#BREAKING: Mass arrests in Somali Region

#BREAKING: Mass arrests in #Somali Region

Somali Region

Credible report reaching Jigjigaonline say former head of Information bureau of Somali Region, Abdullahi Gisinle has been arrested last night and other officials are being searched.

Reports also say arrest warrant for former security head AbdiAdil was granted and regional security forces are now after him. Our source says a number of other ousted head bureaus of #Somali Region are also being sought by the security forces.

It is believed that deputy president of #Somali Region, Mustafa Cagjar has started worrying as he fears spillover of ongoing uprising in Oromia as Mustafa now is equally hated as Abiy Ahmed.


#Ethiopia News: Security forces suspend community radio station in #Sodo; shut down local civil society org. office

Wogeta FM 96.6 station started streaming on December 11, 2017 with a license registered by the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority (EBA). The station is known for its local language contents targeting the #Wolaita community, who are not catered by Ethiopia’s legacy media establishment.

Yeshiworq Girma, head of Media Follow-up Directorate at the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) said that the Authority was informed about the situation and were looking at it through the complaint procedure; however, they are yet to find out the details.

Wogeta FM served as the prime source of information during the protest in the last six days when internet data was disconnected. It has reported its news from the areas where protests were happening and about the nature of heavy-handed response from the federal and regional security forces.

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