The SNLF Endorses the Qeerro’s 5th Round Call to Reject the Illegal Unionist Regime

Breaking (For Urgent Release)! The SNLF Endorses the Qeerro’s 5th Round Call to Reject the Illegal Unionist Regime

SNLFThe SNLF Endorses the Qeerro’s 5th Round Call to Reject the Illegal Unionist Regime Dehumanizing the nation In Ethiopia whilst Denouncing Its’ Plot to Attack Tigray.

Press Release by Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF), November 01, 2020

The Oromo Nation is fighting for its national survival as its identity is at stake. The nation is living under harrowing situations. The nation is subjected to ongoing unionist former Prime Minister premeditated and stage managed massacre and genocide since late 2018. Today, the Oromo nation is denied its fundamental rights to survival in its own soil. The nation’s people are increasingly targeted and hunted down to be killed and maimed by the Ethiopia’s national army and security forces centrally coordinated by the former PM, Colonel Abiy Ahmed led unionist regime. The properties of the Oromo peoples in various areas are decimated to ashes and the nation is vilified by the unionist PM and its unionist advisers.

The Oromo youth are picked up from their houses to be executed and thrown on the streets from where their loved ones are denied access to their dead bodies to give them a final farewell. The Oromo women and girls are rapped and left under unsignifying conditions whilst their husbands or children are incarcerated in mass. Oromia is turned to a literal war zone where the illegal regime that has completed its constitutional mandate in office on the 5th of October 2020 illegally remains on power by depersonalising the Oromo people primarily and the rest nations of the empire in general. The Oromo’s entire prominent opposition leaders including Obbo Jawar Mohammed, Obbo Bekele Garba, Jaal Hamza Boran, Jaal Colonel Gemechu Ayana, more than 2/3rd of OLF’s leadership and tens of thousands of others remain illegally incarcerated since the assassination of the Oromo’s most beloved singer and human rights defender ‘Hacaaluu Hundeessa’ on June 29, 2020 by Abiy’s assassins. Over 345 Sidama civilians also remain incarcerated. We urge the regime to unconditionally release all the Oromo, Sidama and the other prisoners in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, the Oromo nation is also fighting to rescue federalism in Ethiopia along with the Tigray’s national regional state, the only region that has conducted its election in September 2020 as per the constitutional prerogative- thus at loggerheads with the illegal regime operating from the capital Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). The indicated illegal regime led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed is also beating war drum in collaboration with the foreign country to attack Tigray for denouncing its unconstitutionality. The Situation in Ethiopia becomes fluid and the life condition for the Oromo nation extremely dire.

Therefore, the Oromo Qeerroo has called for the Oromo nation and its supports to reject state terrorism in Oromia during its previous four calls for action including abstaining cooperation with the regime and its apparatuses in Oromia, demanding all transportation service to be stopped- but the essentials such Ambulance services, hospital and the likes. The regime obliviously continued its Oromo dehumanising projects by intensifying War against the nation.

Therefore, the Oromo Qeerroo has called for the 5th round of popular rejection of Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s regime in Oromia. Their calls for rejection in cooperating with Abiy’s regime start on Monday, November 02, 2020. We, the SNLF’s leadership and supporters strongly believe that the Oromo nation has got full right for a peaceful existence in their own land; hence we denounce with the strongest possible terms the regime’s ongoing brutality to Oromo nation and demand it to unconditionally stop and allow a transitional government to commence as urgently as possible. Thus, we support the Oromo’s call. Thus, we call upon all the Sidama and the entire federalist forces in Ethiopia to support the Oromo’s call by unconditionally showing fraternity and solidarity with the Oromo whose fruit benefits us all the federalist forces in Ethiopia.

Finally, we also call upon the international communities directly or otherwise supporting the Ethiopian authoritarian regime to demand it to stop State terrorism in Oromia by holding it responsible for all tragedies unfolding in the entire country. We also call for an unconditional cessation of hostility between the legal Tigray regional state and the illegal Ethiopian regime that potentially causes dangerous eventually in the entire horn for which a sole responsible will be colonel Abiy, his regime and his unionist behind the scene architects.

Justice, Freedom And Equality For All Nations And Peoples In Ethiopia!

The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF)
November 01, 2020


  1. I had no aidea Afar community are brain dead community. I am shocked what they are spitting against Somalis in social media, they r siding with neftenga colonialists, and probably Amharas are cheering and clapping for them because their anti Somali sentiment.
    What a dumb people, I thought they r smarter people than this.

  2. And I am welcome and very proud SNLF. Who never sympathized unionists and neftenga colonialists, unlike brain dead Afars.

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