Can any Normal Oromo Get Addicted to Ethiopia? Part I

Can any Normal Oromo Get Addicted to Ethiopia? Part I

By Tulluu Madan, June 17, 2018 

Millions of Oromos would definitely be astonished by the political remarks of Obbo Lammaa Magarsa and I have never been addicted to Ethiopia like him. To the contrary, Ethiopia has been a very bad step mother for me and millions of Oromos. Ethiopia was persecuting me from my childhood to adulthood and I have no other option except putting faces on this story and putting it on record for the Oromo Qarree and Qeerroo so that they shall never be treated as aliens in their own country.

It was such an awfully very bad experience and harsh moments that I had in Ethiopian Airlines that have forced me to use Ethiopian Airlines’ high tech facilities to retaliate against my bad step mother. It really worked pretty well. Most of those extremely chauvinistic elites who seemed invincible were just sacked from their top management positions at Ethiopian Airlines after the 1991 revolution just with only a two lines letter!

There were some people who were trying to tell me that I shouldn’t have been involved in any political activities at all since I was not a politician. They were telling me that since getting employed at Ethiopian Airlines was their highest aspirations in life, I was making grave mistakes in getting involved in politics. However, they might not have any clue about the highly systemic repression and persecution even at a micro level. I think this story is sufficient to give them some background about the way the Abyssinian elites have been treating the Oromo people in all sectors of life both at the micro and macro level.

I would like to shed light on how Oromos were being treated at Ethiopian Airlines starting from the time of Kumsaa Lata to the current Qube Generation, to the time of Mul’is Dhugaa. Follow me to know the story on both Facebook and Ayyaantuu News Online.

Who Is Kumsaa Lataa?

Working in Ethiopian Airlines was a great experience to understand and get an insight how Oromos are being treated as foreigners in their own country. There were no Oromos in top executive management positions and we were just being treated as their exotic pets there because they used to call those pejorative names and treat us with great contempt, “idaaxaan/anaasaa biheerasabooch,” which means “the minorities!” whenever we spoke our language. Hell no! We are not minorities. We are the largest and the most populous ethnic group in Africa and we have proved that to both the Abyssinian ruling elites and the rest of the world within our own lifetime.

I guess prominent Oromo nationalists like the late Kumsaa Lataa also left Ethiopian Airlines because of such discriminatory policies and the lack of progression opportunities to become one of the top executives in those dark days. He left Ethiopian Airlines and preferred to become a public servant by running for a member of parliament during the Haile-sellassie regime. I have learned during the recent Macha Tulama fund raising event in the District of Columbia that he used an Aeroplane as an insignia while running for a member of parliament during the Imperial Monarchy of Emperor Haile-sellassie.

After the downfall of the Imperial Monarchy, he was the administrator of his birth place, Jibat and Macha Awuraja, until the cynics have conspired against him and killed him during the Red Terror. He was one of the trailblazers who were trying their best to enlighten and educate the Oromo people. He was doing his level best to change the status quo through the dissemination of knowledge and raising the political awareness and consciousness of the Oromo people. They were targeting and killing those who were trying to change the political and economic marginalization of the Oromo people because those who have observed the relegation of the Oromo people to the sidelines of both politics and economic opportunities at the micro level were also the best ones to work at the macro level to change the status quo. We had to continue the unfinished tasks of our martyrs like Obbo Kumsaa Lataa even though his name is not mentioned very often as one of those martyrs who have been struggling to enlighten and educate the Oromo people.

Most of the time, few Oromos who had employment opportunities at Ethiopian Airlines were working as experts because the line functions in marketing and flight operations were entirely dominated by the Abyssinian elites. The case in point is Jattani Mudda, an Oromo from Borana region of Oromia, who has graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering from one of the universities in the United States of America but who could not even progress beyond a director position. They had to fix our attention in doing cumbersome expert work such as writing very tedious procedure manuals and standard operating procedures or crunching high digit financial figures and budget data. If they don’t do that and force us to work at home and during the weekend and fix our attentions on daily routine.


  1. Hi obbo Tulluu,
    The term addicted in’t great but it is disgrace to the Empire of Ethiopia. Lema being sub-conscious (mentally retarded), he thought he was appreciating. Anyways, in the intended concept of Lemma, no healthy Oromo would willfully complement Ethiopia, prison of Oromo Nation and other subjugated nationalities of the south Oromia.

    • Is really this promising Oromo politician addicted to what he asserts ? I think he is political strategist and tactician to steal the minds and hearts of Abyssinians. he did it still doing it for the benefit of all. I was nervous at the beginning but now gradually started to disappear all doubts and clouds.

  2. Lemma has no vision at all and he has destroyed the prospect of any resurrection of oromo pride. He is simply not leader that can handle such great responsibility in dealing with horn of africa which is the most troublesome and unpredictable place in the world. his trip to amhara region has reveal his lack of judgement and inexperience. unfortunately
    he didn’t realize the importance of his position within utopia, i believe he had made the wrong choice when he sought the approval of the ahmara instead being rational and try to have good relation with all ethnic groups of utopia but he choose to run to amhara and sell himself cheap.with that disgusting speech. He is thinking if ahmara and oromo unite they can rule utopia and the oromo will finally get power but by making enemy of the somalis and tigray this plan of his will end in tears, for two reasons both of these ethnic group have kinship with three independent neighboring countries, like DJIBOUTI,SOMALIA AND ERITREA. when it comes to somalis he has stepped up hostilities by organizing mob-killings and displacement of somalis in villages along the border with oromia. which is very bad mistake on his part because somalis are outraged and very much alarmed by these actions. the aggression from oromia has united somalis and they have put aside their differences and they want to defend themselves. ABDI ILAY and his liyyuupolis have even become popular again because of this Lemma and Jawar.

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