Desperate OPDO in pictures. Joking on ones belief is immoral

Desperate OPDO in pictures. Joking on ones belief is immoral

Oromo Muslims are very smart and politically very conscious. The conniving, deceitful OPDO gangs joke on the great religion and its followers. It is fake, fake, fake.

The fake people are very ugly. These liars are restless. Politics is out of their hand. They are confused. No clue where are they heading. The followers of this religion were imprisoned, tortured and divided by OPDO. Today, when they are in confusion, they pretend they are with the Muslims. The truth is far from that. They will go to churches and will do the same soon. Watch!

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  1. Dear Ayyaantuu Admin,

    I personally think that people are free to dress in any costumes. Likewise, the individuals in the pictures must be free to choose to experience dressing up in any religious or traditional costumes. Divisive postings of controversial nature should better be avoided if possible. Therefore, it would be wise if postings on Ayyantuu pages refrain from religiously sensitive issues, and focus on advancing Oromo causes and fostering Oromo unity, regardless of religion or believe.

    Best wishes

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