ESAT: Ibiddi dhaaraa ta’e – ESAT turned to ashes – እሳት ረመጥ ሆነ

ESAT: Ibiddi dhaaraa ta’e – fire turned to ashes – እሳት ረመጥ ሆነ


  1. Great! All Abyssinian deception institutions will follow suit, and see their graves very soon, with their poisonous toxics. RIP Berhanu Nega’s clandestine “free media”!


  2. I have painfully listened to Esat July 17, 2019 transmission of an interview with a certain Yared H/Mariam, he avidly supports the vigilante “mob justice” members hooligans so-called “baladera”; and claims that the murderers aligned with the coup are innocent, does the idiot has evidence that we don’t know about. What crap some people are, though!

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