OMN: How low can it sink?


By Sabbonaa Oromoo | July 11, 2018

Like many Oromo nationalists around the world, I was one of the early supporters of the Oromia Media Network (OMN). I contributed financially and logistically. Who wouldn’t support a media network whose stated objective was to be a voice for the voiceless Oromo people in that cursed land that we call Ethiopia?  For many of us, however, the excitement about OMN started fading as soon as it became a vehicle for the self-appointed few leaders of the organization whose motive was to promote their future political ambitions than the stated objective of being a voice for the Oromo people.  What went wrong with OMN and who the culprits are has been written elsewhere extensively. My objective in writing this piece is, therefore, not to repeat what has been written already but to point out to the Oromo people how low the so-called “Xinxaltoota Siyaasaa” on OMN can stoop.

blankI have to admit from the get-go that it has been at least two years since I intentionally listened to any of the OMN programs. A friend of mine, literally, forced me to listen to the segment that I am going to write about in this piece. The discussion took place between “Dr” Itana Habte and “Prof” Ezikel Gabisa.  According to “Dr” Habte, it is becoming crystal clear now that the OLF is working with the Woyane to disrupt the reform agenda of the OPDO because several people IN Western Oromia are reporting that there are planes in the area. Since the OLF did not have planes, it must have been the Woyane who provided it, according to the learned Doctor. “Prof” Gabisa agreed and presented further evidence that he received credible information from Naqamte that the people who were creating the havoc are not Qeerroos because they refused to listen to the elders. The conclusion of the panelists was that the shanee OLF is working with TPLF. Really?

The action of these “learned” persons is not only despicable but treasonous in the context of Oromo struggle for freedom. They have a right to have a different political view from the OLF, or from any other Oromo political organization for that matter. But to say that the OLF is working with the same enemy it has been fighting against for the last 27 years is shameful. I am ashamed that these people are considered Oromo elites. Not only me, their supervisors should have been embarrassed for bestowing onto them the highest degree in learning, the Doctor of Philosophy. In the case of the good professor, his students should be ashamed for taking courses from such a shallow thinker who can say and do anything to please his masters.

blankBoth gentlemen are hired assassins for no other person than Abadula Gemeda himself. They both have expressed their admiration for the former prisoner-of-war (POW), turned politician, for he is writing their checks. Abadula considers the TPLF to be above God because he is suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, an affection that a captive develops for his/her captors. As a payback to his captors, for saving his dear life, he became a loyal servant. From the very beginning, the OLF became Abadula’s number one enemy because it is challenging the superiority of the TPLF. One of the achievements of Abadula for the TPLF was to dispatch young Oromo activists in western countries so that they can infiltrate Oromo nationalists and dismantle them from within. Unfortunately for him, his ultimate objective was never achieved, although damages were made to the Oromo cause and unity.

Coming back to the OMN fiasco, when Habte had that Eureka moment by linking the appearance of airplanes in Western Oromia to the cooperation between the OLF and TPLF, did it occur to him that those planes can, in fact, belong to the Ethiopian government? Remember, the Ethiopian government is now being led by the OPDO, thanks to the heroic Qeerroo. Did it also occur to him that the OPDO members, including his uncle, are afraid of the OLF and they will do everything to discredit the vanguard Oromo political organization? What about the possibility that the TPLF may indeed was flying those planes to create suspicions between OPDO and the OLF?  What about the possibility that those informants, who gave him the information, could be agents with vested interest? Possibilities are endless and I won’t go into all of them. If the title in front of his name were legitimate, he would have researched to verify the authenticity of the information before puking those hate-filled lies. I wouldn’t dare to call Habte a journalist, but verifying information for accuracy is what a journalistic code of ethics requires. Then again, this is OMN, and he is not required to do any of that.

The truth is, what they have been blabbering on OMN is a well-orchestrated campaign by disgruntled OPDO members and its agent provocateurs in the diaspora. The only obstacle to their ambition of becoming the new rulers of “democratic Ethiopia” is the stubborn OLF. Therefore, it must be eliminated at any cost. After all, destroying the OLF was a declared objective of their supreme leader, the self-declared stepfather of Qeerroo, Jawar Mohammed, himself. He stated that the OLF had been damaged beyond repair and, therefore, must be destroyed. Unbeknown to most Oromo people, the destruction of the OLF was Jawar’s assignment, authorized by Abadula, when he was dispatched to the US. He received additional instructions when he traveled to Adama from the US, disrupting his school at Stanford University. To accomplish his assignment, he recruited the likes of Habte and Gabisa with the money that flows from TPLF and the innocent Oromo diaspora who thought they were supporting the OMN.

It is crystal clear that disgruntled OPDO members and their diaspora agents want to eliminate the OLF. In doing so, they also want to weaken the nationalist and more progressive group with the organization. Shortly after the Ethiopian parliament lifted the wrongful terror label from the OLF, Facebook and Twitter ninjas for the group started a full-fledged campaign against the OLF. Habte and Gabisa were called upon by the supreme leader to beat the heck out of this stubborn organization because they hail from Western Oromia. Unfortunately for them, the genie has already left the bottle, thanks to real Oromo nationalists within the ranks of the traitor organization. As a result, the OLF, WBO, and the heroic Qeerroo did not step into their trap since they were ready for it. In fact, they are currently in the process of unraveling the trap for all to see.

It is unfortunate that we are in this mess, again. But, we are in a struggle for freedom and for our survival as people.  The struggle for freedom is always bitter but the outcome is sweet. There is no turning back now. Our Qeerros have broken the backbones of our enemy and what remains is some house cleaning.  Yes, I am talking about the same Qeerroo that these galtuus have been denying existed and the current born-again Oromo nationalists were hunting down and killing on the streets of Oromia. It is shameful that these traitors wanted to be Qeerroo’s stepfathers when they realized Qeerroo is for real. They labeled the OLF with what they thought will be a derogatory word that they can find, shanee. Little did these fools know that shanee has a special place in the Oromo tradition. How can they know an Oromo tradition anyway, when they have been pretending to be non-Oromo all their life.

What these inferior minds among us do not realize, however, is that, if it were not for the Oromo nationalists of yesterday and the OLF, they would not be near where they are today. They have the right to hate Dawud Ibsa as a leader of the OLF, but they should accept the fact that Jaal Dawud is loved by millions. He possesses all the good qualities of a leader, unlike most of you who change positions and principles depending on daily directions of political wind. He is steady under pressure, honest, confident, humble, and courageous. That is why he managed to keep the vanguard Oromo organization from falling apart when all of you were trying to dismantle it.

Some of their cohorts joined the organization in the hope that they will become rich soon after winning the war and taking over the power. When the going got tough, they dispersed like desert sand in different directions forming this, or that, organization. Now they are in Ethiopia trying to convince the Oromo people that it was not their fault that they run away from the OLF. They have to blame someone for their selfishness and cowardice. The natural prey, of course, was the true leader of the Oromo people, Jaal Dawud Ibsa.

They gave Jaal Dawud all kinds of names, none of which really fit him. For the fainthearted, all these attacks could have been reason enough to leave the organization bare and run away. But, Jaal Dawud is not that kind of a leader. He persisted, focusing his efforts on the seed that he planted when his organization joined the transitional government of Ethiopia back in 1991. His trust and persistence paid off. His children, the Qeerroo, sacrificed their dear lives to get their people the freedom that they deserve. They are not there quite yet, but they are closer than ever before. There is no doubt in my mind that they will get there sooner than you can ever imagine.

To the traitors and galtuus, I am not certain what your fate will be when the Oromo people get their inevitable freedom, but I can imagine it won’t be pretty for you. Instead of going into the sunset in peaceful silence and burying all the crimes you have committed thus far, you chose to create havoc among the Oromo people by rubbing salt in their wounds. Now Qeerroo’s eyes and ears are on you. I know you will regret this decision someday. I hope you will do so sooner than later. Better yet, it will be wiser if you come out sooner and apologize to the people that you have hurt for selfish reasons, the Oromo.

Victory to the Oromo People!!

By Sabboonaa Oromoo