Ethiopia under PM Abiy: a Failed State in the lurking

Ethiopia under PM Abiy: a Failed State in the lurking

By Faisal Roble, August 11, 2020

If anything is unambiguous about the state of contemporary Ethiopia, it is that it looks more like a failed state for many political and historical reasons.

The country is supposedly administered by a constitution that upholds the federal system. Yet, in practice, it is a ridged unitary and highly centralized system that is more like North Korea than any federal state we know of.

The PM himself purposely undermined the spirit of the constitution and does not believe in any sort of federalism. He has already decided that he is the chosen 7th King to be resurrected.

Also, the Prime Minister who was prematurely awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace is an agent that is quickly losing peace from east to west and from north to south. Ethiopia’s peace matrix is at the doldrums and is more reflective of autocratic anarchy on the verge of civil war.

One of the factors contributing to the failed status is the vexing question and the unresolved historical issue – the nationality question.

On top of all that, the Nobel Laureate is pulled to the side of authoritarianism for that is the only way he thinks he can resuscitate a dismally failing system of governance.

And that is the wrong recipe.

The unending internal purges of the PM’s own party, including the purge of Lemma Megarsa, who prepped the PM to take the mantel of the Oromo leadership, is a salient sign of internal anarchy and a festering political crisis within the Oromo elite.

Chronic youth unemployment both in the rural and urban areas, almost non-existent service delivery in the cities, the ravages of Covid-19, the diplomatic difficulties brought about by the GERD (disagreement on the use of the Nile water) are also some of the underlying factors contributing to the failed status of the state of Ethiopia.

Add to all these the lack of loyalty to the state by the peoples of the periphery regions such as Somalis, Oromo, Sidama, Afar, Gomoz, etc, and you have a state that is as weak as a heap of hay with no strong pillars to stand on.

Genuine federalism would have given the hay real legs to stand on. However, autocratic Abiy and the propagandists for a unitary state are all agents towards the coming of a failed state. And we shall see what comes next.


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  1. Indeed, “failed state in the lurking”, clearly hanging on the cliff!

    Ethiopia has wobbled on for so long, feeding on the blood of the Oromo people and nation nationalities, probably, burying her failures as a country in the destruction of the Ethiopian peoples. The naftagna system which has been in place since the 19th century not only imposed Abyssinian hegemony on the conquered nations such as the Oromo, the Sidama, the Walayita, the Somali, the Afar, the Agew, the Qimant, the Gumuz, the Siltie, and others but also kept the Amhara mass in abject poverty in favour of the political class, the naftagna. Successive Ethiopian régimes have used the naftagna system and bureaucracy to suppress dissenting voices and to destroy Ethiopian nation nationalities whom they consider to be threats to their ill-gained opportunities to rule, often, by violence.

    Abiy Ahmed, who came to power by accident, seems to have launched himself into the air by neo-naftagna rush that feels like comfortable flight but destined to end in a disastrous crash. Being blinded by his “late mother’s dreams of him becoming the 7th King of Ethiopia” and his extreme political immaturity as well as naivety, he entered the traps set by his naftagna handlers. His political mentors who might have bloods on their hands, from their past involvement in the “red and white terror” crimes, which massacred and liquidated highly educated and progressive young generation, are taking him on similar paths. Seeing personal gains and opportunities to satisfy his intrinsic needs, he jumped the wagon to restore “past Ethiopian glory” – a glory where the 80 plus nations of Ethiopia are subjugated, dehumanized and reduced to the level of nonexistent in their own country. In order to carry out this evil mission of reversing the struggles of the great Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia, he has embarked on inflicting heinous harm to very peoples who supported him in ascending the power ladder, and does not seem to see his dangerous fault lines apart from “trying to provoke roars of approvals” from his naftagna handlers. His naftagna handlers, who are setting numerous traps for his failures, are there to cheer him up every time he misrule the country, and inflict hurt to the Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia.

    Clearly, his attempt to silence dissenting voices by incarcerating and assassinating prominent politicians and individuals with approvals across ideological spectrum, in Oromia and among nation nationalities of Ethiopia, shows that he has put himself in a position where he has to serve the interests of the hellbent naftagna subjugators at the expense of multi-ethnic democracy. Ironically, whilst he is toiling to prove to his handlers that he is the most high profile surrogate to the rebirth of their “Emiye Ethiopia”, he does not seem to understand that the majority of Ethiopian nations are mapping out their strategies to restore their dignities on the ash of Ethiopia, which will be disintegrated due to irreconcilable historical injustices and Abiy Ahmed’s misrule.

    Although I would like not to stretch my comments further, it worth to mention that Abiy Ahmed’s present Ethiopia is just behind Libya on the index of “failed states” and trends at “alert” level ” of “alarm”. If Abiy Ahmed were not an incompetent egoistic politician in charge of a neo-naftagna regime destined for disastrous ending of Empire Ethiopia, he would wake up and reevaluate his misrule adventures, release all political prisoners, apologize to the Oromo people as well as nation nationalities and discharge his duty as a transitional prime minster – salvaging his legacy and the Ethiopia which the naftagna are pushing over the cliff.

    Wake up nation nationalities; the naftagna system shall never be allowed to continue at the expense of your multinational diversities! Genuine multiethnic federation is the only guarantor of Ethiopia’s continuity in her present political map.

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