Escape from national agreement is getting worse and worrying about our country’s problems

Escape from national agreement is getting worse and worrying about our country’s problems

A press release given from Oromo Federal Congress (OFC) Ethiopia

April 28, 2021 (Miazia 20, 2013)

Furmaata Siyaasaa BarbaachiisaToday our country is suffering from crisis, there is no peace. Some parts of our country are controlled by command post. The rule of law is not being respected. The court will arrest the police who released free or freely. The most concerned and the killing of citizens who are under the control of the law is common to be released from prison. Residents of Horo Guduru zone Jimma Rare district, Bane Negeri, Berhanu Tolessa, Belay Haqi, Guta Chara and Chimdessa Sovassa are mentioned as an example. Same steps are being taken in other Oromia regions.

The capital city and some big cities won’t finish the basic services they need, or they won’t get enough or pay more than they can afford. For the past years TPLF / EPRDF has been doing prosperity party for the people of Ethiopia, it is unfortunate that the lack of good governance has been happening to the people of Ethiopia.

Our party of OPCO is in a relationship with the country’s complex problems because of the many calls that have been collected and deceived; our country is in a tragedy that can’t leave. In Amhara region there is a very brutal conflict between the people and the government that lost their lives and property. Even if Oromo ethnicity is not beneficial to anyone by separating the people from Ethiopia, Oromuma should be destroyed! A slogan that says Ethiopia should come first!” has been presented in Amhara cities. There is a conflict that displaced people in Benishangul Gumuz region, destroyed life and destroyed property. In Oromia region, Wollega and Guji zones and other areas, many lives are being lost. The general crisis in Tigray has become the world’s talk. While there are these and other problems, the government is pushing for a election that won’t be solved by national understanding and it won’t solve problems. Even though of the ruling party pressure is out of the election, we strongly advise that it will be better to create national agreement before the election.

The election clearly shows that the election is under the interest of the people including Finfine / Addis Ababa. We believe this election theatre is also a sign that it has passed. It’s a time where millions are displaced. Our relationship with neighboring countries is getting worse. We think our country is going to pay a price behind the disagreement with helpers and lenders countries. At least citizens have reached a point where they don’t get basic transportation and transportation service and theft are playing in the city. Even though it is not expected that wanting to solve these bad problems will be easy, the government is selling our people from national understanding is more beneficial than exposing our people.

Therefore, we are asking the government and the ruling party to stop the election which is not international. Let’s help the people of Ethiopia to make the country comfortable and make the nation comfortable for us to get rid of the conflict.

Oromo Federal Congress (OFC)
Finfine, April 19, 2013

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