Daniel Kibret: A Dangerous Way to Make a Living

Daniel Kibret: A Dangerous Way to Make a Living

By Kalayu Abrha, September 24, 2021

Source: GNN Global News Net

Daniel Kibret

A queer version of specter of Nazism is haunting the World. This time it came not from Europe but from Africa; not from some renowned personality but from a good for nothing in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. This person is a contradiction: He poses as a man of God, but he is a vicious blood thirsty beast; his fiery oratory pushes multitudes into barbarous actions, but he is a real coward hiding in the comfort of the renovated Arat-Killo office. It is dumbfounding to know that this person is no other than Deacon Daniel Kibret who is the Social Affairs Advisor to Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. He loves the Geez language title “Muaze Tibebat”, probably meaning the pinnacle of wisdom. No need to be surprised; many bad people have nice names. That is how they mix easily with the flock and drive it to the cliff. Both are the same in their deeds but what makes Daniel different from Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels is that the latter are led into what they did by their loyalty to an ideology, while the former is trying to make a living in the most disgusting way.

Some people teach, others sell, and still others drive lorries for living. There are thousands of occupations and occupational categories people are engaged in, that range from eking out a living from a small piece of land to making superprofits in global business. Some jobs are noble and others ignoble. Some drop out of their comfort zone in big business and selflessly find themselves sharing miserable life with their rural folks in order to free them from the brutality they are subject to with impunity. Among hundreds of such brave sons and daughters of Tigray, just one can be pulled out as an example. Mr. Sanjit of My Views on News called him the “Finest African General”. Yes he is; but that is not all. He is also in a successful big business and has a history of serving global organizations with his skills in military science. He is best known for building a well-organized army for Ethiopia, the Badme victory and many others. As a young man he was a brilliant student and deserved everything good in later life. He spent a quarter of his age in the bush to liberate his people from subjugation. This man is General Tsadkan Gebretensay. Now you find him sitting on a rough bolder under a tree and sleeplessly commanding the Tigrayan Army of devoted youngsters to save their people from genocide that is planned on them. Isn’t this the noblest of all ways to live?

At the other extreme of the noble-ignoble job spectrum are abhorrent occupations such as working as a hired “hit-man” to murder people on contractual basis. It is a sad paradox that mercenaries die to make a living. We have no shortage of such people. We find plenty of them in our neighborhood of states. Eritrea, for instance, has become a nation of mercenaries from the top leadership to the young soldier at the bottom. The state of Eritrea has no economy enough to provide its people with decent living. It is a disgrace that its young people of productive age are trying to make a living by robbing in neighboring territories of Tigray and Gondar. They remind us of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” under the command of the nasty Jack Sparrow. What is jokingly referred to as the “Italian-Job” is the Mafia related bank robbery and drug trafficking; something which is not only illegal but also immoral. However, these mean nothing compared to what we can dub as “Daniel’s-Job”. The kind of occupation Daniel Kibret is engaged in is tragically unique in the sense that the job description clashes head on with what he is actually doing. Let’s see how the conflict is manifested.

In this Video, the Prime Minister’s top advisor and Cabinet Minister, Daniel says in Amharic “These people(Tigrayans and Tigray’s leadership) and their likes shouldn’t be repeated; Satan was the last when it was defeated and it was not repeated; these people too shall be the last of their kind….a land that produces a weed like shall not exist..”

Daniel Kibret is doing three things that are not compatible with each other. He is in religious service as an ordained deacon of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, he is in the chief executive’s office as an appointed politician, and he is a Goebbels-style propagandist in the war on the people of Tigray. As a deacon he runs a radical al-qaeda type group (Mahbere Kidusan) which   challenges Church Canons and politicizes it inline with ethnocentrism of a particular group of people. He has also been Islamo-phobic and accused Protestants of heresy. He is so dangerously intolerant that the only religion he recommends for Ethiopia is Orthodox Christianity. In fact, he is not a true Orthodox Christian himself; his words and actions don’t match. His inner passion is not to be a saint but to be rich and famous by trampling on all codes of morality. He has painted his hair dark color to hide greying. Greying is a blessing in Orthodox Church tradition; but he has no desire for that honor. He is keen for a worldly life. He kept low enough in the Church hierarchy as deacon to enable him to shave his beard, paint his hair, and dress a designer-made suit and a necktie. With his age he could have reached the level of a bishop where he is obliged to wear a long robe, a mitre, and grow his beard long.

Although Daniel Kibret is a heretic in deeds, his talent to hypnotize his audience has earned him the popularity he does not deserve. Abiy Ahmed was convinced that Daniel’s skills, at driving people willingly to hell, are of great advantage to him.  So here we go! Daniel Kibret was catapulted to the position as social affairs advisor to Abiy Ahmed; post sociology professors deservedly aspire. What is normally expected of Daniel Kibret, in that position as a social affairs advisor, is to propose innovative ways of improving and further enhancing health care, access to education, and social justice and harmony. All these require a strong academic background in sociological research, not having thoroughly read chapters of the Bible. I know religious morality contributes to social cohesion; but the job requires more skills than kindness. Even equipped only with the knowledge of the Bible Daniel Kibret could have done the minimum required for instilling the feeling of love among Ethiopians; but he seems to be unwilling to do that. His investment is in the wrong side of virtue-vice divide. Instead of preaching peace he takes the path of inciting ethnic hatred, which is a more lucrative business, given the huge number of people in Ethiopia who have gone crazy about that. Daniel saw that the gold coin is shining bright with the brush of genocidal rhetoric.

It is not new to see the appointment of unqualified people to various positions in Ethiopia. During the Monarchy, the Derg, and the EPRDF people were posted in high places not for their knowledge and skills but for their blind loyalities. No best-people cabinet ever existed in Ethiopia. To tell the truth TPLF was the top in doing such appointments.

I have no idea how much it has changed and could improve in the future. Even with such appointments those assigned were trying to do something appropriate although it was diluted with a lot of bad things. The problem with Daniel Kibret is not that he is assigned to such high position without qualification, but it is because he is a sociopath incompatible with his position as a social affairs advisor. USA was disgusted about his speech propagating for genocide on Tegaru in his public speech in his hometown. This may be the most strongly worded genocide rhetoric but we have heard him several times before saying the same thing in different ocassions. Unless his tongue is cut out from his mouth he will never stop. He is alwys greeted with applause and he is convinced that he is making a “decent” living. Isn’t it strange to see a deacon investing in genocidal business? Rwanda has experienced genocidal priests who stimulated, tolerated, and even led death squads against Tutsis

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