Dear Dr. Abiy Ahmed, power does not come through Fake news and lies!

Dear Dr. Abiy Ahmed, power does not come through Fake news and lies!

By Aba Orma, April 25, 2018

The TPLF regime mastered the art of deceive and deceit. They lie about everything from the economy of the country to their politics. Their newest lie is the drama surrounding the appointment of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to PM and the worst being the Hawezen massacre, the Bedeno massacre, and planting of explosives in public arena killing innocent people to accuse oppositions. There have been countless of Bedenos and intentional spread of falsehoods in the society to advance their evil agendas and cover their crimes.

The fabrication of fake news surrounding the appointment of PM Dr. Abiy by itself is a testimony that the TPLF regime lives on deceive and deceit. They purposefully leaked so many versions of the events surrounding his “election” to create the illusion that the “election” was competitive. No one knows the true story surrounding the 17 days of EPRDF Executive Committee meeting and the follow up meetings of its satellite organizations that concluded with the appointment of Dr. Abiy as PM.

One thing is clear. They wanted to create the narrative that OPDO is renewed and led by reform minded individuals in Lemma and Dr. Abiy. In reality, what they did is to loosen the leash on just few OPDOs to allow them to talk and walk like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and deceive the Oromo people in the hope that the Oromo people may take a second look to OPDO while incarcerating other OPDO members who spoke in the same tone.

We were told that Lemma Megersa and Abay Tsehay got into a heated debate and Abay Tseha threw a highlander (water bottle) at Lemma. Now they came up with new fake news to make it look like that Dr. Abiy is confronting the military establishment led by Samora Yunus. To say that the military refused to report to the PM makes a very good topic for pundits to paint Dr. Abiy as strong leader when they could have simply submitted a report about nothing. But the goal here is to create the illusion that Dr. Abiy Ahmed is strong and is confronting the military and security establishment and then Samora Yunus turns around making it look like that Dr. Abiy got the upper hand by sending him a report about nothing.

Oromo: do not believe anything that comes out of Dr. Abiy’s OPDO or EPRDF. Continue your fight until you win your own war and bring change to your people and the rest of the peoples in Ethiopia!

The Oromo people must be clear eyed that OPDO and Dr. Abiy are corrupt and the TPLF knows it, they know it, and the Oromo people know it! TPLF is ready to blackmail them any time they get out of TPLF drawn line. Tigray is independent from the day TPLF came to power. Every nation and nationalities in Ethiopia have their country for themselves. The fight is over Oromia. They all want to become part owner of Oromia in addition to their own. They are saying that mine is mine and yours is also mine. Every decree and every State of Emergency is against the Oromo people and Oromia to make sure that they control the Oromo people and Oromia. The only way to change this is to uproot their colonial system from Ormia.

Why it is Okay for Amhara and Gondar to fight tooth and nail over Wolkait whereas it is not ok for the Oromo people to fight for their country, Oromia?

The State of Alabama in the United State just opened a museum to commemorate victims of lynching by white nationalists/mobs in the United Sates. Why is it very difficult for the Amhara to understand the fact that Menelik committed genocide and a commemoration for that is well suited? Well, this is the Oromo nation’s decision and when the time comes, the mother of all Anole will be erected next to Menelik monument in Finfinnee until then the Oromo people must come together and finish the work stated by generations of Oromo and intensified by Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo.

Oromia Shall be Free!

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