Ethiopia TDF Generals, Sudan Unrest, New TDF Reinforcements

Ethiopia TDF Generals | Sudan Unrest | New TDF Reinforcements

Many TDF on march to the battlefields || Eriterian destroyed Afar region

Tigray War News – TDF + OLA VS AMHARA REGION / ENDF / ERITREANS – 9/26/2021

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  1. To the Generals of the TPLF,

    1991: TPLF==>MLLT==>EPRDF==>Rule over the Oromo: WRONG!

    2021: TPLF==>TDF==>TDF==>Establish a Tigray Republic: RIGHT!

    We Oromos are looking forward to trading and living in peace with you and all other nations as independent and equal republics in this part of the world!

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