Ethiopia, Tigray, Oromia report – Focus on OLA

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Ethiopia, Tigray, Oromia report

Ethiopia: Curfew in Dessie | Fighting near Debre Zebit

Ethiopia: TDF | Woldia | Dessie | Chifra

TDF | Mersa | Dessie | Debretsion | OLA

TDF | Wichale | Dessie | Gatachew Reda | Ethiopia | Amhara

Ethiopian Government Break Ceasefire & Urge Citizens to Fight against TDF

TDF Advancing Towards Mersa Town After Fully In-Control Weldiya |TDF Denied Responsibility of Attack

Tigray War News – TDF Surrounds Mersa OLA Enters North Shewa Province – 8/10/2021

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