Dictatorial Regime in Ethiopia Continued Murdering Oromos

June 12, 2021  | Ayyaantuu.org
The security forces deployed by dictator colonel, Abiy Ahmed, in West Wallaga, Gimbi town have continued the extrajudicial killing, dismembering, torturing, raping, and all sorts of crimes against the Oromo people particularly against Oromo kids.
In a related development, on Tuesday, June 08, 2021, around 10:00 am the criminal security forces composed of the Oromia Special Force, Amhara Special Force, Eritrean (Shaibiya) invading army and the Ethiopian Defence Forces raided a house of a farmer named Mr. Admasu Gute and brutally killed his 17 years old son, Margaa Admasu Gute, while Marga was on a mango tree in front of their home. This crime has taken place in a place called Lalisa Sariiti, near Gimbi town of West Wallaga.  The security forces raided the house of Mr. Admasu Gute and other neighboring farmers’ houses mercilessly beating & torturing all the families in the neighborhood for no reason. The criminal Abiy Ahmed’s forces tied together husband and wife in the neighborhood and tortured them, then rushed out to kill the 17 years old Marga who was picking mangos from the mango tree. The security forces killed Marga with 9 bullets, then cut his hands and legs with the knife in front of family members who were also beaten severely by the special forces.
After they committed extrajudicial killing against the young Marga, the fascist special forces continued beating and intimidating all the local farmers to take similar measures on them. They also have been taking pictures of the dismembered body of Marga and chasing away people who tried to come to the rescue after hearing several gunshots.
In a similar development, the fascist Ethiopian government security forces have murdered Mr. Abebe Jirata, a teacher and father of five, after they took him from his home in Marache Wadabo, Gimbi, West Wallagaa on May 24, 2021. The security forces had put his wife, Ms. Senayit Tafese, into custody before murdering Mr. Abebe & threw Abebe’s body into the forest. The five kids of Mr. Abebe and Ms. Senayit are left without parents now.
The international community, the US, the European Union, & the UN are urged to pay attention and take timely & necessary actions to investigate the genocide that is being committed in Oromia by the Ethiopia govt security forces and make colonel Abiy Ahmed responsible for the grave human right abuses he is ordering to happen in Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia.
Waxabajjii 11, 2021
Gocha Gara jabinaa Daangaa Darbe
Godina wallaggaa lixaa aanaa Gimbii ganda Lalisaa Sariitii keessatti guyyaa har’aa naannoo sa’atii 6tti waraanni PP Dargaggoo Margaa Adimaasuu Guutee qe’ee maatii isaatti deemuun rasaasa itti roobsanii ajjeesan. Dargaggoon Margaa nama umuriin isaa 17 yeroo ta’u maangoo balbala isaanii dura jiru yaabee Ciraa yeroo jirutti waraanni shiftaa mootummaan Abiy bobbaase rasaasa kudhanii ol itti dhukaasuun ajjeesan, erga rukutanii ajjeesanii boodas utuu maatiin isaa ilaalanii waraanni shiftaa PP Saanjaan harkaa fi miila isaa irraa mummuruun gatanii deemaniiru. Akka maatiin Reeffa isaa kaasee hin awwaallaneefis dhorkaa turan. Bara akkasii keessa jira yaa Sabako
Waaqi lubbuu isaa jannata haa qananiisu, maatii, firoottanii fi uummata Oromoo hundaaf jajjabina haa kennu. Nagaan boqodhu obbole

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