Ethiopia: Enhancing State Accountability  Must Continue to End Impunity in Addressing Human Rights Violations

Ethiopia: Enhancing State Accountability Must Continue to End Impunity in Addressing Human Rights Violations

HRLHA Press Release

August 29, 2018

The current Government of Ethiopia was established in 1991 after 17 years of Dergi’s brutally repressive rule. As the EPRDF- led transitional Government came to power,  it quickly took on the crucial task of bringing to justice the officials of the former government responsible for gross human rights violations. Surprisingly, the EPRDF- led transitional period government has started abusing the human rights  of opposing political organization’s members by detaining hundreds of thousands;  other thousands forcefully disappeared and  their  whereabouts are still unknown.

The  peaceful protest started by Oromo youth /Qeerroo in 2014 in Oromia demanding freedom, equality and justice, which has steadily continued and the protest has been later supported by  the people of other regional states of Amhara and others, has changed the political dimension in the country by forcing to  bring a changed within the repressive EPRDF regime at the end of the  first quarter of 2018.

The EPRDF government was forced to substitute its senior members for young, energetic and reformist  members when the new Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, came to power.  Dr. Abiy Ahmed  took many  encouraging and constructive measures to calm down the political tensions in the country.   In the few months after assuming power, the PM  released thousands of  political prisoners  and many outlawed political organizations were allowed to return to their country to continue their political activities peacefully. However, even though many promising  changes have occurred,  still thousands of prisoners still remain in jail and the whereabouts of thousands more remains unknown since 1992.

The present crucial  crises in the country are the people’s unrests  throughout the country  and the deliberate invasion  of Oromia territory from the east, south and southeast by the Somali State paramilitary, “Liyu Police” in which over thousand Oromos have been killed and over a million others have been evicted which has continued for over eight years since 2011.

Abdi Mohamoud Omar, Abdi  Illey, the Somali Regional State president and dictator in the region was announced to have been detained by the federal police on August  27, 2018. This is the first action in the past 27 years in which the  government has held accountable any member in authority  for his/her wrong doings in violating human rights. Under Abdi Illey authority hundred of thousands Somalis have brutally murdered, incarcerated, and thousands forcefully disappeared.

However,  the Somali  paramilitary “Liyu Police” has still continued to attack the Oromos by crossing the border between the two regional states. This shows that  there are more anti- peace elements in the Somali Regional State which the government must continue to hold accountable,  including the paramilitary “Liyu Police” commanders, the Ethiopian army and the intelligence service members, who are complicit and involved in these heinous crimes.

The HRLHA encourage the Ethiopian government to continue to hold accountable the government authority members with impunity, who used their power and  committed crime against humanity on citizens in the past 27 years.

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  1. The action taken by the Dr. Abiy government on Abdi Illy is in the right direction. All criminals have to face justice, so that injustice could be avoided in the future. No more genocide on the Oromo people and all abducted Oromos and still imprisoned Oromo should be released immediately. Injustice on one person is injustice on all of us.

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