Ethiopia: OLA Jal Golilcha, TDF Amdework Town

Ethiopia: OLA Jal Golilcha | TDF Amdework Town

Gollichi Dhaangee Marron Angorraa Na Dhiibe Jechuun Walii Galtee WBO fi TPLFs Murmuun Biyyatti Gale

Gollicha dheenge eega taayyeen wal’argeen booda waa 4 irraa natti mul’ate

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  1. Aba Solan,
    What do you think about this Gollichaa shenanigans? I wrote a comment about what I thought of it but Kichuu will not publish it!

    The Oromo struggle for freedom and liberty is NOT decided by the actions of a single individual, no matter how important his contribution may be. This is why I have a problem with “LIONIZING” our leaders, as opposed to giving them proper AND deserved respect! As soon as the leader stumbles or fails, we are left with a sense of ‘dejection,’ because we have pinned TOO MUCH hope on that leader’s capacity and ability to deliver ‘victory’ to our people!

    Btw, this is why I do not watch some of our ‘YouTube Warriors,’ such as
    “Moha Oromia,” apart from the fact that the guy keeps posting absolutely false information such as the following, about two weeks ago:”General Bacha Dabale has left Ethiopia!” Alas, the very next day, Bacha Dabale,
    (You call him Baghdad Bob! LOL ) was giving a press conference from Finfinne! And Moha Oromia keeps referring to Marroo Dirriba as “General Marroo,” now!

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