Carnage In Sidama of Ethiopia Continues Unabated – 120 to 200 killed

Carnage in Sidama of Ethiopia Continues Unabated: Between 120 And 200 Civilians were Executed since the 19th of July 2019.

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF

The Ethiopian National Army is Committing Genocide on Sidama people in such shocking scale comparable with Nazi Germany’s execution of non-German Jewish. Between 120 and 200 innocent civilians – some of whom had less than 1 Birr (local currency) in their pockets were reported dead and thousands were wounded.

The imprisonment of Sidama civilians is also intensifying at hitherto unknown scale. The numbers of Sidama prisoners so far has reached several thousands. Some of the Sidama prominent prisoners and Ejjeetto include:

  1. Tariku W. Lemma: Ejjeetto and Deputy Manager, SMN
  2. Getahun Dagooye: CEO, SMN
  3. Fiska Legesse
  4. Belay Balguda, SMN Board
  5. Melesse Agaro
  6. Legesse Lanqamo, Previously imprisoned for three years and released in early 2018
  7. Tefera Qeenfato: SNN journalist; these all are said to be on a hunger strike as they were disallowed to leave their rooms for the period of over 48 hours.

After vowing to punish peaceful Sidama people with a military might during his July 1, 2019 parliamentary report, the Ethiopia’s PM with his unionist advisers is conducting wide reaching attack on Sidama nation equating to a genocide. Contrary to the current attack, he has said nothing when the Sidama people were begging him to address their peaceful demands for a regional self-rule that is constitutionally guaranteed. The Sidama staged on three peaceful demonstrations demanding these rights to be honoured. Now he has ordered a full scale war on peaceful Sidama nation; even in the manner never heard before during the time of his late dictator boss, Meles Zenawi who went to Sidama to beg them to give him time when the Sidama demanded to be a regional state. The Sidama nation never condone the actions of late dictator; however putting it is relevant historic perspective show the world how this PM is becoming silent killer of the Sidama nation as he fosters the agenda of die-hard unionist Ethiopians at the expenses of the subjugated nations of Ethiopia including the Sidama. We wholly denounce his government’s criminal actions!

Meanwhile, unionist Medias are fuelling already volatile situation by talking erroneous news that wholly makes the Sidama nation responsible for all ills unfolding in Sidama land. The Sidama nation hasn’t done anything wrong for the last 12 months whilst peacefully and patiently waiting its rights to be responded in a civil manner. Instead, the government has declared war on Sidama nation who has nothing to defend itself with employing a highly mechanised military operation. Equally, there are unionists’ organised gangs robbing and burning non-Sidama properties to put the blame on Sidama thereby increase their suffering. This must be stopped and the Sidama must work in unison to maintain peace and security for its people and those who peacefully live in Sidama land. There are some reports that non-Sidama people who were born and bred in Sidama land are targeting and killing Sidama civilians intermingling with the national army. Such groups must be identified, held red handed and passed over to the Sidama elders who can be supported by the youth group to take the culprits to justice.

Meanwhile, the Sidama political figures on whom the Sidama nation has put trust must act urgently as they work with the Sidama people:

  1. To demand the Ethiopian government to urgently remove ist military from the Sidama soil
  2. To get all the Sidama prisoners unconditionally released
  3. To ask the Ethiopian government, SNNPRS’s regional government and the Sidama zone to facilitate preparation for Sidama referendum
  4. To identity those malicious groups who were involved in Sidama destabilising project and to be brought to justice.
  5. To identify Sidama victims of Ethiopian army to facilitate possible support by the Sidama people by mobilising the necessary package
  6. To demand the unconditional release of the Sidama Media Network management group who were illegally arrested and the media must be also urgently opened.
  7. To hold urgent negotiation with the Sidama people and the other groups peacefully living in Sidama land to restore peace and order in our region and the wider country.

Finally, the Sidama politicians must show that they are there and stabilise the whole situation by bringing all Sidama stakeholders together for a peaceful negotiation. The Sidama youth also must listen and work with the Sidama progressive politicians to resolve the current Ethiopian government created crisis to be able to embark on a serious matter needing urgent unification and cooperation of the Sidama nation. We demand the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop state terrorism in Sidama land by removing the entire army that is mercilessly executing our elders, children, women and men alike! We, the Sidama people are also one of you! We are not alien people! Don’t make us feel so by executing us, nationally and internationally coordinating anti-Sidama campaign. The Sidama nation never stops its peaceful stride toward self-realisation!

Violence only breads Violence!
Stop Violence to Sidama people!

July 21 2019


  1. Aid workers that were delivering medical supply to Gedeo children are held captive by rogue armed Federal police members robbed their shipments and held the employees hostage for ransom.

  2. It is better not to go to school at all than to be entirely rasist. The so called ‘literates’are treatening the unity of our country. They advocate for the particular group of people than the mass, they preach hate,they complain their group is not treated well etc. So please forget about the backward rasial politics and come together as one nation instead of dividing us.

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