Ethiopia To Host 2nd Russia-Africa Summit; Amhara developed anti-west sentiment

Amhara developed anti-west sentiment

It is so tragic to observe how Ethiopia led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed developed anti West sentiment, particularly USA. Recently the close adviser of Abiy Ahmed, Andergachew Tsige vowed to burn the flag of USA. The event directly televised by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. The rally organized by US haters in Addis Ababa dragged the flag on the street. Remember, Ethiopia heavily depends on development & security aid from USA.

Ethiopia is totally divided; Oromia & Tigray supports the sanction of USA on Ethiopia; Amhara developed anti-west sentiment and giving a signal to join the camp of China & Russia. In both Oromia & Tigray, there is on going armed resistance.

What can the West led by USA do in order to remove Abiy Ahmed, a Noble Peace Prize winner in December, 2019. He started war with West & South Oromia in 2018 and continued the war in a larger scale in Tigray in November, 2020 with direct support of Eritrea, UAE & Somalia?

Abiy along with Isias Afewerki of Eritrea committed war crimes in Oromia and Tigray.
The US and the West should work closely with people of Oromia, Tigray in order to restore peace in Horn of Africa. /Tesfaye A. Negawo

Ethiopia Expresses Readiness To Host Second Russia-Africa Summit

By Kester Kenn Klomegah, May 30, 2021

First plenary meeting of the Russia-Africa Summit on 24 October 2019. Credit: Roscongress.

(Eurasia Review) — The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has expressed absolute readiness and emphasized it as a progressive step to host the forthcoming second Russia-Africa Summit scheduled for 2022.

This was the outcome of the consultative discussion held on April 22 between Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, and Oleg Ozerov, Ambassador-at-Large, and Head of the Secretariat of Russia-Africa Partnership Forum (RAPF), as part of the preparations for the second Russia-Africa Summit planned to take place in Africa.

Within the framework of the joint declaration adopted in Sochi in October 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation created the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum.

The Secretariat’s primary task is to coordinate efforts for promoting cooperation between Russian and African business associations, ensure political and diplomatic support for projects carried out by Russia’s state-run and private companies in Africa, and coordinating aspects of preparations for future Russia-Africa summits.

Mr. Ozerov gave a briefing about the tasks and responsibilities of his office, the creation of the Association of Economic Cooperation with the African States, which will bring major Russian and African companies to work together. As part of the preparation for the Summit, further consultations are being held with African Union and African countries.

Taking his turn during the diplomatic discussion, Mr. Mekonnen expressed his government’s readiness and acceptance to hold the Summit after Mr. Ozerov submitted an official request to host the Russia-Africa Summit in Addis Ababaaccording to the official information posted on the ministry’s website.

Generally recognized fact that Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, has all the facilities for large-scale international conferences and easily accessible with effectively built first-class Ethiopian Airlines network to and from many African countries.

In addition, the African Union (AU), headquartered in Addis Ababa, has a gifted modern building financed by the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). African government representatives work in this city.

Mr. Demeke further told the Secretariat about Ethiopia’s commitment to strengthen the long-standing relations with Russia, highly appreciated the initiative of Russia to establish the platforms to address a wide range of development issues and to exchange ideas on various significant aspects of cooperation, especially in the areas of security, innovation/technology, agriculture, energy, nuclear medicine, geology exploration et cetera.

In particular, both noted that the historic first Summit “gave a strong impetus for further development of friendly relationships between Russia and countries of the African continent”. As expected, the next Summit will also focus on enhancing constructive cooperation and advancing integration processes within the framework of the African Union and a number of sub-regional structures.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed participated in the first Russia-Africa Summit, where a number of bilateral and multinational agreements were signed and a joint declaration was announced. On the other side, Mr. Ozerov also presented an invitation of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Mr. Demeke Mekonnen to make a follow-up visit to Moscow, Russia.

Suuraan Puutiin, Erdogaanifi namicha Chaayinaa hiriira har’aa irratti callisee hinfannifamne…

Suuraan jarreen sadanii bahun kallattii Abiyyi baroota dhufanii kan akeekuudha..


  1. Erdogaan mootummaa kiyya fonqolchuuf koratan jechuudhaan namoota 100,000 battalatti hojii irraa ariyuudhaan, namoota hojii irraa ariye kanniinis mana murtii dhaabe…
  2. Akkuma Abiyyi Ahmad waayee Itophiyaa durii leellisu Erdogaanis bara olaantummaa Turki jechuun “Otomaan Turki” nama hawwudha..
  3. Putiinifi namichi Chaayinaa, Jiinpiingi jedhamus abbootii hiree hamoodha..
    Jiinpiingi qabsoo warra Hongikoongi awwaaluf jecha geggeessitoota jajjaboo uummata Hongikoongi hidhaatti guuraa jira..

Biltsiginnaan egaa namoota fakkeenya gaarii tahuu hindandeenye kanniindha akka fakkeenya gaariitti fudhattee addababayitti baate… /Hinsene Mekuria

Russia, Ethiopia set to ink deal on Sputnik V supplies, says ambassador

The diplomat expects that Addis Ababa will swiftly complete the registration of Russia’s Sputnik V jab

MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Russia and Ethiopia are hammering out an accord on deliveries of the Sputnik V vaccine to this republic, Ethiopian Ambassador to Moscow Alemayehu Tegenu Aargau said in an interview with TASS.

The ambassador said that the agreement would be concluded soon. The diplomat added that he also expected that Ethiopia would swiftly complete the registration of Russia’s Sputnik V jab.

According to him, Addis Ababa is interested in cooperating with Moscow in fighting the pandemic both in the bilateral and multilateral formats. The ambassador noted that the subject was discussed with Russia at a session of the intergovernmental commission in December 2020.

Russia-Ethiopia ties acquiring more intense dynamics

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