Declaration by the Oromo Nationals Living in Dallas TX Metropolitan

Declaration by the Oromo Nationals Living in Dallas TX Metropolitan

In our second meeting conducted on February 15, 2020, we the Oromo nationals living in the suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX reflected, at length, on the situation unfolding in our home land Oromia and the brutal acts of the Ethiopian dictatorial regime against our people.

We specifically deliberated on:

  1. The genocide being perpetrated against the Oromo people in general
  2. The dreadful situation of Oromo students in various universities in Ethiopia
  3. The appalling conditions of our people in western and Southern Oromia, and
  4. The behind the scene scheme to demolish the Federal administrative structure

After thorough discussion and reflection on each of the above items, the participants unanimously endorsed the following declaration and signed off for circulation.


  1. We request that the prolonged state of emergency (Command Post) that is imposed, in clear violation of the constitution of the country, in multiple administrative zones, particularly in Wallaga and Guji regions of Oromia without the consent of the parliament be lifted immediately.
  2. We demand the restoration of telephone, internet and electric power services in western Oromia that were deliberately cutoff by the government for over four weeks.
  3. We vehemently denounce the Ethiopian government’s covert efforts to dismantle the constitutionally guaranteed multinational federalism in the country.
  4. We demand an immediate halt to the government sponsored killings, displacements and unlawful detention of our people. We stand by and commit ourselves to provide every assistance possible to facilitate the return to homes of the displaced families and communities.
  5. Our people living under the command post are being prevented from conducting their daily business, and as a result, are subjected to manmade famine and hunger. We appeal to all humanitarian organizations to stand by victims of government malpractices and provide the gravely needed lifesaving support to affected communities.
  6. Contrary to its duties of safeguarding citizens, we believe that the government of Oromia region is complacent about, and fully accountable for all killings, unlawful detentions and terrorization of Oromo students enrolled in Universities in Amhara Regional State. At the same time, we condemn the unlawful dismissals, from multiple universities, that single-handedly targeted Oromo students from specific region and demand that the students be readmitted immediately and provided safe and hassle free environment that all non-Oromo students enjoy on campus.
  7. Ethiopia has never had a democratically elected government and consequently its people have been suffering in the hands of dictators. After unseating the tyrannical TPLF regime through popular revolt, the Oromo people and the rest of Ethiopians are preparing to elect their own leaders and create new government by the people and for the people. The government that was supposed to oversee a change to democracy is once again resorting to dictatorship through launching defamation campaign against opposition parties and undermining their activities through closure of their offices and killing and mass detention of their members and supporters. We strongly demand that the government stop harassment of political parties and live up to its promise of holding free and credible election.
  8. We demand that all individuals/groups who were deployed at various levels, all the way from the office of the Prime Minister to Kebele (the lowest administrative unit), under the pretext of enforcing law and order, but engaged in a clear act of all out genocide against our people be brought to justice.
  9. We categorically oppose, in strongest terms, the selective disarming, killing, the destruction of families and communities and confiscation of properties that specifically targeted the Oromo people. We demand that Oromos be treated and afforded the same rights that all other nations and nationalities in the country are afforded including the right to life and bear arms to protect themselves from harms.



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  1. Great! You have chosen to do the right thing by choosing to be the “headlights” rather than the “taillights”, in tackling the existential danger the great Oromo people are exposed to. Follow up on your declaration and coordinate your struggles with the struggles carried out by other Oromo nationals, scattered throughout the world and the heroes and heroines, standing up to tyranny at home. High level and exceptionally solid leadership , beyond mediocrity, is essential to lead our people towards their inalienable freedom.

    Oromo talents must involve not only intellectually but also emotionally and provide effective leadership. The Oromo must make themselves respected, using their potential power, and force their enemies to think twice before daring to abuse them. Trying to suppress the Oromo people must have consequences, and the Ethiopian dictators mustn’t have free and easy ride. The reaction of the Oromo people to any form of abuse must be like the hornets whose nest is shaked. Hear me out: The sky is not going to be the limit if the great Oromo people have great leadership, and well organized to stand up to their inferior oppressors in unison.

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent”! – Mahatma Gandhi

    Freedom and justice for the great Oromo people!

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