Colonization motives of Amhara in Ethiopia: possible consequences and remedies

Colonization motives of Amhara in Ethiopia: possible consequences and remedies

ANF, September 11, 2019

  • Best Practices from Developed Nations

Developed nations have a clear self-administration of their specific province independently within a country that enhances friendship, and unity of diversities. Self-administration has fostered healthy competition and mutual supports in social policy, security policy and economic policy which paves peace, justice and high standard of living. Any group of people can open any church at any place legally. They can give any name to a Church. An individual can pursue any religion or none at all. Church can split or unit as they want it to be! Other religions, cultures and so on also well respected in similar manners.

  • Worst motives of Amhara in Ethiopia

Amhara people have motives, beyond their Amhara Regional State, to colonize all provinces (states) in Ethiopia through one language, one religion, and land occupation. Other people have denied such colonization and fought back against Amhara, for example, few years ago, the church burned down and people killed, and, the Amhara people attacked other peoples.  The dream of Amhara to have other provinces in Ethiopia beyond the Amhara Regional State has been a single major cause for chaos, injustice, and retarded development in Ethiopia at this moment.  When other people took acts of revenge against colonization, the Amhara used to appeal to the world.  Usually, the Amhara people attempt to justify as if the occurrence were due to the hate of Orthodox religion or upraising of Islamic radicalism. Even, nowadays, they defame this current legitimate Government of Ethiopia or call series of rallies. They intimidate the Government of Ethiopia because the Amhara’s people think that they have a backup from developed nations would wage war or put pressure unnecessarily against the Ethiopian Government.

  • Suggested remedies
    1. Amhara people need to administer Amhara Regional State. They must have equal treatment in the federal system as any citizen, and put aside their outdated superiority complex-which, though, ironically, they have nothing resources at other regions, beyond the Amhara Reginal State. Their superiority complex is like a parasitic onto other provinces in Ethiopia.
    2. Adopt the best practices from developed nations.
    3. Amhara should not disturb the capital city of Oromia and cities; otherwise, they do at their Amhara Regional State.
    4. One of the critical roles of Ethiopian federal police now is to promptly bring criminals to justice, including crime committed at “Maekelawi” jail. The victims need to file their complaint at this police. If the responsible authority fails to enforce the law within a time framework, the Government of Ethiopia needs to replace the unaccountable and irresponsible person or restructure the federal police or give the mandate to the Oromia Police. If the Government of Ethiopia fails to address on time, this is complicity. Hence, a big concern is that the victims may resort to organize themselves to take justice on their hand.

Disclaim: The above points, each and every contents of the whole are solely the opinion of an individual who wrote this and signified below. It doesn’t represent any other entity at all, except a single individual.

ANF, September 11, 2019

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