Breaking news: mass murder in Ambo

Disturbing picture from Ambo where Hachalu was buried today. Unknown number of unarmed youth were assassinated by Abiy soldiers today. July 2, 2020

Via Qaanqee Bilisummaa

mass murder

Inbox Abmoo Abmoon Guyyaa Har’a Awwaalcha Hacaaluu Hundeessaa Irratti Waraanaan Hacaaluun Abmootti Hin Awwaalamu Ni Awwaalama Jechuun Waraanaan Wal Dura Daabbachuun Waraannis Naasuu Takka Malee Gara Jabinaan Reeffa Arga Jirtan Tana Daqiiqaa Muraasa Keessatti Lafaan Gahaniiru 😭 #SHARE_SHARE

Ani Waanan Barreessuufi Tan Dhiisu Waliif Wallaalee Harki Hollachurra Qubeellee Naaf Barreessuu Dadhabeera Nagaan Bulaa&

Dhiigni Jige Gati Qaba!


  1. Hachalu’s living testament indicated he should have been buried in Addis Ababa. If Hachalu wanted to be buried in Addis Ababa , he should not have been prevented.

    From now on all Oromo who devoted our lives best for equality are going to be burried in Addis Ababa, we all are going to carry our living testaments in our pockets signed and declared we wish to be burried in Addis Ababa.

  2. This massacre of the citizens of the occupied nation of Oromia reminds me what was going on in Ogaden under the genocidal TPLF rule – the mentors of the current tyrant dictator . My heart and thoughts are with the fallen Oromo brothers, sisters and their families. I am confident the shedding of your blood will herald, soon, the end of 150 years old Abyssinian occupation, of not only Oromos, but of the whole nations of the Horn of Africa.

    I see the freedom rays of light rising fast under the dawn of morning sun.

    Victory for the occupied nations in Ethiopia.

  3. Dream on in your silly fantasy of a non-existing nation. There will never be an Oromo state. It will be in fact a much reduced Kilil. Most of the land belongs to Amaharas and Agew people. Live in peace with everyone.

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