Break the Cycle: Stop Fighting for the Amhara, Join Oromo Liberation Force Immediately

Break the Cycle: Stop Fighting for the Amhara, Join Oromo Liberation Force Immediately

By Tulluu Ayira, November 16, 2020

Join Oromo Liberation Force
From the Battle of Adwa in 1896 to the Battle of Walqayit Tsegade in 2020, all wars in Ethiopia were the making of Amhara warmongers. Ironically, from the ordinary soldiers to the general-commanders, the vast majority of the fighters in all Amhara-instigated wars were the Oromo. Oromo fighters decided the outcome of Adwa. Ironically, the victory of Adwa was disastrous for the Oromo. It consolidated Naftagna power and led to the dispossession of the Oromo people. The land of the Oromo was taken and given to Amhara veterans of the Adwa campaign. That included the land of the very Oromo fighters who were instrumental to the victory. These Oromo fighters had land when they went to Adwa and returned to become landless. Putting what happened to the Oromo after Adwa in a rational historical perspective, an Italian victory was better for the Oromo.

The story Oromos fighting Amhara wars continued: the second Italo-Ethiopian war of 1935-41, the wars with Somalia in the 1960s and 1970s, the long Eritrean war, the war in Tigray against the Wayane rebels in 1943 and later against the TPLF, Meles Zenawi’s war against Isayas, and now Abiy Ahmed’s war against TPLF. Although the Oromo fought all these wars for them, the Amhara are never satisfied; they turn more arrogant and they have no sense of gratitude. In other words, the more the Oromo fought for them, the more the Amhara become arrogant and belligerent towards the Oromo. They think that the Oromo are born to carry all their ills. On all counts, the Amhara are a human parasite who count on others for their livelihoods and wars.

Now, the Oromo have to say enough is enough. They have fought for the Amhara for the last 125 (since Adwa) years. They have to begin fighting for themselves. A brutal war is declared on the Oromo people and Abiy’s Naftagna command post is killing them everywhere every day. Let them fight the war that the Amhara brought on them at home instead of going to Walqayit Tsegade and defend Amhara expansionists. The Oromo should know that if the Amhara gain victory over the Tigre, their leader Abiy will come to Oromiya with larger force and commit genocide on the people.

How to break the cycle? The answer to this question is in the court of Oromo officers, soldiers, police force and in the court of those serving in Abiy’s security apparatus. Some of your predecessors innocently believed Amhara rulers and fought every war they created. But all those wars intensified Amhara oppression of the Oromo. Your forefathers made history at Adwa by defeating the Italians only to see their fellow Oromos dispossessed and enslaved by the same Amharas whom they rescued from the Italians. The pattern continued and you are at the crucial moment and historic crossroads to breake the pattern. Join the force of Oromo liberation and turn your guns against this evil enemy. You have the power and a unique opportunity to redress the mistakes of those Oromos who empowered and enabled the Amhara to brutalize the Oromo. Currently, Abiy Ahmad is trying to recruit young Oromos (members of our precious Qeerroo) into the army and send them to defend his father’s land in Gondar. These Oromo youngsters have to join the Oromo liberation army instead of fighting for the mortal enemy, the Amhara.

Enough is enough! We have fought for them and now is the time to fight for ourselves.

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