Education is a right, not a privilege that is given or taken away from citizens by a government

By: Global Oromo Advocacy group | March 5, 2020

Since established as a country, the successive Ethiopia governments have always been cracking down on student movements, be it a quest for equality, land to the tiller, the right to self-determination, freedom of expression or assembly. However, the recent government crackdown on students seemed unique in that it targeted only students from one ethnic group, the Oromos. As presented here in the table below, the GOAG has obtained the names of 173 Oromo students being expelled from various universities across the nation for no reason. These are only students for which we have confirmed their names and that they were expelled from the corresponding universities. Also, note that this list doesn’t include all the students being killed at various incidents by the government security forces.

As we all aware of education is a backbone for modern society, and it is so true for the Oromo people too. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Yes, education is the key to change our community and world in many positive ways. It is the key to the socioeconomic development, eliminating gender inequality, alleviating poverty, preventing us from threat of disease outbreak, and ensuring our continued existence by fostering this planet. To say the least, education is everything for modern society and one can imagine what a society might look like without it. Educated society also knows their rights and as result will act accordingly if one tries to deny them. Contrarily, it is easy to politically manipulate uneducated society.

Having realized the importance of education, the Ethiopian government has been systematically targeting the education system of the nation for political purposes. To satisfy its ambition of ruling the Oromo people for centuries to come, the Ethiopian government targets the Oromo youth indirectly through education policy or directly by expelling them from school and universities. The ambition of the successive Ethiopian governments is one and simple, keep the Ethiopian population, particularly the Oromo people uneducated and continue to rule them forever. As a result, today, majority of the Ethiopian population are still not able to read and write. Sadly, in 21st century, the government of Dr. Abiy Ahmed still continued implementing such anti-society education policy. The current widespread expulsion of the Oromo students from universities across the nation, and closure of universities in Oromia is a strong indication of government’s attempt to eliminate or significantly reduce the educated power of the Oromo people in the country. Dismissing 174 students from universities just within the last few months is very concerning. In summary, unless such government policy is reversed immediately, the short- and long-term consequences of such action is extremely concerning, particularly for the Oromo people.

It is very important that the Oromo elites, particularly the academician in various universities, realize the impact of such government action on the future of the Oromo nation. University academicians should feel more responsibility and must stand up against the expulsion of the Oromo students by the political affiliates of the university administration. Your today’s silence will have a huge impact on the future of the very society we all came from. And therefore, the Oromo elites in general and the university academicians in particular must speak up against the Oromo students’ dismissal in their universities, and also exposes those who are taking such actions. GOAG believes and advocates for that education is a right, not a privilege that the government takes away from citizens. Therefore, no students are supposed to be expelled from their education, especially unjustly for political reasons. We strongly condemn such government action and call for an immediate return of those expelled students to their education, and closed Universities must be reopened and continue their education process.

Table: List of the Oromo students expelled from different universities across Ethiopian. This list contains only the students for which GOAG has confirmed their names, the university and department from which they were expelled, and the academic year they were in by the time they were expelled.

No. Student’s name Department of study University Year
1 Addunyaa Moosisaa Computer Science Bulee Horaa 3rd
2 Eliyaas Laggasee Computer science Bulee Horaa 3rd
3 Barecha Guddataa Computer Science Bulee Horaa 3rd
4 Ittinaa Waaqjiraa IT Bulee Horaa 3rd
5 Ifaa Makuraa Geology Bulee Horaa 3rd
6 Qannoo Indaaluu Computer science Bulee Horaa 3rd
7 Galmaa Bariisoo Economics Bulee Horaa 3rd
8 Darajjee Raggaasaa Industrial Engineering Bulee Horaa 3rd
9 Hayilee Kumsaa Computer Science Bulee Horaa 3rd
10 Mootummaa Takilee Mechanical Engineering Bulee Horaa 3rd
11 Abebe Kaasayee Economics Bulee Horaa 3rd
12 Abdiisa Danboobii Economics Bulee Horaa 3rd
13 Hirphaa Taaddalaa Biology Jimmaa 3rd
14 Ibsaa Dassaalee Chemistry Jimmaa 3rd
15 Abdiisaa Qajeelaa Afaan Oromoo Jimmaa 3rd
16 Ibsaa Raggasaa Afaan Oromoo Jimmaa 3rd
17 Tolasaa Ittanaa Afaan Oromoo Jimmaa 3rd
18 Gammachuu Dhaabaa Afaan Oromoo Jimmaa 3rd
19 Oltaana kabbadaa Water supply Engineering JIT 3rd
20 Addunyaa Ayyalaa Mechanical Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
21 Guutaa Taammiruu Surveving Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
22 Mikaa’el Asfawuu Industrial Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
23 Mohammed Saayid Industrial Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
24 Haayiluu Geetachoo Electrical Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
25 Leenco Huseen Economics Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
26 Nuuraddiin Mohammad Economics Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
27 Waaqoo Huukaa Seeraa Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
28 Dooyoo Waariyoo Seeraa Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
29 Guddinaa Kamal Sport science Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
30 Leenco Abdallaa Accounting Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
31 Mohammad Saayid Industrial Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 3rd
32 Nagaasaa Taammiruu Industrial Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
33 Ifaa Tsaggayee Sport Science Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
34 Naatina’eel Dhiinsaa Industrial Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
35 Biqilaa Raggasaa Banking Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
36 Naatifeera Margaa Conistiraction Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
37 Qaasim Huseen Computer science Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
38 Jaafar Huseen Polotical Science Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
39 Eebbaa Gaashawuu Mechanical Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
40 Jibiril Ahimad Biology Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
41 Yoonas Huseen Computer science Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
42 Yoonattan Taaddasee Mechanical Engineering Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
43 Guddataa Waaqtolaa Land Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
44 Naasru Shaame Textile Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
45 Lataa Waaggarii Surveving Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
46 Jireenyaa Geetachoo Seeraa Dirree Dhawaa 2nd
47 Addunyaa Duubee Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
48 Caalaa Dheeroo Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
49 Alamayyoo Efireem Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
50 Keeraddin Duulaa Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
51 Turaa Tufaa Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
52 Awwal Amaddiin Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
53 Abdiisaa Aanoolee Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
54 Tasfaa Caalaa Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
55 Surraa Kuffisaa Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
56 Duroomsa Ziyaad Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
57 Yaadataa Olaana Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
58 Galataa Baqqalaa Unknown Dirree Dhawaa 1st
59 Ibsaa Tooboo Economics Madda Walaabu 2nd
60 Gaaddisaa Hooxxessaa Qoonnaa Madda Walaabu 2nd
61 Dhaabaa Asfawuu Computer science Madda Walaabu 2nd
62 Tashoomaa Guuttataa Engineering Madda Walaabu 2nd
63 Efireem Guuttataa Serving Madda Walaabu 2nd
64 Toolinaa Moosisaa Electrical Engineering Madda Walaabu 2nd
65 Galataa Dhaabasa Information System Madda Walaabu 2nd
66 Mulgeetaa Raggaasaa Information System Madda Walaabu 1st
67 Eebbisaa Nigaatuu Biology Madda Walaabu 1st
68 Abdii Fiqaaduu Engineering Madda Walaabu 2nd
69 Ermiyaas Biraanuu Electrical Engineering Madda Walaabu 3rd
70 Fayisaa Girmaa Economics Madda Walaabu 2nd
71 Qanaa’aa Taaffasaa Economics Madda Walaabuu 2nd
72 Waajjiraa Alaamayyoo Computer Science Madda Walaabu 1st
73 Daani’eel Mookonnoon Information System Madda Walaabu 2nd
74 Hambisaa Tamasgeen Economics Madda Walaabu 3rd
75 Asheetuu Mammoo Coopirative Haroomayya 2nd
76 Abdii Baqqalaa Management Haroomayya 2nd
77 Obsumaan Andargee Computer Science Haroomayya 2nd
78 Ayyaana Abaata Software Haroomayya 3rd
79 Yaadata Asaffaa Economics Haroomayya 1st
80 Gammachuu Raggaasaa Physics Haroomayya 2nd
81 Boonaa Faantahuun Management Haroomayya 2nd
82 Lalisaa Darajjee Geography Haroomayya 2nd
83 Amaanu’el solomon Computer science Haroomayya 2nd
84 Boonsaa Kumarra Chemical Engineering Mattuu 5th
85 Anasoo Ahimad COTM Mattuu 3rd
86 Eebbaa Addaamuu Computer Science Mattuu 4th
87 Lalisaa Amanuu Civil Engineering Mattuu 4th
88 Naa’ol Adaanee COTM Mattuu 4th
89 Injifannoo Darajjee COTM Mattuu 4th
90 Tokkummaa Bojaa Computer Science Mattuu 3rd
91 Keeriya Kadir Mid wifer Mattuu 2nd
92 Magarsaa Gammachuu Sport Science Mattuu 3rd
93 Daani’eel Dassaaleny Saayikoloojjii Mattuu 2nd
94 Abdii Mangashaa Mechanical Engineering Mattuu 3rd
95 Naasiraddiin Isiyaaq Biology Mattuu 3rd
96 Lalisaa Gurmeessaa Sport science Mattuu 3rd
97 Mallas Guutaa Sport Science Mattuu 3rd
98 Dhukalee Areerii Accounting Mattuu 3rd
99 Umar Indiris Natural science Mattuu 1st
100 Tolasaa Girmaa Biology Mattuu 3rd
101 Jireenyaa Tasfayee Biology Mattuu 3rd
102 Toolimaa Awaal Mid wifer Mattuu 4th
103 Daani’eel Abdataa Biology Mattuu 3rd
104 Zaaman Taajuu Fayyaa Mattuu 2nd
105 Yaadasaa Kinfuu Qonnaa Haroomayya 3rd
106 Lateera Daggafaa Seera Haroomayya 2nd
107 Gammachis Waaqgarii Qonnaa Haroomayya 2nd
108 Sanbatoo Adimaasu Biology Haroomayya 2nd
109 Beekuma Bulchaa Molecular biology Haroommayya 2nd
110 Roobera Warquu CCI Haroomayya 2nd
111 Tilahuun Taafasa Qonnaa Haroomayya 2nd
112 Alaamuddiin Yuusuuf Molecular biology Haroomayya 2nd
113 Yoosef Tasfayee Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 2nd
114 Naatina’eel Solomon Polotical science Haroomayya 2nd
115 Mikaa’el Geetachoo CCI Haroomayya 2nd
116 Buzaayyoo Faradaa Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 3rd
117 Dassatu Efireem Management Haroomayya 2nd
118 Badhanee Guja Management Haroomayya 2nd
119 Jireenya Jabeessa Qonnaa Haroomayya 3rd
120 Gaddisaa Fayyoo Qonnaa Haroomayya 3rd
121 Lalisaa Waltajjii Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 3rd
122 Ilfinash Dhibbisa Sport Science Haroomayya 3rd
123 Gammadaa Dhuguma Software Engineering Haroomayya 4th
124 Zawudee Buloo Management Haroomayya 2nd
125 Kadiroo Daddafoo Economics Haroomayya 2nd
126 Daawit Baqqalaa Seera Haroomayya 2nd
127 Guutama Abiriham Computer science Haroomayya 2nd
128 Gammachis Kabato Sport Science Haroomayya 2nd
129 Magarsaa Tasfayee Sport science Haroomayya 2nd
130 Dirribaa Iddosaa Sport Science Haroomayya 2nd
131 Yoosef Gurmuu Unknown Haroomayya 2nd
132 Mokonnoon Bifa Econimics Haroomayya 2nd
133 Sisaay Nigaatuu Agroo Economics Haroomayya 2nd
134 Magarsaa Waaqjiraa Economics Haroomayya 2nd
135 Roobaa Margaa REBD Haroomayya 3rd
136 Abbabaa Kennesaa Management Haroomayya 3rd
137 Eliyaas Ittansaa Phyics Haroomayya 2nd
138 Muzaayan Amen PDGLG Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya
139 Sanyii Olii Economics Haroomayya 2nd
140 Abiriham Imaanu IT Haroomayya 3rd
141 Boonsaa Habtee IT Haroomayya 2nd
142 Ifaa Tasfayee Qonnaa Haroomayya 2nd
143 Atsadee Waaqggarii Cooparative Haroomayya 2nd
144 Guddataa Waaqgarii Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 3rd
145 Surraa Alamu Biotech Haroomayya 2nd
146 Amaanu’eel Asaffa Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 3rd
147 Eebisee Tasfayee Statistics Haroomayya 2nd
148 Caaltuu Sobboqaa Unknown Hatoomayya 1st
149 Qabbanee Marqos Management Haroomayya 2nd
150 Biiftuu Saamu’eel Biology Haroomayya 2nd
151 Hawwii Taaffasee ICT Haroomayya 2nd
152 Araggash Lamata ICT Haroomayya 2nd
153 Boontuu Mohammad Qonnaa Haroomayya 3rd
154 Boontuu Gabbisaa Biology Haroomayya 2nd
155 Amanee Takilee Biology Haroomayya 2nd
156 Jireenyaa Taaddasee Sport Science Haroomayya 2nd
157 Mulgeetaa Mammoo Biology Haroomayya 2nd
158 Margaa Tolasaa Biology Haroomayya 2nd
159 Xibabuu Solomon Biology Haroomayya 2nd
160 Masarat Birratuu Biology Haroomayya 2nd
161 Buzu Afaan Oromoo Haroomayya 2nd
162 Abduljabar Shaambal Accounting Haroomayya 3rd
163 Gaaddisaa Ittafaa Information System Haroomayya 2nd
164 Shambal Alamuu Dhaabaaa Pedagogy Waldiya 1ffaa
165 Adii Waaqoo Boruu Veterinary Waldiyaa 3rd
166 Masho Umar Agriculture Science Gondor 2nd
167 Iddoosaa Dabalaa Unknown Walloo 2nd
168 Hasan Amin Marketing Waldiyaa Unknown
169 Sayid Xayyib Civil Engineerig Walloo 3rd
170 Natina’el Mangistu Unknown Bule Horaa 3rd
171 Anuwar Tasfaye Banking Diillaa 1st
172 Yuunee Alamaayyoo English Dirre Dhawaa 3rd
173 Eliyas Ta’eeraa Unknown Debra Birhan 3rd

By: Global Oromo Advocacy group

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