Can Ethiopia bridge its ethnic divide?

Can Ethiopia bridge its ethnic divide?

The killing of an ethnic Oromo singer-activist has led to days of violence in Ethiopia.

04 Jul 2020 20:11 GMT

Ethiopia has suffered days of unrest since the killing of a prominent musician and activist.

More than 90 people were killed in protests following the death of the ethnic Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa.

The 34-year-old was shot dead in Addis Ababa on Monday night. Large crowds gathered for his funeral in his hometown of Ambo on Thursday.

Hachalu’s songs focus on the rights of the Oromo people. They became anthems in the wave of anti-government protests between 2015 and 2018.

On Friday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held an emergency meeting over Hachalu’s killing. He says the assailants want to trigger civil unrest and de-rail Ethiopia’s democratic reforms.

So, how will Ethiopia face this crisis?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan

Laetitia Bader – horn of Africa director at Human Rights Watch
Awol Allo – senior law lecturer at Keele University in the UK
David Shinn – former US ambassador to Ethiopia

Source: Al Jazeera


  1. Abiy did not carry out how his duty as a PM ever since he got to power. Abiy Ahmed and Worqneh Gebeyehu done so much wrong with the GERD negotiation finally he put Amara FM on the spotlight as a FM, just so the Amara FM takes the blame instead of Worqneh or Abiy himself. Same as Abiy put Health Minister An Amara when CoronaVirus came out. Regardless what his government is a failed state.

    Worqneh Gebeyehu was Abiy’s favourite who was put as a FM but Worqneh Gebeyehu was unable to perform the duty with Abiy doing his work for him but also Abiy was not successful either.
    Deputy PM Demeke got no power also he is just a symbol , I personally can not think of one decision Demeke made or one difference he made as a deputy PM under Abiy Ahmed.

    Shimles Abdissa , Lemma Megerssa. Takele Uma …. got the power not Gedu or Demeke.

    Abiy Ahmed had no other choice but to become a Prime Minister to survive, some of the many reasons why he became a PM , I list below.

    1. His wife was living in exile with his children, he knew he can gather his wife and children to live with him by becoming a Prime Minister. He just builds peacocks , he plants flowers , he go around clowning across the globe so he impresses his wife and kids, his failure as a Prime Minister is ridiculous but he thinks he succeeded because he got his wife and children living with him.

    2. He was in neck deep committing crimes with EPRDF, as an INSA spy snitching at first to Lemma Megerssa against Oromos Amaras then next he even passed Lemma and started snitching directly to Getachew Assefa while working for TPLF as a spy, Abiy even was the only spy who caused a little friction between Meles and Getachew because of the clumsy spy work Abiy performed , even Meles and Getachew were for the first time arguing, just because of Abiy , that’s when Abiy for the first time felt threatened because until then he thought he was Getachew’s and Meles’s right handman. After that clumsy work Abiy did get scared sent his wife to exile right away and Abiy became a psychopath a man of no substance just to survive , his wife was active in the propoganda media against TPLF almost as big as Jawar was with the anti-TPLF propoganda at the time. She even became involved with ESAT.

    3. Then when TPLF decided to go to Tigrai because they didn’t want to look like Derg who killed fifty thousand during the red terror when they killed five thousand querro fano…. When TPLF admitted for their record that was too much numbers bad enough for TPLF because they found themselves, same as DERG with the rates they were killing each day ,then Abiy was afraid without TPLF in power he would get killed or imprisoned so he resorted to become a Prime Minister by cutting a deal with TPLF just for his safety and for TPLF’s safety. (ABIY DOES NOT MIND IF SAFETY OF ETHIOPIANS IS JEOPARDIZED HERE AND THERE AS LONG AS HE DOESNOT LOOK AS BAD AS TPLF OR AS BAD AS DERG) . He doesn’t order his security apparatus to shoot Ethiopians if he sees Ethiopians getting mutilated, He wants to not be held responsible by amnesty , human rights watch… because he wants to keep his record better than the red terror or the TPLF’s. Balderas and Amara National Movement are threats for him by reporting what is going on to the international powers so he wants to silence them.

    Abiy Ahmed would give up his job as a Prime Minister to whoever if only he doesn’t get prosecuted for his crimes working for TPLF. He doesn’t care how good of a job or how bad of a job he is doing as a Prime Minister because his reason for being a Prime Minister is not about that . To make matters worse recently after the Hachalu protest/rampage he presented himself as the main target , close to three hundred people lost their lives and he wants to say to the world he was the main victim and he foiled civil war by just three hundred casuallities. There was no civil war attempt or no coup attempt , all there was is a Prime Minister holding the government apparatus hostage to save his own skin, repeatedly failing to keep peace and order at the expense of poor vulnerable unsuspecting innocent Ethiopians lives.

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