Dr. Fido Tadesse Ebba’s Medical Expenses

Dr. Fido Tadesse Ebba’s Medical Expenses

Dr. Fido TadesseDr. Fido Tadesse Ebba was born and raised in Guduruu village, Qote Genasii, Najoo, Western Wallaga, Oromia. He attended elementary school from first to eighth grade at the Swedish Evangelical Mission School in Najjoo. He pursued his high school education at Jimma Agricultural School, then pursued college at Haroo Maya Agricultural College graduating with a distinguished BSC degree in 1965. By continuing his post-graduate education, he earned a MSC degree from Wisconsin State University, USA, and his PhD degree in Genetics from the British Columbia University, Canada in 1974. Returning to Ethiopia he taught at Haroo Maya College and worked at the Ethiopian Research Institute until 1978. He established the Ethiopian Gene Bank under the Research Institute. Unfortunately, he was arrested for a few months in 1978 allegedly for being an Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) member.

Dr. Fido was self-exiled in 1979 leaving behind his wife, three infants and a high paying professional job as a scientist.  He joined OLF leadership in the Sudan in 1979 continuously struggling on a leadership level for more than 40 years with undying determination for his people’s cause.

One of Dr. Fido’s sons was drowned in backyard water well.  His wife was in prison for about 10 years only for being an Oromo and a wife of an Oromo freedom fighter. Both parents could not attend their son’s funeral.

Dr. Fido authored a famous book known as “Oromia: An Introduction to the History of the Oromo People, By Gadaa Melbaa“. (Gadaa Melbaa was his pen name). This book became a foundation for the Oromo awakening. The flag on the book also became the flag of Abbaa Gadaa today. The editor of this article worked with Dr. Fido on the second edition of book with typing and formatting, in the early 1980s. The first version was in Afaan Oromoo, 1979.   Dr. Fido’s dream is to update this book with the current information. We wish him good health and long life to achieve that.

Recently, Dr. Fida authored another fascinating book known as “Moggaasa Maqoota Oromoo fi Hiikota Isaanii”, 2018. The book has a long list of definitions of Oromoo names. Any Oromoo who wants to name his/her child, a dream name, must have it. If you are planning to have a baby with a meaningful and unique Oromoo name, you must buy this book.

If you need help to buy this book, please contact oromia@ayyaantuu.com

About 3 months ago Dr. Fido was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme cancer. Since then numerous friends and acquaintances have wished to lend financial support. The best way to support Dr. Fido with his medial expenses is to click this button:   GoFundMe

Thank you for your generous support

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