Ethiopian Defense Force Says it Captures Some ISIS Members

Ethiopian Defense Force Says it Captures Some ISIS Members

Note: Old but new tactic for making money:
First it was Al-Shabaab – money poured to Ethiopia
When it did not work, it was Al-Qaeda – again money poured
It became obsolete too, now it is ISIS. The question is, will President Trump buy it?

General Berhanu Jula

Addis Abeba, September 11/2019 – General Berhanu Jula, Deputy Chief of Staff and military operations head of the Ethiopian Armed Forces told Ethiopian Press Agency that the national defense force have recently captured “some members” of ISIS in Ethiopia.

According to the General, although repeated attempts by ISIS to mobilize itself around various places in Ethiopia have largely been foiled, the government has enough intelligence about the presence of individuals hailing from various places in Ethiopia and who are trained and indoctrinated by ISIS militants.

“At the moment members of ISIS, what they are doing, where they are moving around, who they have established contacts with, the identities of their members in cities and what they are doing, as well as what their plans are and other details that cannot be mentioned here are under our strict surveillance,” EPA quoted General Berhanu.

The General emphasized that the national defense forces were working day and night to protect the people of Ethiopia from any kind of danger. “Members of the national defense force know no break. There is no time we are resting.”

According to him, at times it is unnecessary to apprehend an individual because greater care should be exerted not to lose sight of the bigger picture and considering the ease to follow the rule of law to apprehend suspects.

He however dismissed information by ISIS that it has a presence in Ethiopia as a “psychological warfare. “The people of Ethiopia will not be intimidated and scared by this,” he said and added ISIS has no capacity to enter and operate in Ethiopia.

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  1. its scary any way,even if there is no ISIS in islamic Uniform there is ISIS in Orthodox Christian forms attempted to ignite civil wars ,simply because the Oromo people and people in many regional states want to use their language in Churches.For example the priests spread false news that there was people burning churches and he made all on media face book and so on and the entire nations got terrorized but when the security forces arrived nothing were like that and he was arrested.Terrorist doesn’t just mean Mohamed or Ahmed it includes all those just eager to kill human beings to maintain their hegemony or to deprive others from their biryh rights..Like the ultera right wings led by Dessaglleign Chane of Amahra National Movement and baladeras who want reverse Federalism and to forbid other languages in school except Amharic like in the past era of only Amhara government .Led to chaoes in the past and even to the separation of Eritrea and invitation of armed Rebellion in Tigray which brought TPLF to power despises Ethiopia’s mighty military power ,which could not defeat the will of the people to march for freedom.
    Gen.Biranu Jula did good to say it loudly so the people must be aware in what forms of the World we live and to prepare for how to secure around their area working hands in hads with local authorities against extremists of all forms .Like ABN /Amahara National Movemnet killed the Amhara regional State leaders like president Dr.Ambacho and his colleagues even attempted coup in Addis ababa by killing Military Chief of Staff Ge.Tseare Mokonnen and others.

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