Ethiopia is deliberately starving its own citizens

Ethiopia is deliberately starving its own citizens

The world should apply whatever pressure it can to force it to stop


It is almost a year since Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, launched a “law enforcement” operation against the government of the northern region of Tigray, which he accused of rebellion. Since the beginning, the ensuing conflict has been marked by war crimes. Late last year in the city of Axum, for instance, Eritrean troops fighting alongside Ethiopian forces murdered hundreds of civilians, mostly men and boys. Some were lined up and shot in the back. Others were gunned down as they came out of church or murdered while lying in bed in hospital. And the Tigrayans have been accused, among other atrocities, of raping and killing Eritrean refugees in un camps.

Horrifying as these crimes are, they are now being eclipsed by an even more heinous one: a deliberate attempt by the Ethiopian government to starve its own citizens. Since the fighting broke out Tigray has suffered an increasingly restrictive blockade by government forces. Since July it has received only a fraction of the food needed to keep its 6m inhabitants alive, hardly any fuel and no medical supplies at all. More than 5m people do not have enough to eat. Some 400,000 of those are facing what aid agencies call “catastrophic” hunger—the last step on the path to mass starvation. Aid workers compare the crisis to Ethiopia’s famine of the 1980s, when 400,000-700,000 died.

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  1. Re-posted from Kichuu

    Isn’t this exactly what happened during the 1983/84 famine? Another Nafxagna entity called the Derg decided to starve the people of Tigray; in other words, “dry the Ocean,” so the then TPLF would ‘die’ like a fish kept out of water would?

    You may go back to 1973/74 and even further back in time, and every famine which has occurred in Ethiopia has been instigated or entirely caused by the then ruling Amhara clique in power! Those old enough to have seen the footage recorded by the great English journalist Jonathan Dimbleby, will never forget the juxtaposition of the image of Emperor Haile Selassie feeding his dogs top sirloin steak in his Palace, while the people of Tigray and Wollo were dying like flies every day!

    The problem of Ethiopia’s famine is the problem of an Empire constituted and sustained for the entire benefit of a small armed ruling cabal, the Amhara Settler Nafxagna colonizers! So long as they remain in power, the famine will keep occurring as a weapon used against any and all groups resisting their brutal rule!

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