Bulchiinsi Magaalaa Finfinnee Ortodoksii Amaaraa irra goree

Bulchiinsi Magaalaa Finfinnee Ortodoksii Amaaraa irra goree

“Bulchiinsi Magaalaa Finfinnee roorrisa Mana Sagadaa Ortodoksii kutaa Afaan Amaaraa deggeruudhaan Musliimonni sagantaa faxaraa Abiyoot Addabaayiitti qabatanii jiran xalayaa barreessee ugguree jira. Dubbisaa. As geenyee jirra.”  Itana Habte

“Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right, which requires the government to stay away from interfering or dictating how and where people should worship or practice their religion.

Today, a few days ahead of Eid holiday, we are learning that our Ethiopian Muslim families are prohibited from holding Eid Iftar at a Public Square. This prohibition by the government follows a protest letter (see below) written by Orthodox church. Government letter is also attached.

You can also see an informal chum of the government , celebrating on social media, with a hate directed at Muslims: “Addis Ababa is not your Turkey’s Istanbul.”

The implication is that Ethiopia is a “Christian country”; and others don’t have a place in it.

Ethiopian Muslims have historically been discriminated against and seen as second class citizens ever since Ethiopia was formed.

But, in this day and age, for our Muslim families to be still considered as subordinate is wrong, and it’s against the principle of tolerance, equality and co-existence.

If Meskel ceremony and Irreechaa are allowed to be celebrated at the Public Square, why not Eid Iftar? Why?
It is the primary duty of Christian community to stand with the Muslim in opposition to the government imposed discrimination against Iftar at public square.

That is the only way we can cultivate tolerance, fairness and co-existence in a diverse country.” Henok G. Gabisa



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