EPLF and the Oromo Liberation Struggle

EPLF and the Oromo Liberation Struggle

Association of Former Members of OLF Leadership and Officers

Daniel Dibaba, Aug 2020

The primary enemy of the Oromo people is the Neftegna (armed colonist) system. There are also other forces who meddle in our struggle to advance their evil interest. One of such a force is the Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF), currently calling itself Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) and ruling Eritrea.

The EPLF had a dream of running independent Eritrea and exploit Ethiopia through a local proxy. They audaciously attempted to revealed their use the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) as a proxy on a different occasion. The EPLF revealed its plan at the very first meetings with OLF delegation. They tried to inculcate their plan to Oromo fighters who trained with them in Eritrea and then to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in the western Oromia field when they came to participate in the battle of Asosa. The OLF strongly rebuffed their plans on all these occasions.

During the 1991/2 transitional period in Ethiopia and differences ensued between the OLF and the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the EPLF stepped initially as a neutral mediator. They used their position to gather vital intelligence on the OLF forces and then openly moved to the EPRDF side and fought the OLA. They were a party in the genocidal crime committed against the captured OLA and supporters in the concentration camps of Hurso, Dhedhessa and Zeway. They continued this unholy alliance with the TPLF/EPRDF, including in subsequent Asmara negotiations, until the majority of the OLA was temporarily suppressed and others sheltered in Somalia.

It will be recalled that when suppression of OLF forces however temporarily was thought accomplished, the EPRDF turned against its former mentor the EPLF and vanquished it. It was a humbled EPLF that came to OLF in Somalia. Adopting a pragmatic approach, the OLF decided to tactically work with the EPLF against the TPLF/EPRDF primary adversary. However, since the EPLF has dropped their goal of using the OLF as local proxy in Ethiopia and since the OLF categorically rebuffed them again, the EPLF took to switched spreading confusion and dissent among OLF members and actively encouraged splits in the hope to create a new puppet so far without success.

With a new regime in Ethiopia again, they hurriedly jumped on the bandwagon cooperating with the pro Neftegna regime that wants to reverse all that has been gained since 1991. They have now unleashed their army and security personnel in Oromia to suppress the Oromo people’s aspiration for freedom. they are making use of the intelligence gathered on the OLF and OLA during the period of their tactical alliance. Therefore, we members of the Association strongly condemn the Eritrean regime’s collaboration with the neo Neftegna clique against the Oromo and other people’s freedom in Ethiopia; urge the Eritrean regime to pull their army and security personnel out of Ethiopia; refrain from any intervention in our affairs; and send the following messages:

  1. To the Oromo People:
    Since alliances and tactics change as the long OLF relationship with President Isaias Afeworki’s regime in Eritrea shows, internal cohesion and unity of our ranks and perseverance and close cooperation other nations, nationalities and peoples is the only guarantor to achieve our freedom.
  2. To the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia:
    We implore you to rise and work together, pay the price needed to foil the neo Neftegna/Isaias scheme aimed to reverse our hard-won constitutional rights, and stop ripping of our resources.
  3. To the Eritrean People:
    The sacrifice you paid for your freedom is commendable, and you deserve our respect. We urge you to oppose the hostile intervention of the of Isaias regime siding with the neo Neftegna in our country as it can be detrimental to our future relations. We also urge Eritrean nationals engages in private business in Oromia to distance themselves from Isaias regime’s meddling in our affairs.
  4. To the ruling PFDJ in Eritrea:
    You are just repeating your 1992-97 collusion with our arch enemy, for which you are legally and historically responsible. Your fantasy with Ethiopia can no more be realized. We advise you to better address your own affairs.

Organizing is Power!!

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  1. This person called afawerki isn’t real Eritrean even. He is Ethiopian and he is proud of it, his Ethiopian family are well known, his grandfather was tigrai king. Reality, ISayas AFewerki is ETHIOPIAN nationalist with tigrai background.
    He is only against TPLF, because of power struggle, but not
    against ETHIOPIA or Tigrai pple.
    Plus he is nr one Eritrean enemy, especially for muslims in Eritrea, he’s only there, to abuse, oppress , arrest, kill, beaten, destroy and displace to muslims, nothing else.

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