Warmongering and False Claims: The Amhara Way

Warmongering and False Claims: The Amhara Way

Fragile Warmongering and False Claims

    1. Beginning with their control of the Abyssinian crown in the second half of the 13th century, the Amhara had been expanding to loot the resources of their neighbors, particularly the Oromo and the southern peoples. They attacked a settled and peaceful Oromo nation. By the middle of the 16th century, this attack threatened the very existence of the Oromo who successfully defended themselves and secured their northern frontiers of Wallo and Raya. Similarly, the Amhara waged relentless protracted campaigns against several Muslim states in Southern and Southeastern regions to control the lucrative trade which was handled by Muslim merchants. Amhara aggression on the Muslim states (as on the Oromo) turned into a long and protracted war. Finally, the Muslim state of Adal turned the tide against the Amhara under the leadership of Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahin al-Ghazi who consolidated his early victories and turned it into an offensive of historic proportion. In 1527, Imam Ahmad broke the backbone of Amhara aggression and penetrated deep into their territory. He chased the Amhara king, Libne Dengil, from place to place who died in 1940. His successor, Galadewos, begged the Portuguese for military aid. The Portuguese government sent a military contingent which, in spite of initial setbacks, succeeded in defeating and killing the Muslim leader. The Amhara ultimately lost the protracted war which they were solely responsible to start. Both the Oromo and the Muslims survived, came out stronger and successfully defended their territory until another round of Amhara war in the second half of the nineteenth century.
    2. In the middle of the 19th century, an Amhara bandit Kassa Hailu, who later called himself Emperor Tewodros II, waged wars that devastated mostly his own Amhara region but spilled over to Tigray and adjacent Oromo territories in Wallo.
    3. In the second half of the 19th century, Menilek II waged wars on the Oromo and all other nations and nationalities in what is today the Ethiopian Empire. This war reversed the victories that Oromo and the Muslim states scored over the Amhara in the 16th century and paved the way for the quagmire Ethiopian is in today.
    4. The Amhara king’s (Menilek’s) colonization projects involved him in the scramble for Africa in East Africa – competed with the French, Italians and the British. In this, he got a big chunk of Somali territory and gave Ethiopians a war that has no end in sight. Ethiopia fought series of wars since the independence of Somalia in July 1960.
    5. The Amhara Emperor, Menilek, signed series of treaties (the Oromo have not signed any treaty with foreign powers) with the Italians and when the terms of the agreement did not go his way, he gave another war to Ethiopia that continued to haunt the country down to 1991.
      1. He apparently won the war in 1896 but sowed the seed of another war in 1935. In both Amhara-instigated wars, hundreds of thousands of Oromo lives were list during the initial encounters and later during the occupation.
      2. At the closure of the 1896 war, Menilek gave Eritrea to the Italians and 30-year excruciatingly painful war to Ethiopians.
      3. The Amhara king Haile Sellassie I (the Amhara say that he is an Oromo to avoid taking responsibilities of his excesses) dissolved the UN-sanctioned federation of Eritrea with Ethiopia in 1961 and gave Ethiopian people a 30-year war that was concluded with Eritrean secession.
  1. By not addressing the grievances of the Oromo of Raya, the Amhara gave us the TPLF who successfully overthrew Amharism in Ethiopia’s central government in 1991 until they were ejected by the Oromo in 2018. But Oromo victory is hijacked by the Amhara and their leader Abiy Ahmad (the Amhara also say that he is an Oromo to avoid taking responsibilities of his excesses) and they once again gave Ethiopia a war in November 2020. In this 21st century, the mercenary Amhara Abiy Amhad is killing non-Amharas in hundreds of thousands to reverse Imam Ahmad’s victory of the 16th

Finally, the Amhara claim to be the architects of Ethiopian civilization. That is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. To begin with, the Amhara are known for claiming something that does not belong to them or that they have not created.

  1. The Obelisks in Tigray are the masterpiece of Axumite engineering technology and it belongs to the Tigrayans and the Cushite peoples of the region.
  2. The Abyssinian writing system and Sabaean scripts were created by the Tigrayans long before the Amhara came to power in 1270. They are a Tigrayan-Cushitic ingenuity.
  3. The Rock-hewn churches of Lalibala are exclusively a Cushitic civilization of the Agaw people.
  4. The Castles in Gondar were built by the Portuguese. The Amhara used to brag about it but when the rest of Ethiopians discovered the truth, they stopped talking about it.

In conclusion, the Amhara are warmongers and a reason for every war that Abyssinia (and later Ethiopia) has suffered from and is still suffering. Because they have been engaged in war-making throughout their history, they have never given peace to their neighbors. They cannot live without war because they have nothing to offer. Unfortunately, they are BAD neighbors. They are very dangerous to the peace of the Horn of Africa and they have proved that over several centuries. Finally, they have contributed nothing to the Ethiopian civilization. They only claim something that others created. Their only contribution is war.

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