Signs of the end of the Habasha domination

Signs of the end of the Habasha domination

By Rundassa Eshete Hunde, June 20, 2020


For 140 years, the Cush people of empire Ethiopia have looked forward to the time of self-rule, peace, and joy. But the time of great trials and calamities they hoped to pass continued to linger in a different form, under different individuals’ leaderships.

In spite of all that, however, today people have started to taste the fruits of their struggle as exhibited in the political process that made Sidaama the self-governing state.

Of course, this news has terrified the already dreadful Amharic speaking creatures. Although they have been trying to scare the people by saying that if the Amhara rule ends, great turmoil, war, and suffering will rain down upon the people of empire Ethiopia but their false prophesy failed so miserably. The fact that Tigrai is in the process of self-rule didn’t bring perilous times either.

True, the Oromians are not that lucky because their dream for self-rule has not been fulfilled as bribery, murder and assassinations are rising in Oromia everywhere. South, west, north, and central Oromians are constantly at war.

Economic hardship, instabilities, and other calamities are occurring on a daily basis. However, not all the events preceding the birth of free Oromia are dreadful. Many of them bring joy because the fruit of bitter struggle is freedom.

That’s why it is important each ethnic group in empire Ethiopia need their independence and flourish without completely divorcing from each other.

Divorcing from empire Ethiopia’s most backward Habasha group would make the rest most successful and most effective because each group will protect its culture, its resources, encourage and promote healthy economic competition, play an essential role in protecting and maintaining each other’s freedoms and foster peace.

Obviously, this will force the Amharic speaking people to travel on different but parallel tracks with each self-ruling region.

Once the Amharic speaking people fully realize that our society is not held together by Minilik’s laws enforced by murderers, they will voluntarily obey the unenforceable internalized norms, correct behaviors and the belief values of every ethnic group, from which our sense of right and wrong spring and serve as a vital uniting thread.

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