Ethiopia: Prison conditions that do not exist anywhere else

Ethiopia: Prison conditions that do not exist anywhere else

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The highlights:

  1. Food provision: 20 Birr a day for a prisoner (equivalent to $0.58)
    Basic necessity items prices according Government Central Statistics, a year ago:
    Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) $0.69
    Rice (white), (1 lb) $0.68
    Eggs (regular) (12) $1.95
    Local Cheese (1 lb) $3.20
    Water (1.5 liter bottle) $0.56
  2. The prisoners never be provided with masks when they are either in the prison or when they get transported
  3. The police who apprehends does not know why he/she apprehends them. Cases are to be fabricated opened again. If the cases are the police will go back and fabricate another. The court most of the time frees the prisoners, but the police does not obey the court order.
  4. Some of the prisoners do not get sunlight at all. If they do one our a week.
  5. Toilets and living rooms of the prisoners are the same. Imagine where there rare water flow to the prison and a number of prisoners lie down surrounding a toilet.
  6. The regime is deliberately exposes the prisoners to contract diseases, etc.
  7. Appreciate if some translate this witness into English

It is high time that our lawyers outside of the country react to this appropriately.

Listen to a testimony of a lawyer

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