Ethiopia: Is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ethiopian or Eritrean?

Ethiopia: Is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ethiopian or Eritrean?

By Ibrahim Hassan Gagale, August 9, 2021

Abiy Ahmed Ethiopian or Eritrean

Horn of Africa 360 recently disclosed shocking revelations about the true identity of Ethiopia’s current leader, Abiy Ahmed. According to these revelations, Abiy Ahmed was named after his Muslim stepfather, Ahmed Ali, and not his biological father, Abraha Khasay, who was an Eritrean cross country bus driver.

On July 13, 1975, Abiy Ahmed’s Orthodox Christian mother, Tezeta Wolday, was working in a small hotel in present day Eritrea as a receptionist when she met his biological father, Abraha Khasay, and Abiy Ahmed was conceived from this relationship. When Ms. Wolday found out that she was pregnant, she moved to Beshasha, Oromia region in Ethiopia, where she encountered Abiy Ahmed’s future stepfather, Ahmed Ali, and the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia was born at his stepfather’s farm.

Throughout his entire life, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tried very hard to conceal his true identity while living with his stepfather but those who knew him closely said his strong desire to meet his Eritrean biological father was evident and they were not surprised when he reached out to Eritrea to sign a peace agreement despite opposition from many people in Ethiopia. Soon after he became Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed invited his stepfather, Ahmed Ali, to the national palace for a spectacular dinner and a few days later his stepfather passed away in a hospital from undisclosed conditions.

The main source of this information was a former Belgian UN peacekeeping officer who served with Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha) in the Republic of Rwanda. While they were serving at this mission in Rwanda, Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha) told the Belgian officer both his parents were Eritreans and requested the information to be kept confidential. Abiy even asked the Belgian officer not to mention any of his secrets to Ethiopian military peacekeepers stationed in Rwanda at the same time.

What is even more fascinating about Abiy’s deception was that he went to Eritrea during a vacation when he still served as a peacekeeping officer in Rwanda and told Belgian & German officers about it but he lied to the Ethiopian officers saying that he went to Ethiopia instead. This entire story was revealed when the Belgian officer, who spoke French fluently, went to Djibouti for a visit and shared his experience with a retired Djiboutian Navy captain. In conclusion, Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha) is neither an Oromo nor an Ethiopian but 100% Eritrean. It is no surprise that Ethiopia is in a huge turmoil right now.  It looks like the Ethiopians, including the Oromo, are finally colonized by Eritrea because of Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha).

Another person reported that all of Abiy Ahmed’s (Abiy Abraha) personal security, national security agents, etc. are all Eritreans. The Ethiopian military itself is being commanded by Eritrean Generals because Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha) does not trust Ethiopians. This is one of the most shocking things we ever heard in the Horn of Africa region. An Ethiopian military personnel also reported that during the war with Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed was a radio operator. He was working with Eritrean war generals. He used to give them decisive information about  Ethiopian army. His speech at Nobel Award Ceremony is a good evidence. He used to give the GIS location of the army with him then separates himself and the Eritreans attack by missile and kill all. This was not a single incident but it happened many times. All of the troops he was grouped with were killed.

Some people contend that if PM Abiy Ahmed were Oromo, he would never spoil the first opportunity of his people to lead Ethiopia but would put the reforms he promised into practice to make Ethiopia successful democratic federal country in the Horn of Africa in order to end the long-time Abyssinian colonial occupation in Ethiopia. Instead, PM Abiy Ahmed was engaged in brutal crackdown first against Oromo people, the same people whose powerful movement and resistance put him in the office of the land, imprisoned Oromo major political opposition leaders such as Michael Boran, Abdi Raggasa, Lami Begna, Dawit Abdata, Colonel Gamachu Ayana, Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Borana, Shemsudin Taha etc to eliminate their political rivalry in elections, like the recent farce and fraudulent elections of EPP, and killed or sent to prison thousands of Oromo young men to subdue Oromo people for his dictatorship. It is rare fateful betrayal that might bring disastrous consequences to him.

It seems that he is committed to destroy Ethiopia by turning ethnic groups against one another in order to bring down the archenemy of Eritrea. After PM Abiy Ahmed ordered military invasion against Tigray Region on November 4, 2020 to subdue it for his dictatorship, he asked Eritrea to invade Tigray Region with him and together committed serious war crimes including ethnic cleansing, displacement, suspected orchestrated famine, looting, rampant rape, destruction etc. PM Abiy Ahmed also labelled TDF terrorist organisation in order to cover up the gross human rights abuses committed against Tigray people.

Currently, Ethiopia is burning and its people are helplessly lying in huge pool of blood. It is under total disintegration. Civil wars become more violent and wider. Economy and regular military collapsed. Foreign diplomacy in shambles. Abiye lost control of the country and each ethnic group is armed to the teeth taking matters in their own hands for their own existential survival as hope for coexistence is bleak.

There are two competing diverge visions in Ethiopia today that are responsible for the catastrophic situation. PM Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afwerki and Amhara leaders espouse vision of abolishing ethnic-based  democratic federal system and reinstating unitary government dominated by Amhara that finally leads to monarchy led by Abiy Ahmed with one language, one religion and one flag subjugating and humiliating the rest of Ethiopia with colonial-like occupation as before. The rest of Ethiopia espouses the vision of keeping the current ethnic-based democratic federal system where all ethnic groups have equal rights with fair and free democratic elections from local to federal and without interference of an ethnic group by an another in land ownership, regional administration, regional elections, native security forces and with fair participation in federal parliament and federal government in civil sector, military, police and secret services.

If coexistence among Ethiopian ethnic groups becomes difficult and interethnic civil wars become rampant, frequent and persistent with no hope of accepting one another, then it is reasonable to support them go on their separate ways for self-determination to have independent republics taking article 39 of Ethiopian federal constitution in order to have peace and stability instead of having perpetual bloodshed, gun violence, massacres, ethnic cleansing, genocide, displacement, fleeing, influx of refugees, instability etc in the Horn of Africa.

Whether PM Abiy Ahmed, Noble Peace Prize winner, is Ethiopian or Eritrean time will tell it but one thing is true: Ethiopia may not survive after him unless he resigns or toppled by Ethiopian grand coalition.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
August 9, 2021


  1. Re-posted from Kichuu

    Yoni says:
    August 12, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Mr Gagale,

    Most Oromos, I think, already knew that Abiy Ahmed was of a questionable Oromo heritage. At the end of the day, Oromos do not believe bloodline alone makes someone an Oromo nationalist, or even an Oromo for that matter. We Oromos have this wonderful cultural gem known as “Gudifacha,” which is usually AND erroneously translated as “adoption,” which is a purely Western concept. I actually hope to write about this Oromo tradition soon…

    Our recent history of Occupation by armed Amhara Settlers, over the past 100 years, is littered with Oromo-in-name only traitors and turncoats. On the other hand, today, all the ranks of our Oromo Liberation Army fighting forces feature Citizens of our neighboring nations who may not be Oromos by blood, BUT who are more of an Oromo than some of those Nefxagna stooges & “Ethiopian-Qonjo domesticated,” ‘educated Oromos’ who are doing their best to resuscitate a dying Empire, under the FALSE promise of “democratization,” “reconciliation,” “respect for national unity” etc… Want some examples? Too many to list, right now, but Berhanu Jula, Bacha Dabale, Alemu Sime, Taye Dandaa, Adisu Arega occupy the number one to five spots in my book of infamy… Feel free to change the list or the order of it as you like–there are plenty of candidates to choose from…

    I tell you what though: the real Oromos, the sons and daughters of the Oromo people, are about to make the birth of an Independent & Sovereign Oromo Republic a REALITY! Those are the Oromos that matter to our people, the people of the South trapped in the Empire, and the Horn of Africa at large. They will be the bearers of Peace in our region, by realigning the relationship among nations of the Horn Africa, in a WAY THAT MAKES SENSE TO THE INTERESTS OF THE COMMON FOLK AFRICANS OF OUR REGION, BUT NOT TO THE ELITES, OR EXTERNAL POWERS WHO HAVE BENEFITED AT OUR EXPENSE, SINCE EAST AFRICA WAS FRAGMENTED AND DIVIDED UP AMONG THE EUROPEANS AND THE ABYSSINIANS BASED ON THE LOGIC OF THIEVES, THAT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO THE THIEVES THEMSELVES.

    Enjoyed reading and learning from your articles so far! keep up with the great work!

    Aba Solan says:
    August 12, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    Perfectly combined…the serious ideas and the sublimely hilarious dig at some of our ‘educated Oromos’ who have become the Oromo Version of the Japanese “Meiji Restoration” era play book…Send some beautiful Japanese women State Agents to Europe, have them ‘fall in love’ with the best European Industrial Engineering minds, and bring back the knowledge to Japan, if not the European man…So went the story, as I was told in College, a long, long, time ago…

    Love it, love it, love it! AND I have been laughing so hard since I first read through your comment! “Qonjo-domesticated” Oromos, huh? What a fun question to ask the next time I see one of our “innumerable” male “Doctors” & “Professors” around, specially those who are lecturing us about how they are going to “democratize” Ethiopia and turn it into ‘Paradise’ for us… Hey, tell me, are you a ‘Baredu’ captive or a “Qonjo” devotee?

    Thanks for sharing such a fun and funny idea!

  2. Well,well, well you two (Yoni & Aba Solan) have been having way too much fun without me! I swear guys, I am one lucky “Baredu/Shagee” CAPTIVE, through & through’ AND I Love it! Blessed really for almost 15 years now! By the way, she is delighted someone has taken issue with our “Qonjo-domesticated” Oromo brothers…We should begin referring to them as QDDs:’Qonjo-domesticated-domestiques!’LOL

    Oh before I forget, thank you for posting the Series #s & titles of Loltu’s essays Aba Solan! I am going to try and locate these papers…

    Anyways, back to serious stuff: finding some of your & Yoni’s comments on Ayyaantuu & Kichuu…See you on these pages!

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