Dr. Abiy and Lemma have continued TPLF’s genocide against the Oromo people and the OLF to hold onto power

Dr. Abiy and Lemma have continued TPLF’s genocide against the Oromo people and the OLF to hold onto power

By Abbaa Ormaa (PhD), December 20, 2018 (repost)

Lema Megersa with his advisers

Like millions of Oromos, I watched Ambassador Suleiman Dedefo’s account of the past 28 years of horror. The most shocking (may be not so shocking) part was where he says that Meles and TPLF were “willing to commit genocide” against the Oromo people to stay in power. The ambassador is an honorable man who cared about his people. His story is the story of millions of Oromos.  He witnessed EPRDF massacre thousands of Oromos and thousands of OLF fighters in their camp to force the OLF out of the transitional government when it became apparent that in the presence of the OLF, OPDO is not going to win a fair and free election in Oromia. A precursor to that was a snapshot election that confirmed their nightmare. Unfortunately, they carried out their threat and massacred anyone perceived as supporting the OLF. I personally witnessed when one of OLF’s office was attacked unprovoked.  I wonder now if the OLF should not have taken part in the snapshot election to disguise its support and wait for the real thing!

Fast forward, today the Oromo people completely rejected OPDO’s politics and is demonstrating an overwhelming support for the Oromo Liberation Front led by Dawud Ibsa. Instead of trying to win the hearts and minds of the Oromo people, there are evidences that team Lemma decided to resort to commit genocide against the Oromo people because if a free and fair election is to be held, all the indications are that the OLF is will defeat ODP hands down.  Dr. Abiy and Lemma enlisted team Leencoo, and team Kamal Gelchu, team ESAT, and their Medias for help. History is repeating itself in front of our eyes. The SAD thing is a person I highly regarded like many Oromos, Bekele Garba, is also selling the Oromo people for whatever reason.

Now the question is what Ambassador Suleiman and other responsible Oromos inside OPDO going to do when their own, afraid of election and the Oromo people, decided to commit genocide to force itself on the Oromo people. Genocide for power is wrong regardless of the party committing it.

Lemma’s declaration of OLF as the culprit of the killings of Gumuz elders and Dr. Abiy’s lazy excuse for not visiting victims of violence in West Oromia is unacceptable.  Did he go to chenokson, Guji, Borana, Chelenko when hundreds of Oromos are massacred and thousands are displaced?

The Oromo Liberation Front has to demand before engaging in any further talks with Dr. Abiy’s government that

  1. The military must be removed from the streets of Oromia and go back to their garrisons
  2. Those responsible for the massacres in Moyale, West Oromia, and other places must be brought to justices.
  3. Call for the restructuring of Oromia police and remove the failed leadership to protect the people and mismanaging the Oromia police and Liyu police and causing them harm
  4. Abiy and Lemma retract their divisive statements and refrain from engaging in a dangerous game of divide and rule.

The Oromo people have no choice but to resist to save their country and children from a looming disaster that already started. The Oromo people are deliberately pushed inland from the boundaries for the last 28 years in the name of limiting the movement of the OLF and team Lemma continued that at a faster rate in the hope of restricting OLF fighters’ movement.

The amazing thing is Dr. Abiy and Lemma are allowing the same TPLF colonels and generals who hold deep grudge against the Oromo people and Qeerroo for bringing down their fascist regime to commit massacre of revenge. This is unforgivable crime against the Oromo people.

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