Baba’s Jack Ma. While he continues locking the people under his leadership in complete darkness in the middle of global crisis the like of which we never seen in modern history. If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! He also took it upon himself to express solidarity with Italy, it is a great gesture. We are all heartbroken about Italy and what is going on there. But, PM. Abiy your responsibility should be doing everything you can to minimize infection given the country’s poor healthcare system and lack of resources to fight this pandemic.

Your responsibility should start with getting people connected to information (restore communication) educating the masses correctly so that they can protect themselves. #SafeHand initiatives are great but most people do not have access to water, what can they do in that instance? The world in general is practicing social distancing and halting every type of gathering of more than 10 people. We see your party conducting town hall meeting to date. How can rural population be reached who have no access to technology or communication means get information? What is being done about that? I can go on but the point is, now is not the time for political theater but the politics of saving lives, asking for help from other nations and getting ready to fight the fight of our generation.

The world experts in infectious diseases have been explaining to us in order to contain the outbreak, we all need to be on the same page as much as we can. Ethiopia cannot contain the outbreak if over 14 million people is left out of live saving measures. It will get to you all. The virus might look like a political weapon to you but it knows no boundaries and it will continue to hit. I know you and your party don’t care about people in Wallaga, Borana, Gujji and beyond but I know you care about yourselves. This is not a matter of politics, it is a matter of public health, period!

You can have your political barking dogs on social media platforms and other mediums to come out and bark at people pleading for the lives of people. But, you need to know this is a historic records for your prosecution should anything happen to this people. We bare witness to the fact you chose power, politics over the lives of millions when the world friends and foe alike is doing everything they can to help save lives. The perpetrators of Holocaust were being prosecuted until recently for wounds they inflicted on Jewish people. You will not escape responsibility!

All can do is speak and until I can no longer breath!

May Allah/God/Waaqaa be with you my people!

We will see the light on the horizon, the world will smile again.

“We will know the best among us, we will also know the worst” (Governor. Andrew Coumo of New York)


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