‘‘Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together’’

‘‘Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together’’

Birds feather
The oppressed people’s revolution that involved huge sacrifices and costed many lives cannot be halted by opportunists and selfish individuals. Despite all challenges, the peoples’ revolution will achieve its original goals and ultimate objectives of freedom and democracy by the continued struggle and determination of its genuine revolutionary guards. In an empire where people’s freedom has been taken by gun point, it is common that intimidation, imprisonment, displacement, exile, killings, assassinations, and total human rights violations prevail widely. Under these situations nobody can expect sustainable peace, stability and settled living. In any empire system of ruling like Ethiopia those who are in political power can abuse people’s culture, religion, language and tradition and way of living as they wish. Obviously, those in political power are manipulating the constitution and laws of the country to fulfil their egos, interests and to keep the status quo of the ruling hegemony. Dictators are always political mercenaries and terrorizing their own people.

The causes of current political violence and instabilities in the regions of oppressed nations and peoples in Ethiopia are the old empire remnants and the ruling party dictators who deceive their own people by false freedom and democracy. The terrorizing ruling group denied people’s constitutional rights; established totalitarian ruling mechanisms and took choice of ruling the country at gun point. Today, it is considered a crime to ask democratic rights; and to take part in struggle for freedom and democracy. The incumbent regime wants to keep the oppressed peoples in the dark age more than any time in Ethiopian history. The terrorizing mercenary ruling group pretend working with opposition parties to solve political crises. However, in reality, they are intimidating, humiliating, and marginalizing opposition parties and interrupting their day- to- day activities including monitoring members’ private lives.

For the last three decades, the Ethiopian regime has ruled the country in an iron fist of dictatorship under the cover of false democracy. The current ruling Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP) – the illegal rebranded group of the former party- is not only controlling the central government power but also dismantled the federal structure and denied self-rule to the administrative regions. The EPP is striving to re-establish ‘one language- one culture- one country’ unitary empire system. To achieve this objective, they form assassinating mafia groups in Ethiopia in general and Oromia in particular to create conflicts and chaos and destroy opposition parties. In relation to this, the Oromo Central Intelligence (OCI) has conducted an assessment and found out that those carrying out killings and destroying civilian properties are Government Mafia groups organized in name of Oromo Youth Movement (Qeerroo Bilisummaa) and Oromia police.

These groups are given money by the government to kill innocent people and destroy or loot private properties and create chaos everywhere. They also instigate conflicts and clashes among Oromia police and the Oromo people and establish pretext for civilian killings. The EPP mafia groups are involved in blame and deceptive propaganda to cover their wrong doings and pointing fingers to those innocent people struggling for their rights. This blame game is a repeated phenomenon that the government is intentionally using to hide their evil acts and use it as a pretext to carry out mass arrests and assassinations of innocent people. When people express their resentment about the security issues they are ignored and sometimes arrested or killed for raising the issues. Dictatorship is a normal day- to- day practice of this ruling EPP party. The Oromia Revolutionary Guard (ORG) want to express its sadness to these acts of terrorism and warn the public to be vigilant about this government sabotaging groups to stay in power at the cost of human lives and damaging properties.

It is remembered that ORG has issued a statement on September 20, 2019 regarding the political instability and crises in Ethiopia. In its statement ORG highlighted the importance of peace and stability for all nations and peoples in Ethiopia. The statement stresses that the incumbent government must be dissolved and replaced with all-inclusive representative Transitional Government that pave the way for freedom and democracy. In this regard we have suggested that the Oromo representatives’ political parties such as the OLF, OFC and PBO to take initiative of forming the Transitional Government and to add more political parties and groups to ensure representations of all nations and peoples. To this effect, ORG welcome all organizations who believe in self-determination of nations and peoples and provide necessary support to enable them to participate in the Transitional Government. In addition, we stated in our statement that for the safety and security of international community representatives, we are providing 24 hours secret surveillance to the Embassies offices and residences in Addis Ababa by Oromia Security Guards.

Therefore, we invite and urge different countries, institutions, groups, and public as follows:

  1. Neighboring Countries and Western Nations: – We urge you do not involve in supporting and standing with terrorizing Ethiopian ruling class for your national interest. We want to reiterate that supporting criminal regime for own interest is not only against the international law but also collaborating with the group involved with crime against humanity.
  2. Individuals seeking for personal benefits and interests from the ruling party: – In a country where terrorist groups in ruling power individual interest, corruption, political prostitution, and denial of individual and group rights is widespread. The Ethiopian ruling class is acting against international human right and against the Ethiopian constitution. We advise international diplomats, nongovernment organizations and other allies of the Ethiopian government to refrain from collaborating with the terrorist regime. Instead we urge the international community and peace-loving people to stand against political violence and lack of peace and stability and support fundamental change and democracy to the Ethiopian people.
  3. Oromo Political Parties and structures: – We expect the Oromo political parties who took the responsibility of forming Transitional Government, understand the objective reality and the difficult situations people are facing and commit themselves to their people’s cause. However, some of the top leaders either fail to understand or intentionally exposed themselves to the ruling party’s sabotages. Th government is putting most of the Oromo political leaders in on one hand and on the other hand infiltrating inside the top leadership and dividing the organization to destroy opposition once and for all. This time is overly critical than ever when your struggle for your people’s freedom and democracy. The Oromo political organizations must be intact and unify their efforts. All leaders and members of the organization should feel more responsible and guard their organization and its political program more than ever. They must commit themselves to fulfill the Oromo people’s ultimate cause of freedom and democracy. In this regard, in the ORG’s statement issued on September 20, 2019 stated about OLF leadership understands that ‘’the agreement between the Ethiopian government and the OLF was not right; the agreement must be reviewed and new accord must be signed, in the presence of internationally recognized independent third party, between the Ethiopian government the has a mandate to rule the country and the OLF’’.However, ORG has already aware of that some of the top leaders forgetting their solemn swear and promise and passing some internal information to the government security. Also, we observe that certain groups pass some important decisions without the knowledge of the organization leader. We warn that this illegal sabotage and dividing actions supported by government intelligence should immediately stop. We denounce the meeting conducted on 26 & 27 August 2020 at Gullellee OLF Headquarters without the knowledge of OLF chairman Mr. Dawud Ibsaa. Especially at the time where majority of the OLF Chairman are in prison, the OLF Chairman, Mr. Dawud Ibsaa was on house arrest and thousands of members and supports humiliated, abused and killed everywhere, the corona virus pandemic is killing people, it is a historical mistake that the so-called leaders involved in the drama orchestrated by the terrorizing regime. We suggest that the OLF Judiciary and audit committee take immediate and necessary action on these individuals and resolve the issue as soon as possible. We the ORG will appreciate the Work of OLF Judiciary and audit committee started on August 29, 2020 and support in any way we can.
  4. National Security and Defense Forces: – The ORG together with the Oromia Security Forces is working tirelessly to support the Oromo Political parties who took the responsibility to establish Transitional Government. So, we do not want to confront with the dying terrorist government rather we work to realize the Transitional Government for peace and security of all people. We also work with Federal level security forces to ensure the transitional charter will be established and implemented peacefully and contribute our share as Oromia security force.
  5. All Nations and Peoples in Oromia: – At this time in history where the Prosperity Party wants to destroy your identity and establishing false and forced unity oppressed people must work together. At this difficult time is absolutely crucial that all nationalities and peoples in Oromia to understand the patience and determination of political organizations struggling to liberate all nations and nationalities and striving to form a nation where all peoples’ language, culture, and identity are equally respected and every nation and nationality have authority on its resources. Therefore, it worth to listen to committed political organizations and institutions struggling to liberate us all and to work in unison to overthrow our common enemy.
  6. Oromo Youth for Freedom and Democracy (Oromoo Qeerroo and Qarree): – Emotional struggle always lead us to unnecessary sacrifices. The Oromo youth is an emerging force that is hope for today’s change and the future of our nation. Qeerroo and Qarree is not the extra or reserve force that is given any name and used for individual egos and political and economic motives and ignored after the ambitions are fulfilled. Qerroo and Qarree is a mainstream force that independently contribute to its nation. Therefore, the Oromo movement for freedom and democracy (Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo) must organize themselves under its own the established Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (Oromo Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy) and follow strategy and guidelines that this organization designs and implements. Otherwise, if you accept invitation and order of any other body you will pay unnecessary sacrifices that may not lead to the achievement of your objectives of yourselves and your nation. Qeerroo and Qarree is a generation who owns the struggle by itself and realize its achievements. It should not be dragged by any force but governed by Qerroo institution (The Oromo Youth Movement for freedom and Democracy-Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo).
  7. The Media: – Media is an important tool that help to convey important information and expose enemy intrigue, raise awareness of people, and identify truth from deceptions. Media plays critical role in society as it an influencer of public opinion. Media should work within clear principles and guided by rules and guidelines. Guiding principles and ethics are essential for fair and impartial media practices. But we observe that some media fail to compare the advantages and disadvantages of their actions to the public and convey messages by broadcasting unnecessary and untimely information to the public including inviting for upraise and other public actions. It is not only the skills and knowledge of media and press that matters but the abilities to evaluate the pros and cons of their action’s public lives. Therefore, ORG call up on the media organizations, groups, and individuals to be the voice for voiceless based on maturity, clear target, and benefits to the public. Particularly, the Oromo media needs to be vigilant about the Oromo issues and causes and listen to the Oromo Liberation Movements and understand the struggle strategies of the on the ground before embarking on media campaigns.
  8. Oromo Scholars and professionals: – We all know that Oromo peasants and nomads have invested in your education and made you succeed without even learning themselves. We hope that nothing makes you happy than helping peasants and nomads who supported you in your success. We believe that supporting your people who educated you and helped you to achieve without achieving itself gives you great respect and glory more than everything. It is not your educational level or your life achievement that give values to your people but your dedication and commitment to support the Oromo movement for freedom and democracy and alleviate your people from misery and destitution. It is unthinkable to live better life while your poor families and people live deprived lives and humiliated and abused at his home and on its land by the colonizing powers and terrorizing regime of Ethiopia. So, ORG invites you to support and contribute to the Oromo movement for freedom and democracy, more than any time now, with your knowledge and capacities whether you are based in the country and abroad. You need to collaborate with your fellow scholars and the Oromo freedom movements institutions and bodies to maximize your support.
  9. Activists: – Activists are eyes and ears of people and can play crucial role in raising awareness and alertness of any society. The Oromo activists in diaspora and neighboring countries who feel the pains of their people work day and night analyzing the current and emerging situations in the country and exposing the evil acts of the terrorizing regime in Ethiopia. However, activists who move by emotions focusing on the emerging evil actions of the regime may expose our people to unnecessary danger if understanding, balancing, and farsighted practices are not in place. Therefore, the ORG invites to understand the overall movements of the Oromo struggle and act in accordance with the national struggle and the Oromia Guardian movement strategies.
  10. Oromos in neighboring countries and diaspora in different countries: – ORG is grateful to your understanding and exposing the gross human rights violation in the country in general and in Oromia in particular including the killings of civilians, imprisonments, and being voice for voiceless people. Especially we appreciate the continuous protests through the world denouncing the terrorizing regime, various campaigns to aware the world community about inhuman activities of the Ethiopian regime. We also appreciate you for providing material and moral support for your people who are struggling on the ground for freedom and democracy as well as to those people displaced from their livings.

In addition, ORG would like to inform you that your struggle should not be based on emotions and sensations. We must listen to each other, identify what is good or bad for our Movements. More than everything we must be cautious of not being machineries for ruling class who have been infiltrated in our communities. The terrorizing ruling class always give us assignment to divert from our causes and engaged us in unnecessary conflicts and confrontations among ourselves, rather than the regime. So, our struggle must be targeted, matured, and based on discussion and understanding of each other. As everybody knows there are plenty of deception propaganda, fake news, and confusions spread by Ethiopian government and mercenary agents to misguide our struggle. In this sense you can be used by the government without your intention. So, it is crucial to identify which is contributing to Oromo struggle and which work against it. Therefore, we call up on to those who want to contribute to follow tactic and strategy designed by those comrades operating on the ground and take direction from Oromo Liberation movements leaders.

In general, the people’s struggle that was undergoing in everything corner of the country and in the structures of the colonial empire has reached climax and the regime is at final verge of collapse. The terrorizing ruling class is running up and down both inside and outside the country to stay in power, but we are sure that the regime near its grave.

Finally, ORG will kindly invite all Oromo and other nations and peoples inside and outside to stand in unison and support and maintain the Oromo Struggle in which thousands of lives had been sacrificed. We all remember that had been colonized together, and we will achieve our Freedom together. ORG would like to reiterate that this is a crucial time in the history of Oromo and the oppressed peoples’ struggle where all people stands in unison to struggle and liberate our nation once and for all. That’s why we say ‘’Birds the Same Feather Flock Together”.

Oromia First!

It is the year of end to Colonization!
Hagayya 12, 2020 Finfinnee Oromiyaa

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