The Ethiopia’s New PM: – The Biggest TPLF Conspiracy Or Capable of Making A Highly-Craved Change Possible?

The Ethiopia’s New PM: – The Biggest TPLF Conspiracy Or Capable of Making A Highly-Craved Change Possible?

April 07, 2018, By Denboba Natie

Ethiopia: Alemeneh Wase (R)  – Dr. Abiy Ahmed 

Most people in Ethiopia and Diaspora with minimum political knowledge may share with me the understanding of one unequivocal fact. The dynamics of Ethiopian politics during the last three years has been indescribably changed. The history has been rewritten by the bloods and bones of thousands of Oromo youth followed by the Konso, Amhara and the rest peoples’ in Ethiopia since 2015. The new generation of the Oromo nation became defiant and powerful force in challenging the TPLF’s legally organised Mafias thereby demanding their rights totally denied to them and the rest peoples in Ethiopia by the incumbent for the last 27 years to be unconditionally honoured. The biggest question of the Oromo youth at the helm of their struggle is, their craving for genuine political changes in Ethiopia. Furthermore, as it has been indicated above their determination to make genuine changes possible has been rewritten by the blood and bones of their own people ranging from children to the great grandparents who are murdered on daily basis by the TPLF’s militias and special killing squads -the infamous ‘Agaazi’ that is controlling Oromia as we speak, in addition to thousands who are arbitrarily incarcerated.

Since 2015 post [Addis Master Plan that has been planned by the TPLF’s Apartheid to uproot millions of Oromo peasants from their ancestral lands to vacate it for the TPLF’s Generals and Politicians to trade with it], the Oromo nation led by its youth heroes and heroines known as ‘Qeerroo’ brought the barbaric regime to its knees. There were real opportunities for making their dreams a reality; if the Oromo nation of all walks of life was determined to be united by leaving petty differences aside to fight their common enemy together who is only TPLF.

Tragically, the selfless and heroic struggle of Qeerroo was hampered due to the inconsistence and incoherence of Oromo both Diaspora and opposition leadership who are often disfranchised due to their minor internal differences thereby allowing the TPLF’s Mafias to re-group and eventually re-thrust their poisonous dagger into the heart of their struggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. The wish of the Qeerroo is making a fundamental political change possible by totally dismantling the foundation of the criminal TPLF’s regime by entirely transforming the political landscape.

Cognizant of this reality, the terribly shaken TPLF had to rethink its strategy out of such self-created mess by taking lengthy periods on meetings and conferences that collectively lasted nearly 4 months to come up with hideous tactics to remain on power to eternally enslave over 94% of Ethiopians.

Tactic one, is identifying the issues for concern. Following the protest of Qeerroo during the TPLF’s attempt to implement ‘Addis-Master-Plan 2015’ the TPLF realised that their interests were at stake and their dominance has been vehemently rejected by the Oromo nation and the entire nations of the country; as are its monopoly of economy, politics, security and military leadership. They never allow this to slip out of their hands. They besides realised that, their ‘Divide-and-Conquer’ tactics were also rejected by all subjects despite their repeated attempts to keep pushing with their hideous plans of sowing deep-seated hatreds between various peacefully coexisted nations and peoples for centuries in Ethiopia. Furthermore, they realised that their illegally acquired business companies were exclusively targeted in Oromia as were in Amhara regional state. Following such unwavering popular rejection in Oromia primarily followed by Amhara, the TPLF’s barbaric regime began hysterically wobbling from its very bottom to come up with cosmetic approaches to address the above by bombarding the majority with lies and deceits using its Medias. As part of this, for example, it has filled up few post of military leadership with Oromo and Amhara Generals although the real power of military leadership exclusively reserved to TPLF’s uneducated Generals who were elevated from nothingness to a high-level leadership.

Tactic two, cognizant of the Oromo’s pressing resistances and the declaration of Oromo-Amhara unity, thereby inculcating the ideology of ‘ETHIOPIANNESS’, the TPLF once again had to rethink its approach with the objective of obfuscating the peoples of Ethiopia, with focus on Oromo nation whose youths’ resistance has irreparably shaken its foundation. With this strategy, the TPLF had to meticulously plan to groom individuals or some groups from the OPDO who have shown tendency of supporting the resistance of Qeerroo, who are equally brought up by the TPLF. This was the parameter under which the ‘Lemanites including the current PM’ group has been born since post 2015 Addis-Mater-Plan. To validate its approach, the TPLF decided to pick up some Oromo individuals with elements of philosophical underpinning on humanity, political astuteness and successful academic endeavours, to pretend to be genuine peace brokers and opposition within the EPRDF, who are potentially although in pretence, capable of bringing about fundamental political changes in Ethiopia. When the TPLF incepted these ideas, it has already prepared some individuals to play such roles as part of its contingency to the extent of playing the cards of unionists’ in the worst-case scenario to save the TPLF’s interests by systematically grooming the accepted individual/s thereby reasserting their absolute power at all positions.

For ‘Lemanites’ group to be pretentiously successful with talk without a walk, the TPLF’s old oligarchs must work hard to make it look like genuine opposition to them in their dramatic plays from the very beginning to the end. Lemanites although in vain, have repeatedly attempted to show that they are against the brutality of the TPLF’s regime although nothing practically has happened apart from making a drama out of the sufferings of their own people a reality. Lemanites were left bare when the OPDO’s various Zonal and districts leadership were targeted and arrested one by one in Oromia regions in addition to Celenqqo (Chelenko) and Moyale massacre of dozens of Oromo civilians and subsequent displacement of over 50,000 Oromos who fled to the country to the neighbouring Kenya from Moyale town, whilst the OPDO is looking as the TPLF’s barbarism unfold in Oromia, unable to do anything. To date this is happening as the OPDO is silenced.

Moreover, fake resignation of fake General Abadual Gamada (Minasie) and the TPLF/EPRDF’s mastermind, Bereket Simeon (both of whom returned to their roles after playing their heinous games) has played crucial role in neutralising the struggle of the Oromo and wider peoples of Ethiopia during the critical time when the TPLF was unable to contain peaceful popular struggle for genuine political changes in Ethiopia.

Tactic three, the anointment of Dr Abiy Ahmed to the positions of the PM by allowing him to speak his minds to please primarily unionists, secondly by the virtue of being an Oromo – the Oromo people, thirdly the wider peoples of Ethiopia with such inclusively and beautifully, yet venomously crafted speeches, which is already having the desired effect of seriously neutralising the struggle of the Oromo and wider Ethiopian peoples for genuine political changes. Besides, his speech didn’t show policy directions of the country, simply because he has narrated the multi-faceted problems of the country for the last 27 years without ascribing these to his party, the EPRDF/TPLF who is the sole responsible. The TPLF has indeed, picked up the correct choice for its targets from the Oromo nation as they netted on a person who talks a talk without a walk, yet profoundly capable of misleading most of the less aware Ethiopian peoples, including the international community. The subjects and the international community erroneously assert that, this cunningly eloquent young politician, who has been brought up by the TPLF alone since he was a 15 years old teenager, mentored and highly educated by them, responsible for creating and leading of Ethiopian ‘Information Network Security Agency’ (INSA) – responsible for cyber-security in a country where the TPLF exercises tight control over the internet; and who breaths with the TPLF’s lung and only appreciates TPLF’s repulsive odours of innocents’ blood although it is nauseatingly repugnant. Therefore, the peoples of Ethiopia and beyond are increasingly baffled and engaged with such misleading discourses instead of pushing with their realistic struggles for a fundamental change in Ethiopia, which is the remaining and only option.

Tactic four, following the inauguration of the new PM on April 03, 2018, the ball began rolling in favour of TPLF. Therefore, they are making planned cosmetic changes including the closure of the infamous ‘Maikelawi’ Addis Ababa’s torturing chamber created during or prior to 1974 revolutionary military coup that has ended Emperor Ras Tafari Hailesilassie’s obdurate rule. The Derg’s regime has indistinguishably brutalised tens of thousands of youth between 1974 and mid-1991 for 17 years until this has been replaced by the worst sadists, the TPLF’s Mafias. Following the demise of the Derg’s regime in mid-1991 to be taken over by the TPLF’s military junta, the TPLF remains dehumanising hundreds of thousands of civilians whom it thinks they pose threat to its barbaric rules for the last 27 years. To date, in the indicated torturing chambers and in various places the TPLF’s rulers remain depersonalising their subjects in an extremely inhumane and sadistic manners. Changing a cooking pan without changing chief makes no difference in the quality and taste of food. Therefore, the TPLF/EPRDF must go with its Maikelawi! Period!!

The irony is that, despite the quadrupling of the numbers of brutalised victims under the rule of the incumbent for lengthy period, the TPLF ascribes Maikelawi to its predecessor Derg. The closure of ‘Maikelawi’ is part of a previously planned action to silence the peoples of Ethiopia and the wider international community. Yet there are 1000s of active torturing chambers all over the country. Besides, pressure is mounting on TPLF by the international groups including the America’s threat to approve HR128 – which demands the regime to unconditionally allow the international investigation into the persistent gross violations of human rights including in Amhara, Oromo, Ogaden Somali, Gambella, Sidama, Kefa Shaka where genocides and numerous massacres in various regions since 1991 occurred. In addition to the above, this is why, the TPLF/EPRDF is releasing some of the prisoners and those who are recently rearrested and released few days ago; as it shambolically gambles to stitch together its already torn apart inherently barbaric system.

Tactic five, post Dr Abiy’s anointment as PM, the peoples of Ethiopia, within Ethiopia and Diaspora are effectively neutralised with the erroneous belief that, the new PM can live up to his and his party’s promises. The TPLF in the contrary started its work by doing it is created to do; the silencing of the rest peoples of Ethiopia whilst working for the interests of minority. The closure of ‘Maikelawi’ to transfer all victims to different smaller torturing chambers created by TPLF security and intelligence apparatuses where, the whereabouts of most victims remains unknown to their families and the peoples of the country at large is one of these. Secondly, the TPLF has already started the game of systematically incapacitating the new PM by creating bogus task-forces groups whose objective is maintaining the power of TPLF in it hands whilst the majority are thinking that Dr Abiy Ahmed is the man who is making changes possible.

Tactic six, planning to consolidate the TPLF’s position in Ethiopia for as much as it can obfuscate and silence the majority in Ethiopia and the wider world to continue with its exploitation of the resources of the country. Furthermore, given the geo-political significance of Ethiopia for the worlds’ powers, the West’s politicians neither care for the peoples of Ethiopia nor want genuine political changes to occur. They instead would like to maintain the status-quo if the country is stitched together with military forces or the other forms of barbarism, regardless of the values of their respective nations. This leaves the peoples of Ethiopia to unconditionally unite and fight for their rights if they wish to emancipate themselves from the TPLF/EPRDF’s 27 years apartheid.

Finally, in the past 27 years, the peoples of Ethiopia from all walks of life were indistinguishably murdered and unlawfully incarcerated in their thousands by the TPLF’s all level agents whose bosses from their Addis sub-headquarters and Meqele’s Headquarters tell them to do what they are told to do without questioning why -like barbaric criminal, Shiferaw Shigute of Sidama and Ogaden Somali’s mad dog Abdi Iley. Given the reality on the ground, I appreciate the attempts of the OPDO’s progressive forces for questioning the TPLF’s actions for the first time since mid-1991, although the question remains unanswered as to whether their actions were dramatic or genuine. As we speak, the imprisonments of civilians and political leaders as well as their supporters has continued in various parts of the country with severity in Oromia; despite the euphoric hullaballoo resulted from the appreciation of the newly anointed PM Dr Abiy Ahmed, whom I call ‘the new and secretly treasured son of the TPLF’s criminal Mafias’. With my analysis, I may displease those who have trusted the new PM considering him as the agent of genuine political changes in Ethiopia. I would love to be proved wrong.

From my critical observation, I can see the current twists and turns of Ethiopian politics extremely cautiously and carefully. I do so until all political prisoners are unconditionally released, compensated and those who are responsible for dehumanising them brought to an independent justice; state of emergency is unconditionally lifted and political spaces are allowed for all stakeholders of Ethiopia by unconditionally inviting them and civic organisations to take realistic part -thereby allowing genuine process of reconciliation by dismantling the security apparatuses of the TPLF’s regime and neutrally planning to nationalise the TPLF/EPRDF’s army, erroneously called as Ethiopia’s national army; eventually conduct an urgent all-inclusive transitional arrangements to allow the rule of law to take its course with international observers witnessing the process of transition from TPLF led barbarism to an inclusive governance, securing peace and stability in Ethiopia and beyond.

Until then, I don’t believe with my remotest assumption that, the above could materialise by Dr PM Abiy Ahmed until the TPLF is militarily, economically, politically and in the aspects of intelligence and security is incapacitated by leaving these to be federally managed by the peoples of Ethiopia, not by the TPLF and its hand-picked and groomed agents whosoever these may be.

April 07, 2018, By Denboba Natie

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