Ethiopia is building a new Ma’ikelaawwi

Ethiopia is building a new Ma’ikelaawwi

Maa’ikelaawwii haaraan kan ilmaan namaa itti dararamuuf jiru Kutaa Bulchiinsa Aqaaqii keessatti ijaaramaa jira.
አድሱ ማዕከላዊ አቃቂ ክ/ከተማ እየተገነባ ነው
New Ma’ikelawi is being bulit in Aqaqi Subcity. Photo by Gemechis Asfaw

My people,

By Najat Hamza

Every small victory is important because it comes because of those who sacrificed so much. However, we should not make these victories into a spectacle ( it has not even happen in reality yet). I would also caution those who are in hurry to Credit their political crush of the month for the victories our people particularly Qeerroo is realizing with blood and bones. Those who want to be part of the struggle will earn their places in the actions they show not in the power of their words. I ask you to let time be the judge.

We should understand there are different dynamics at play here and only time will tell where they all fall. We should refrain from changing activism into self indulging political game. Activism is speaking on behalf of those who are fighting oppressive power. Your job is to amplify their voices. Your job is to push their demands. Your job is to present their agenda to anyone who listens. It seems like that is not what we do lately. We pick a team and we play for our team, we support it even if it means burying the truth.

In my case, my team is has always been my people and I will support their truth, amplify their voices and never get my own shortcomings in the way of their dreams.

Issues we could be focused on (Priorities)

  1. The Rohinga Crisis is 600k displaced plus violence and getting world wide attention. We have over 600 k Oromos displaced and no significant presence in media. Why? Because we are chasing one fake press releases after another to care.
  2. We have rallies all over Oromia right now, not a lot of highlighting those either
  3. The border attacks continue with casualties almost daily, no attention paid there
  4. Do we have the names of people we lost in the last 4 years complied if we need it to present it to concerned bodies? The disappeared, incarcerated, tortured?
  5. Did we ever think about creating our own human rights report using our own data?
  6. What about writing short stories of each martyr and create an impact stories? With besides providing food and necessary items?
  7. How are the displaced Oromos surviving day to day? Health Issues? Maternal care? Communicable diseases? What about schooling for the kids in the camp? What can we help

I can go on and on about what we can do as an activists. What we are not is policy makers, decision makers and spectators. You want to call yourselves an activist or even concern Oromo person? Get concerned over how you can be a better supporter of people who are putting everything on the line including their lives to change their situation. They are the drivers of their own destiny and they have got one stop. That is freedomville.

You can stay on the moving train or you can get off at any stop it makes no difference. What you cannot do is, stop the train of change before its final destination.

Be a voice not an echo!
My team is my people and my goal is their freedom no matter what route they take!

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