Ethiopia Prohibits Company Layoffs Under State of Emergency

Ethiopia Prohibits Company Layoffs Under State of Emergency

By Samuel Gebre, April 11, 2020

Orthodox Christians pray outside the closed Medhane Alem Cathedral as the government recommends to avoid large gatherings to curb the spread of the Covid-19 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on April 5. Photographer: Michael Tewelde/AFP via Getty Images

(Bloomberg) — Ethiopia prohibited companies from laying off workers and terminating employment in measures introduced as part of a state of emergency to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The rules announced Saturday also ban meetings of more than four people for religious, government and other organizations, including political gatherings, Adanech Abiebie, the attorney general, said in a statement.

The nation could lose as many as 2 million jobs because of the pandemic over the next three months, Ephrem Lemango, commissioner at the Jobs Creation Commission, said Thursday in a webinar.

The new rules prohibit the eviction of tenants and rent increases, and halt prison visits. However, burials and “other important activities” are allowed provided participants maintain a distance of two meters.

While the government has closed schools and land borders, and postponed general elections initially scheduled for Aug. 29, its national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, is still flying to some destinations.

The Horn of Africa nation had 69 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of April 11, and three deaths.


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  1. In a country where no one knows how many people live , because the Census Count had been postponed repeatedly , by the federal government claiming Ethiopia is unable to hold a census count, now all of a sudden expecting for the “Oromo government of Addis Ababa ” to go door to door inorder to find infected people makes no sense, if anything it might be done to scout potential land seizures in Addis Ababa by evicting the residents.

    Tigray prepared enough volunteers and enough military personnel to assist in this action of house to house search , but Addis Ababa do not even have Liyu Hayil especial forces as the Tigray region does so you see the discrepancy between the two . This is a pure example how the Tigre systemic constitution had burried alive the Addis Ababa’s people relatively more than any other part of the country’s residents .

    Those people going house to house in Addis Ababa must be Oromo city employees that were on a verge of getting laid off , with the Acting Mayor of Addis Ababa’s government coming up with this ” keanget belay letayta ” competition with Tigray inorder to keep them on the payroll.

    Now Addis Ababa ,Dire Dawa ..need strong locally grown Liyu Hayil especial forces from within , so residents of Addis Ababa can solve their own issues with no half-ass actions costing Addis Ababa tax payers budget the much needed resources !!!

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