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Coward Dr. Dima Nego plans to keep Agazi , Oromo blood suckers!

Abbaa Ormaa, February 28, 2018

Recently Dr. Dima Nego of Oromo Democratic Front gave an interview in which he stated that there is no force that is capable of removing the TPLF regime and goes on to suggest that the country is better off by keeping the Agazi, Oromo blood sucker.  Well, I have news for you, YES there is. It is called OLF/WBO/Qeerroo and collectively referred to as the Oromo Liberation Front  I know many people are afraid of the name but it is the reality.

Listen to the specific question after 30:00 minute (after half hour)

It is heart breaking to be lied to and led by these cowards for so long and now see their true color come out to trade on the future of the Oromo people behind closed doors.

Give and take is part of the game of politics when rooted in principles. Some of these people don’t have any principle and self-respect or sold out whatever is left in them for personal animosity and vendetta.

Thanks to Waaqa Oromo, for every coward Oromo there are thousands of honorable Oromo true to their fallen comrades and the Oromo National struggle.

The Oromo people and their Qeerroo are not dying to keep or reform a regime and its security apparatuses that made rituals out of murdering Oromo children, raping Oromo women, and displacing the Oromo people for their land.

The Oromo people, especially Qeerroo must tell the cowards loud and clear: Don’t trade on Qeerroo and the Oromo people!

The Qeerroo-led popular movement has changed the political landscape of Ethiopian for good.  None of these people matter in the end anyway. Above all they don’t have the mandate to issue amnesty to anyone or any group. It is the Oromo people that are dying.

Where were these people when the Oromo blood was washing university colleges and the streets of Oromia since 2014? All of a sudden they are running around to create transitional government after transitional government behind closed doors.  What are you hiding? Whom are you hiding from? The Qeerroo struggle is not just against the TPLF regime. It is against any group or party that does not respect the right and freedom of the Oromo people.

We all know that the struggle in Ethiopia always has been over who controls OROMIA, the Oromo country.

Any political arrangements that do not address Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo and the Oromo People’s National Struggle for freedom is dead on arrival for the Oromo people. Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo is a force to reckon with and no stopping them. The time that the Oromo people are invited to the table is over. The Oromo people own the table now.

The Oromo National struggle has never been about mending and amending colonial rules. It is uprooting and replacing it with a system that frees Oromia, which guarantees freedom to the Oromo people and one that also respects the rights and freedom of all Nations and Nationalities to live in peace and harmony with all neighbors. When it comes to democracy, the Oromo people have a lot to offer not only to the peoples of Ethiopia but also to the world. That is the Oromia we all are waiting to see.  That is the Oromia that Qeerroo is dying for.

After liberating itself from pretenders and contribution suckers, the Oromo Liberation Front transformed the Oromo National Struggle successfully into Oromo people’s mass movement. It is no longer to be ignored. Now it is up to the Oromo people to protect their national struggle from Trojan horses and deliver the decisive blow to the TPLF regime.

Finally, let me finish by saying that trying to salvage the TPLF regime and OPDO to shun the Oromo Liberation Front is futile! The line is drawn and the end result is a free Oromia with freedom to the Oromo people. Freedom is earned not given!

Victory to Qeerroo!

One thought on “Coward Dr. Dima Nego plans to keep Agazi, Oromo blood suckers!

  1. Qoci

    Dima Nogo, the coward, the bastard, the idiot and the donkey has been perforating the OLF as a termite from within for over four decades. When the time came to dislodge him after all these damages, he started running naked around the world to spit his venom in the name another Oromo name bearing house of renegades known as ODF. He is now married to rotten old guard and die-hard Naftagnas named Dawit Woldegiorgis and Getachew Begashw. They, together, hatched few retarded offspring incapable of, even, making to their fifth birthdays.


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