Ethio-Russia’s 11th military cooperation meeting is underway

Ethio-Russia’s 11th military cooperation meeting is underway

Ethio Russia
This discussion aimed at strengthening the military cooperation of the two countries, will see the 10th military technic program, it will also approve.

This is what is going on in Addis Ababa officers club, Ethiopian and Russian military technologies, skills and knowledge.

The minister of Defense Finance, who spoke at the opening ceremony has announced that the two countries have been in diplomacy, military, economy, political and social field.

At this time Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen have said that the relationship between the two countries has become very strong.

When Ethiopia is conducting law enforcement campaign, Russia is our internal affair, the 6th election, we have thanked the minister for showing its friendship with Ethiopia.

The result of this meeting has shown that it will be implemented in a way that confirms the use of the two countries.
We have an old friendship with the Russian Federation of Military Technical cooperation director Punchuk Anatoli. We have taken a lot of Ethiopian defense forces training in Russia. This meeting indicates that it will be a long time friendship for the two countries. The military industries and it is also working on the military field.

In Ethiopia, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Air Force, and military industrial sectors were involved in the discussion, and in all over Russia, ambassador of Russia, the full power ambassador of Epgeni and Russian defence technical sector.

Photography by Hailu Feye

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