EBC officially joins the group of FAKE news distributors

EBC officially joins the group of FAKE news distributors

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) joins ESAT in creating and distributing fake news. We found out that Jawar Mohammed is safe and is in good health. Nothing has happened to him. The EBC and ESAT are against the unity of Oromo. Those who deal with the habesha, please think twice. Read more by clicking HERE and find how it is very dangerous dealing with them.


By Adem Misoma, Sadaasa 23, 2018

Oduu Sobaa (Olola habashootaa…)
•Habashoonni Activist #Jawar_Mohammed balaa mudateen lubbuun isaa darbeera jechuun oduu Sobaa/Olola dharaa hafarsaa jiru. Kuni hawwii habashootaati, fedhii isaaniti malee Obbo #Jawar nagaya qaba. Kan kana isaaf hawwe haa du’u.

•Kanaaf warri keessaan na gaafachaa jirtan oduun kuni olola dharaa akka ta’e asumaan isin hubachiisuu barbaada. Dubii kijibaati Kuni jawar Mohammed Nagayya qaba kuni kijibaa jawar Kenyaa naggayya Qaba Aboo warra Jawaariif du’a hawwite kana dura jaraaf haa godhu Rabbiin.Page maqaa EBCn TPLF bante kana report goonee haa cufsiisnu. በEBC ሰም fake account በመክፈት የሀሰት ወሬን የምያናፍሱ የወያኔ ቆሞቀሮችን report በማድረግ አካዉንቱን እናዘጋ

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