The War on Federalism in Ethiopia Entering the Next Phase

The War on Federalism in Ethiopia Entering the Next Phase

By OLA Global Support Taskforce, November 23, 2020

War on Federalism

The raging war between the PP illegitimate government and the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia is not about enforcing the rule of law. By holding a regional election within the term limit of the constitution, Tigray was in better position than the rest of Ethiopia with regards to the rule of law. It is rather the rest of the country that has become lawless with the leading Junta and its rubber stamp parliament giving themselves an indefinite extension of power to rule in stark contrast to the provisions of the constitution. So, there was no breach of law that the unlawful Abiy Ahmed Junta can fix in Tigray. This war is rather the continuation of war against the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and the Oromo People for the last two years to fulfill the adventure of the Neftengna clicks. To serve as pretext for their intention, the former POW G. Baca Debele claimed on the media (on November 10th, 2020) that the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) was fighting the Ethiopian government alongside the TPLF. These lies are simply to divert attention and to justify their next invasion plan after Tigray war is over. It is a war fought to reclaim Wolqayit, Tsegede and Tselemt by the Amahara which could have been resolved peacefully.

It is important for the oppressed nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to bear in mind that this anarchy will never stop there. The bloated Neftegna cliques overstuffed with a mountain of ego have already started eying other regions and major towns for annexation. For example, the call to overtake major cities in Ethiopia including Adama, Awasa and Jimma is ringing on Neftegna’s controlled social and print media outlets. Abiy Ahmed and his property party (PP) is serving the Neftegna interest camouflaging in Oromo identity. The rhetoric over the last couples of days is an indicative of what this group is up to. The Amhara special forces have already started invading Metekel, North Shaggar, Wollo and Karrayyu. In Dibaxxii District, Metekel Zone, 52 innocent Oromo of which six are from the same family were killed by PP affiliated gangs in mid-November 2020. On 18 November 2020, the government security forces made more than 18 farming homeless by inhumanely burning down of their homes and properties including food grains and domestic animals.  The list of victims of this latest aggression has been published through various media outlets. These are not just isolated incidents but a well-planned protracted attack against the Oromo people. Amnesty International’s recent report revealed government security forces committing horrendous human rights violations including burning of homes, extrajudicial executions, rape, arbitrary arrests and detentions, sometimes of entire families in Oromia particularly in East and West Guji zones. Now this barbaric behavior has spread to all zones of Oromia.

Therefore, on behalf of the OLA Global Support Taskforce, we call up on all oppressed nations and peoples in Ethiopia in general and the Oromo people in particular to cautiously follow the developments in and around Oromiya and the entire southern region, organize yourselves in any way possible to build a deterrence strategy against the group grooming up itself not just to slash your borders but also day-dream to rule over you. Just like the TPLF created PDOs to control Ethiopia, the Neftegna clicks with Abiy Ahmed on their side have created PPs in different regions that are only answerable to them not to the people of their region. All the oppressed nations should say NO in unison to any dominance be it of Neftegna or TPLF.

The entire Oromo people, particularly the youth should be vigilant and stand strong against this invasion and coordinate efforts with OLA operating in the region to protect your people and your land. The Oromo intellectuals serving in various institutions should step beyond just providing a lip service to the cause and stand with OLA and Oromo youth to defend our land and people. Finally, the entire Oromo community both at home and diaspora needs to draw a lesson from recent developments in the country and move from being story tellers to history makers by arming yourself with determination and clarity of purpose to gain your God given place that is long overdue.

Horaa Bulaa!

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