Brooks residents protest against the oppression of the Oromo

Brooks residents protest against the oppression of the Oromo people, in wake of artist killing

By Tiffany Goodwein, Jul 12, 2020
Oromo peopleBROOKS (ChatNewsToday) — ABO Flags were flown, as chants echoed throughout Duke of Sutherland Park Sunday afternoon.

Protesters, many of whom Oromo, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia took to the loudspeaker to make their voices heard, calling for the end of oppression, and for greater human rights in their native Ethiopia.

” We are here today to protest against the Ethiopian Government. A couple weeks ago, an Ethiopian Artist named Hachalu Hundessa was assassinated in his vehicle and it was done to silence his voice. He was a voice for the Oromo people. He made music that symbolized Oromo activists. People there, they say there is freedom of speech but there isn’t really.” Gadisa Bakri said.

Since the death of singer -activist Hachalu Hundessa, over 200 people have died in protests and thousands have been arrested in Ethiopia, according to local media reports.

The group of protesters are also calling on the Canadian government to impose sanctions on the Ethiopian government, and to take a stand in support of human rights.

The protest finished with a march to City Hall. Similar protests have also been held in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

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